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Okay guys, so I am going to try to write a story about Bella being a baby. It's going to be difficult, so bear with me. This is going to be quite different then most that you've read, so enjoy! Oh and very sorry, but I deleted Southern Belle. I didn't know where I was going with it, so I stopped. Sorry. Anyways here it is.

Chapter One
Narrarator's POV

Once upon a time, on a small island, south of New Zeland's coast, there lived a beautiful little princess and her widowed father, King Charles the Third. The island they ruled was beautiful, it was always winter, and everything was always covered in snow. It was like a Winter Wonderland. King Charles adored his kingdom and ruled it well. His wonderful kingdom of Neigesse. All the people of Neigesse loved the King and thier young princess, at least that's what they thought. On the Princess's second birthday a war broke out on the north shore and King Charles was called to come and fight. The little princess begged her father not to go, for she knew that her father could die in this war. She was an intelligent little girl, wise beyond her years. Her father, however, ignored her pleas, and left his little girl with a kiss on the cheek and a white gold, heart shaped locket, covered in an intricate design.
The king was gone for a year. Not being heard from, except for the occasional letter to his beloved daughter. The war raged on viloently and per her father's orders to the guards, the princess was not allowed out of the castle and was a prisoner inside its walls, but she knew he father's orders were to protect her from the dangers of the world, so she did not object. She obeyed, and let her imagination take her to places beyond the castle's walls.
On the princess's third birthday, a decree was sent to the castle from the King, ordering that the princess was to be sent away. King Charles did not believe Niegesse was safe anymore for the princess, and he was sending her away to a family in America, where she could live her life without fear. The little princess watched as her bags were packed and the guards loaded them into the private airplane. She did not make a sound as she watched. She stayed silent as she boarded the plane, leaving her kingdom. Leaving her Neigesse.
King Charles had selected a family far before the war had broke out. He had chosen one as a precaution, to protect his little girl if there was ever any danger in their country. He had met a nice man, months before the princess was born. He had just become aware that he was having a child, and the man he had met was the most genuine, trust-worthy person he had ever met. He asked the man for a favor, that should he need his help, he would be available. The man promised that if the king was ever in need of help, he would do whatever he could to help him. King Charles sent a letter to the same man, a week before he sent the decree to the castle, and the man agreed to keep his daughter safe until the war was done. He hated that he wouldn't be able to see his daughter, but he needed to keep her safe. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if anything ever happened to her. She was all he had left, so King Charles sent his little princess of to America, where she would stay with the trust-worthy man and his family. Where she would stay with the Cullen's.

