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Welcome to my Graphic Gallery!

I will feature graphics of mine that I really like so everyone can see them without the hassle of scrolling page by page through my banner shop.

I'll also post stocks that I come across and other little titbits which may or may not be graphic related.

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Credit is required for anything that you snag!!

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This was an order in my banner shop and I loved how it turned out so I decided to showcased it in my gallery!

My first attempt at transparent text!

Princess of China-Coldplay and Rihanna

I must say this is AMAZING!

Thanks Nikki!

Its an entry for a 3 Pic challenge over at TFG I like this one better without the quote! :)

Zombie -The Pretty Reckless

I did this graphic for the Inspired Competition that Juliee is hosting and this song by TPR inspires me.

To me this song is about the sacrifice of the self (for someone else) of not being worthy. The song is about being pushed to your limits to do things that pleases someone else and Taylor is telling anyone who has ever wronged her that though they have turned her into a corpse, but even though she's a zombie they are still trying to hurt her and won't stop until she's dead. 

It's a really powerful song and I'm sure a lot of people can relate to it and the lyrics are incredibly well-written and beautiful! :)

Another order from my banner shop which I really like!

aww :) you can read the story if you want. The preface is only up though


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