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Hi im a relatively newbie to this site just the past month or so but I have managed to stumble around the site and have come across quite a few excellent fanfictions. Just wondering if anyone can reccomend good ones they have read and I will do the same :) I first came across most of these searching for midnight sun and I have been really impressed with most of them


Havent had much time lately to read fanfics so I am converting this to a random blah blah thread :D



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Yes they are very special, and awesome and smexi...

Maybe you know them?
Maybe - I do know some awesome and smexi peeps :D

However, are you sure this certain someone is worth missing the eclipse script for?
Hmm I will have to give that some serious thought.....

*thinking thinking*

Yes im sure ;)

What are you luffling for? Maybe its not you


Just kidding Luffles luffles luffles
Oh, who else could it possibly be?

Well, of course it could be Natasha, but I know I take more of your time than she does :D
It is meant to be a secret I don't want the others to get jealous of our "special connection"
ooops. Do you want me to delete all evidence?
Tis ok they cannot read through my stealthy ninja lines

Oh, of course they can't - what was I thinking?

very tricky I am LOL
PMSL!!!! We are such tools


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