Chapter 2
Carlisle's POV

I really hope my family will be supportive of my decision. I had made a promise and I am intent on keeping that promise. This little girl could be killed if she stays there. I can't let that happen. Alice is the only one in my family who knows that we will be having a guest living with us for a while, her little gift gave it away, but she had promised me she would keep quiet until I was ready to tell them, even though she herself was bouncing with excitement. It was extremely difficult to keep this from Edward. He knew Alice and I were keeping something from him, but he left it alone. He is a good son. I met King Charles about four years ago. He was a nice man, a very young king, but was beloved by all his people.He had asked me whether or not I would help him, should he ever be in danger, and I, of course, agreed, saying that I would help him whenever he was in trouble, though I never thought that day would come. I was very surprised when I recieved a letter from him, saying that there was a vicous war going on in his country and that he needed me to take his daughter, to protect her from the evil's that were going on there. I replied back immediately saying that I would help, and would gladly take his daughter in. The girl was supposed to arrive today, and my family was still unaware of her arrival, aside from Alice. She did, however, keep the secret like I requested, for which I was grateful. I was still pondering this when I heard Alice come into my study. She was grinning widely. I looked up from my book, that I wasn't paying any attention to, and looked at her.
"Carlisle, she'll be here in about thirty minutes." She exclaimed excitedly. I guess that means I have to tell them now.
"Thank you Alice. Could you please gather the family in the dining room. I have to give them the announcement." I requested of her. She nodded happily and skipped off to gather the other's in the dining room. I took a deep breath and fled my study to go meet with the others in the dining room. I walked in and sat down at my usual seat at the head of the table.
"Hello, everyone, I have an announcement for all of you." I started, cautiously, looking in eveyone's eyes. Alice was bouncing in her seat, while Edward was looking at me with a frustrated exprerssion. "We will be having a guest living with us for a while." I told them. I was beating around the bush.
"Really Carlisle? Who?" My lovely wife, Esme, asked me curiously.
"Her name is Bella. She's three years old and she's the princess of a small kingdom called Niegesse." Everyone gasped audibly, and Rose got the same excited look on her face as Alice while Jasper and Edward looked at me like I had three heads.
"Carlisle are you insane! You're going to let a human live in a house full of vampires!?!?" Jasper exploded at me. Alice touched his arm, urging him to calm down.
"Don't worry Jasper, I don't see you hurting her." Alice comforted him. Jasper relaxed slightly, but was still a little tense about the situation.
"Carlisle, I have to agree with Jasper. That is too big of a risk, for her and for us. How could we hide that from her?" Edward questioned me, in a more reasonable tone, but he too was tense like Jasper.
"I didn't have a choice Edward. Her country is in the midst of a terrible war, and she could be murdered simply for the fact that she is royalty. She is safer here with seven vampires than she is in that country." Edward growled audibly as I said this. He hated the idea that someone would kill a little girl.
"Well then it looks like she is staying with us!" My darling wife announced in a happy sing-song voice. She absoulutely loves children. Rose and Alice both nodded their heads enthusiastically in agreement. "When will she arrive?" Esme questioned me.
"Right" I announced as I heard a car pull onto the dirt road that led up to our house. Rose squeaked in delight and Emmet held her closer, smiling. Emmett didn't care either way, but he was pleased that his wife was happy. All the women rushed out onto the porch while the men walked behind shaking our heads in amusement at thier excitement. The car had just pulled into view, revealing a black SUV. The driver parked the car, and stepped out. He was a big burly man, and was wearing black sunglasses and a black suit. He walked around, stiffly, and with an erect posture to the back seat door, and opened it wide. He reached inside and pulled out the most adorable, beautiful little girl I had ever seen in my entire life. She had long, loosely curled, chocolate brown hair that fell down to her waist. She had a lovely, olive complection, and beautiful doe-like brown eyes. Her cheeks blushed a faint pink when she saw us, making her all the more adorable. She was absolutely tiny. She would probably reach a little bit above my knee were we to stand next to each other. She was wearing a lovely snow- white dress with lace that peaked over the bodice. The dress had tank top sleeves, and was covered by a white, long wool coat. She was wearing white mary-jane shoes with frilly socks, and was carrying a white tattered teddy bear with a silver bow around it's neck. On her head was a white gold tiara with a beautiful pattern embedded with diamonds and around her neck was an equally beautiful white gold heart locket. She looked like the perfect princess. She looked at the man as he piled bags upon bags and trunks upon trunks around her. She waited patiently until finally he was done and he shut the door to the trunk with a bang causing her to jump. Emmett chuckled slightly at her until Rose gave him the death glare to be silent. The big man came around and picked the girl up into his arms. He gave her a kiss on the cheek, and she gave him a kiss on the nose and hugged him tightly. She pulled back, after a minute, and whispered something in his ear, in a language that sounded like a mix between, French, Dutch, Swiss, and Spanish. It was a pretty sounding language that I could only assume was native to Neigesse. Teh man set the princess down gently, and nodded his head in her direction. He then looked at us, and smiled. He got in his car, and drove away. The little girl watching him the whole way. When he was out of sight for her, she turned back and faced us.
