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Welcome to my Graphic Gallery!

I will feature graphics of mine that I really like so everyone can see them without the hassle of scrolling page by page through my banner shop.

I'll also post stocks that I come across and other little titbits which may or may not be graphic related.

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Credit is required for anything that you snag!!

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This is SO gorgeous Rachel!

I have so much missed your work!!!

I love everything about this!

Every single stock is just BEAUTIFUL!

Awwwww....Thanks so much Claire!

I remember an episode of Supernatural where Candice Accola guest starred and played Dean's girlfriend in a high school and I love her as his girlfriend but he eventually got scared not wanting to meet her parents and cheated on her.

Anyway, I read a fanfiction a while back and the writer paired Dean and Caroline as a couple and I fell in love with the pairing!

You should enter this in the Character Combo comp! 

It fits criterion 3!

I'm the only one to have entered it so far!

It's open until tomorrow at 7, after that I've got to close it because it's been open for a month. DX

This is really beautiful though! LOVE all the colors!

Geez. I missed it but thanks anyway!

Sooo pretty!

I adore Caroline and I've never watched Supernatural but they

look good together!

Thanks Eva!

Supernatural is AWESOME!! You need to watch it!!

Haven't done a cracked graphic in a while O_o

LOVE this!



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