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I will feature graphics of mine that I really like so everyone can see them without the hassle of scrolling page by page through my banner shop.

I'll also post stocks that I come across and other little titbits which may or may not be graphic related.

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 I put off watching The Secret Circle for Buffy The Vampire Slayer!!

I really like Willow!! She gets flustered so easily and babbles a lot. Kinda like me!!

Buffy is GREAT!!

I was really liking Faith until she went darkside and tried to kill Angel!

The guys are also great!! Angel!! *sigh*

This is beautiful Rachel!

I need to pick Buffy back up. I miss watching it! I loved Willow! She was always my favorite. 

I also really love Faith.

I'm only on season three of Buffy. I have been for like. 2 years. DXXX

Thanks Claire!

Buffy is so great and addicting!!

Let's Get Lost-Bat For Lashes ft Beck

This is one my favourite songs from Eclipse soundtrack!

The others being Heavy In Your Arms and My Love, just saying! xD

This is gorgeous!

Thanks Claire!

I tried to mimicked the colour on this with that of which is shown on tv.

I think I pulled it off! :)

(If you haven't seen this show, I advice you to go and watch it!)

This looks fantastic!

I'm catching up on all the episodes I missed while I was gone. I can't wait to finish!

Thanks Claire!

You're finally watching it!! YEAH!! xD

I tried something a little different with a filter I have in GIMP...I was getting tired of the painted effect.

I give you Charcoal Sketch effect!

Its originally B&W but I added some colour to it!

This is really different! So neat!

Thanks Claire!


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