"Hello," She whispered in a lovely little girl voice. "I'm Isabella Marie Swan, but I prefer to be called Bella." She told us in a near whisper. She then courtsyed. It was so cute.
"Hello, Bella, I'm Carlisle, and this is my family. Esme, my wife, and then my children, Emmett, Rose, Edward, Jasper, and Alice." I introduced us all in my most gentle voice. It was the voice I used on my younger patients. "Please come in, and welcome to our home." I welcomed her. "Boys, please get her bags." I instructed ,they did as they were told. Bella smiled her thanks. It was a stunning smile. Her perfectly white teeth shining. She tripped while walking up the steps, and blushed a rose petal pink, as everyone chuckled at her slightly. She was a clumsy little one. She walked into the house and looked around. She was still clutching her teddy bear tightly.
"So, Bella," Alice began, running up to the little girl and kneeling down so she would be at eye level. "How old are you?" She asked the little girl excitedly.
"I turned three, five days ago." She answered, sadly. Alice's eyebrows knitted together because of the tone of her voice. She didn't understand why the girl was so sad, but I did. Her father told her that she was to be sent away on her birthday.
"Oh wow, so you're a big girl, aren't you?" Rosalie continued ignoring Alice's confusion.
"I guess." Bella whispered. She was an intelligent girl. She seemed to know exactly what was going on.
"So, Bella, woud you like to come see your new room?" Esme asked her, in a motherly tone.
"Yes, please." Bella smiled at her politely.
"Right this way, dear." Esme gestured up the stairs. Bella started up and the rest followed behind including the boys, who were all carrying trunks and bags. Esme led the little girl to one of our spare bedrooms. Bella walked right in. She seemed pleased by it.
"Do you like it?" Esme asked the girl curiously.
"Yes, ma'am, it's beautiful. Thank you." So polite. That's a nice quality. The boys walked in with her luggage then and set it all down in front of her. She said a quick "thanks" to them, and walked over to one of the trunks near the left. She opened it and pulled out a beautiful silver box, it had a lock on the front which she opened putting in the combination 45-32-16. She opened it, sighed and reached for the top of her head. She pulled off her crown and stuck it in the box. Shutting the lid, and replacing it where she had found it. Why would she remove her crown? I would think she would cling to it like static.
"Why did you take off your tiara?" I asked genuinely curious. She shrugged her tiny shoulders and looked at me with tears filling up in her beautiful, big brown eyes.
"I'm not a princess anymore." She answered me sadly. A single tear spilling over and tracing a pattern down her cheeck. She looked absolutely heart-broken. Alice and Rose put a hand to their hearts. She was wearing the most heart-breaking expression I'd ever seen. It made me want to cry too.
"Sweetheart," Esme began softly. "You'll always be a princess. No matter what. Your father only sent you here to protect you. It wasn't safe." Bella just nodded her head, sadly. Emmett tried to perk up her mood, as we all stood around Bella's new room in silence.
"So Bella, I'm Emmett by the way, what's your favorite TV show?" Emmett asked her brightly. Bella instantly perked up and smiled her dazzling smile at Emmett.
"Blue's Clues!" She exclaimed happily, stumbling over to Emmett.
"That's one of my favorites too!" He answered her, giving a smug smile to the rest of us, that he had cheered her up. Edward looked suprisingly upset by this development. He for some reason didn't like the fact that Emmett had cheered her up.
"You're too big to watch Blue's Clues, silly." She giggled at him. Emmett gave her an ugh, and picked her up into his arms and started tickling her madly. She was laughing hysterically and we all couldn't help but join in.
"Now what was that Bella?" Emmett asked as he continued to tickle her.
"I's Clues...with me!" She chocked out between fits of giggles. Emmett stopped as soon as she got the last words out.
"Oh, that's what I thought you said." He whispered in her ear, as he sat her down.You could tell that they were going to get along well. Bella's stomach grumbled as she stood there still smiling and watching us all.
"So, Bella what do you want for dinner?" Rosalie asked the little girl excitedly, Bella put one finger to her cheek, then smiled at Rosalie.
"Macaroni and cheese spirals please!" She exclaimed, the she smiled again, and skipped over to Edward. Edward looked down at her, puzzled.
"And I want you to make it for me please." She finished her order. Edward looked at me, with wide eye, pleading me with a "what the hell do I do" look. Edward had no idea how to cook.
"Well you see Bella....." Edward began but he trailed off at the end as he looked down at the adorable little girls pleading eyes and bright smile. It seemed impossible for him to say no to her. "I'll go get your macaroni and cheese ready right now."

