The Twilight Saga

"Who are you?" Those 3 words threw Brennan for a loop, She'd have never expected that when Booth woke after the surgery he wouldn't know who she was. what happens as Brennan helps him recover pieces of their partnership? she brings him to Carlisle for a little extra help seeing as he is a brain specialist Problem is, he's regressed to the mental age of a child will Brennan be able to help him remember who he was?

Brennan- me






name a Cullen or wolf

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nope doesnt ring a a detective,not a bone doctor.are you messing with me ,did the guys put you up to this.alright guys come on jokes over.''

"you called us Scully and Mulder when we first met. do you remember that?

i have no idea what your talking about.wheres my mom and all my friends they put you up to thos right.pick on seeley play with a boys memoy right

"No no, brennan argued. it's not like that seeley. not at all

then who are you.',

"I'm a friend," Brennan said softly "and I heard you could use some company

oh your kinda too old.i mean imma kid and your like a woman.

Brennan could see how scared he was "I'm Temperance, but some call me  Tempe. Listen I know you must be scared

i dont know you can you just call my parents,i thought they were here.''

Brennan glanced over her shoulder at angela."I'm not sure I know how to reach them."

angela:whats going on with booth.usually surgery fixes you ,not makes you talk like you belong in a mental gonna find a doctor.''


booth:who was that."i say pulling her sleeve/

that's angela. she's a good friend of mine


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