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Hi im a relatively newbie to this site just the past month or so but I have managed to stumble around the site and have come across quite a few excellent fanfictions. Just wondering if anyone can reccomend good ones they have read and I will do the same :) I first came across most of these searching for midnight sun and I have been really impressed with most of them


Havent had much time lately to read fanfics so I am converting this to a random blah blah thread :D



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And this one- Midnight sun from where stephanie stoped writing
Thanks Chantelle I will have to check them out :)
Sorry posted wrong link for continuation of midnight sun....the one i posted yesterday is only 2 chapters....good for a quick Edward fix......this one is heaps better..
Your such a legend Chantelle... there are so many great fanfics out there but it takes such a long time to go through them all!!! cant wait to ge through the ones you just posted!! :)
i just read this fan flic when bell has sex with jacob and when edward drinks bella's period blood
that seems sooo wrong!!!!!
Yes Very Wrong!!!!!!!!
Just got a great list of Fan fics for those who don't want to swim through the endles stories out there on the net.....send me a line if you want the link......
How old is this post m'dear?

You are nowhere near a newbie :D
December 10 cant you read?

I am a relative newbie when it comes to fanfiction and I havent even had time to read any lately because I spend all my free time talking to a certain someone....

Havent even read my Eclipse script yet hmph
December 10 hey?

And no, I couldn't read that, my computer was beeping at me as someone sent me a message on another site :D

And a certain someone hey? Well they must be special to ignore the fanfic :D


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