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bella seem so adorabale..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE POST SOON..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 3
Edward's POV

She was the most beautiful little girl I had ever seen. I can tell you that much, and although her blood sang to me in a way that no other blood has ever done so in my entire existence, I felt a feirce need to protect her from everything dangerous or harmful. Anything or one that ever tries to hurt her we'll have a very short-lived life. I was disappointed when she came here, however, one because I was unable to read her mind no matter how close I was or how intently I concentrated, and two because she seemed to take an immediate liking to Emmett for which I was jealous. I got over it quickly, though, because after Emmett had finished tickling her like a mad-man, she had stumbled over to me on her clumsy little legs and requested that I make her lunch for her. Sure, I had no idea how to cook what-so-ever, but she had chosen me and I would do anything I could to make this little person happy. Since we didn't have the dinner which she requested, Macaroni and cheese spiral, Bella and I were starting our adventure at the grocery store. I had driven her in my car to the grocery store, my baby, my Aston Martin Vanquish. She had seemed to like it as she purred along with the car as it drove along the roads that led to the store. When we arrived at the Quiggly Wiggly, Bella had giggled at the name, I took her out of the car and carried her into the store. I didn't get a shopping cart as we would only be buying the Macoroni and Cheese, and instead got a little basket to carry around with us as we searched the store for Bella's desired meal. As we were walking through the store, we were getting a bunch of looks from the female population all of their minds were oggling at me and fawning over the baby I had in my arms. We were walking down aisle three when a teenage girl who looked to be about the age of eighteen walked over to us.
"Oh my goodness! She is so adorable! What's her name?" She was cooing at Bella in my arms, while thinking that I wasn't so bad myself.
"Her name's Bella." I told her politely.
"Well that's a pretty name!" She said to Bella in a ridiculous baby voice. Bella looked up at me with a look that asked "is she serious?" "Is she yours?" She directed the question at me, and if vampires could choke I would have.
" she's my little sister." I choked out while Bella giggled quietly to herself. She really was an intelligent child.
"Well, you are a very good, big brother. I'm Sarah by the way." She offered me her hand, which I took politely.
"Edward, but Bella and I really must get going. We have to get her dinner. Nice meeting you Sarah." I turned and walked away swiftly to the next aisle, while Bella bounced up and down in my arms. I looked at Bella, smiling and she smiled back. Little sister. Somehow that just didn't sound right. Nevertheless, I prevailed and found the glorious Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Spirals, and cooked Bella up a luxiourious meal containing the macaroni, some carrots, milk, and apple. Bella gobbled it down and thanked me for her "yummy" meal. After we cleaned up dinner, Bella and I joined the rest of the family in the living room where they were all not paying attention to the news. Bella found Carlisle in "his" chair and attempted to scramble up on his lap. Carlisle after noticing her struggle helped her up and place her gently between the crook of his arm and his torso. She seemed content to be there, not flinching in the slightest at his cold skin, and smiled contently at Carlisle and the rest of her new family. It felt like one of those moments where everyone in the audience is supposed to go "awwwww", but the sound never came. We were still watching TV when we heard a small yawn coming from Carlisle's direction. We all turned our heads, simoultaneously, toward the chair.
