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Welcome to my Graphic Gallery!

I will feature graphics of mine that I really like so everyone can see them without the hassle of scrolling page by page through my banner shop.

I'll also post stocks that I come across and other little titbits which may or may not be graphic related.

My Banner Shop to place an order.

My deviantArt

Credit is required for anything that you snag!!

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Hope it's alright! I know it's small but DA only lets gifs be 50x50

Thanks Claire but dA is saying the size is too large, it should be less than 15 KB! :)

I'm sorry about that, I forgot to size it down to 50x50. That one is 100x100..

Hey everyone!!

Summer is here and RL is kicking me!! 

My step mom met in a car accident, she came out alive but with constant aches and pain, even though her car was totalled.

My Mom is pregnant!! Yay!! I get to be a big sister again!! She had two miscarriages after me but were praying for her and hoping for a healthy baby! :)

I'm hoping to do a summer internship as a graphic designer and I need your help. I'm compiling my career portfolio and I will be showcasing some of my art in it. The motherboard in my laptop was fried so I lost everything. ;( I can easily download the artwork to print and since I'm including a before and after section I'll be needing some of the stocks used in my graphics and they are

Your Song Texture
Amy Pond Texture
Somewhere Only We Know Texture and Graphic
Rabbit Heart Texture

If you have any of the stocks I used please send them to :)

Also I'm slowing catching upon the tv shows I've missed Grimm, TTP, TVD and Arrow. I caved and watched The Originals(still shipping Klaroline), started watching Scandal (I'm at Season 2 and love love loving it!!), Young and Hungry a new comedy on abcfamily!!

Hope you are all enjoying summer!!

Hey girly!! So glad to see you!! I messaged you!! <3


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