The Twilight Saga

i dont know about you guys but i am missing twilight more than ever right now. we are now past the one year mark of the release of part 2 which to me is amazing. i cannot believe it has been a whole year already but it doesnt make me miss it any less. ive been keeping up on the news of rob and kristen too just to see what projects they are doing or drama that they are going through i just cant stay away. i may just be the only crazy person feeling like this lol but if anyone would like to talk about the movies, characters, or rob and kristen feel free to post. i miss being on these message boards where we can freely talk about it and not be made fun of.

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I am a crazy person as well.. Twilight is a part of my life, an escape from reality. It still hasn't struck that there will never be another novel or movie..

It makes me sad but I also accept it. I'm hoping she writes something just as cool later on.


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