"Sounds like someone is ready to go to sleep." Alice sang. She was overly excited that Bella was here and could not wait to go shopping with her and play dress up. I felt so bad for the little girl as I saw what Alice was planning to do.
"No, no, no! I'm not sweepy yet!" Bella disagreed, but she yawned again. She tried to cover it up by placing both hands over her mouth, but everyone in the room noticed. Esme gave Bella one of her patented "caught ya" looks, and Bella sighed dramatically. "I don't wanna go to sweep yet." She complained, jutting her lower lip out and opening her eyes wide. She had the most adorable pout face I had ever seen. It rivaled Alice's. Esme looked like she was at war with herself, on the one hand she knew that Bella needed to get to sleep, but on the other hand she was having a hard time refusing that face.
"Bella you know you need some sleep. Now come on let's take you upstairs and get you ready for bed." Esme's practical side one out over her softy side.
"Otay." Bella mumbled in defeat as she climbed off of Carlisle's lap. She took Esme's hand and was led upstairs. Alice immediately followed behind not wanting to miss the opprotunity to pick out an outfit, and Rose ran along too. Once the girls were in Bella's room, Jasper turned to look at Carlisle.
"So Carlisle, what's the deal with the war in Neigesse?" Jasper asked curiously. He was, of course, very interested in all things war. He knew everything about it.
"A radical terrorist group started commenced fire a year ago. From what I've heard their intentions are to take over the throne." Carlisle explained. "These people are awful. They've already killed thousands and are working their way up the political ladder. They've already killed almost all of the Parliment, so if they followed that pattern up the next victim would be..........." Carlisle let the sentence trail off and I growled viciously at the thought of someone killing little Bella. I would torture them, so that they were begging for death, if they ever touch her.
"Anyways that's why her father sent her here." Carlisle finished. Emmett and Jasper shook their heads sadly, while I tried to get a handle on my rage. We sat for a few minute in silence until finally the girl came back down stairs. Bella was changed into her pajamas and was dragging her tattered white teddy bear behind her and had a white blanket with her as well. She looked like the picture of innocence. It was so cute, definitely another "awww" moment. She stumbled over to Carlisle almost tripping over the blanket in the process, and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"Night, night, Daddy Carlisle." Carlisle hugged her back and kissed her on the cheek, saying good-night. He seemed so happy.
"Night, angel." He said to her. Bella made her way to Emmett next and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"Night Emmy." Bella mumbled.
"Night Squirt." Bella gave him a weak glare, which Emmett laughed at. It was now Jasper's turn.
"Night Jazzy." Bella told him as she gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"Night Bella." Jasper replied. He loved the little girl too, though he had just met her hours ago. She had some kind of power over all of us. She scrambled over to me next, and gave me a tight. well tight for her, hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"Night Eddie." She told me.
"Night Bella." I whispered back. Bella then hopped off my lap, and made her way back to Esme. She reached her arm up towards Esme, signalling that she wanted to be carried, and Esme scooped Bella up into her arms and the ladies made their way upstairs to tuck Bella into bed.
im a new wee reader and im lovein this story

keep going hun :)

plzz add me as afriend and keep me updated plzz
wow love it please keep me updated :D
awww so cute cant wait for more
awww it is so cute please write more soon and please please update me!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 4
Edward's POV

Esme, Rose, and Alice all returned to the family room twenty minutes later, sighing happily that they got Bella in bed. We all went around to do our various activities that would keep us preoccupied through the night. I made my way over to the piano, Esme started to read, Carlisle began to read as well, Rose started to paint her nails, and Emmett and Jasper were playing poker, while Alice watched smiling smugly because she knew who was going to win. We all were caught up in our activities until we heard the light pitter-patter of footsteps making their was towards the family room. We all turned our heads to look at the staircase and waited patiently until we saw Bella's small face peek around the corner of the wall and look down at us.
"Just checking!" She told us in her baby voice and turned and stumbled back to her room. We all chuckled at the little girl, and returned to our activities. I was composing a new song. It sounded like a lullaby to me. Maybe a lullaby for Bella. I was still composing when thirty minutes later, we all heard the familiar pitter patter of footsteps scampering back to the edge of the staircase. Bella's head peeked around the corner of the wall once again. Her big brown eyes wide.
" need to go to sleep." Esme chided, looking at the baby sternly. Bella smiled.
"I can't sweep!" She pouted flying down the stairs, with her teddy bear and blankey in tow and headed straight to Emmett. She knew who the softy in the family was already. Emmett looked at Carlisle questioning him "what to do" with his eyes. "Emmie pweas don't make me go back to bed." She begged as she jutted her lip out and made her eyes as wide as they could go. It was the most heart-breaking expression I had ever seen. Emmett looked at Carlisle.
"Ah, Carlisle, Esme, can't she just stay up a little longer?" Emmett pleaded with them. Bella turned on Carlisle, and Carlisle started to waiver in his mind. He looked over at Esme, who shook her head. Carlisle sighed.
"No Bella, you need to go back to bed, or you'll be cranky in the morning." Carlisle told her, sternly but with a soft voice. Bella looked down at her toes, and trudged back up the stairs and to her room. She must've fallen asleep when she climbed back into bed because she never came back down again. The next morning Bella was up and about at around 7:30. Rosalie and Alice gave her a bath, and dressed her in a cute light wash jean jumper witha white short sleeved tee shirt underneath with lace that peaked out over the top. He hair was done into pig tails, and she had white tennis shoes on her feet. As soon as she was ready for the day, Bella ran down stairs and walked in front of all the men that were sitting on the couch watching the Washington versuses Washington State football game.
"Mommy Esme, Ali, and Rosie are going shopping for me. I want to go to the park." She announced. Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett and I all looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders.
"Alright Angel, lets go!" Carlisle agreed, walking over to Bella and picking her up. Emmett was almost as excited as Bella to be going to the park.
"Okay so Bella we're going to go on the slide and the swings and I'm going to teach you how to pump your legs and do the monkey bars." Emmett explained to Bella on our way to the park. Bella just nodded her head excitedly at Emmett and I shook my head at my chidish brother. When we arrived at the Forks Community Park, Emmett flew out of the car and grabbed Bella out of her carseat. He took off towards the swings with her bouncing over his shoulder.
"Emmett be careful with her!" Jasper shouted as he watched Emmett run off. I chuckled, and Jazz and I followed Emmett and Bella over to the swings. We walked over to find Emmett directing Bella on how to properly pump her legs to get the maximum height.
"Okay so Bells, when the swing goes back you bring you legs in and when the swing goes forward you straighten your legs out, like this." Emmett demonstrated the proper technique and Bella tried to follow. She was starting to get the hang of it, and was giggling as Emmett talked and laughed along with her. She was having a great time. Emmett stopped playing after about an hour and came to sit with me, Japer and Carlisle while Bella continued to play on the playground. She was over playing with the steering wheel over the slide when a little boy came over and shoved her out of the way, rather hard from my perspective. Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, and I all stiffened slightly as we watched this. Bella walked back over to the steering wheel and tapped the boy on the shoulder.
"Excuse me, I was pwaying with that, but I would be happy to shawre." She smiled at the boy. The boy just stuck his tounge out at Bella and pushed her down. All of us stood up.
"I don't share." The boy told her harshly, making Bella cry. What a brat! That boy need to learn some manners. Where are his parents? I need to have a word with them. Those were the thoughts of Japer, Emmett, and Carlisle. I however was far more furious with this little boy than the rest of my family. How dare he hurt her? How dare he talk so rudely to her? How dare he make her cry? I marched over to where she was crying.
"Bella are you okay?" I asked her gently, whilst glaring at the little boy, his name was Mike, who was watching our exchange. Bella shook her head slowly, and reached her hands out to me. I took her into my arms, and carried her over to the bench where we were all sitting. I pulled her back to have her look me in the eyes.
"Bella you okay?" I asked wiping away a stray tear on her adorable little face. She nodded once.
"I'll never let anything hurt you ever again, Bella." I promised as I hugged the wonderful little person.

That day happed twelve years ago.
Bella's fifteen years old, now, and is still living with my family here in the small town of Forks, Washington. She know that we all are vampires, and hardly remembers her life as a princess anymore. She only get short letters from her father, and she doesn't get them often. She loves us all dearly, but misses Neigesse terribly. She looks at her old photo albums often, and more than once I've heard her crying in her bedroom at night about the loss of the life that she was supposed to live, not that she dislikes our lifestyle at all, or because she thinks she was deprived, no she does not think that at all, but she feels that her destined future was snatched away from her, and I couldn't blame her for that.
I think you should write more or else feel the wrath of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really dislike that Mike boy(lol)
Anyhow, write more. I really am liking it.
will she ever see her dad>just asking?
I luv it
write more soon


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