The Twilight Saga

"Who are you?" Those 3 words threw Brennan for a loop, She'd have never expected that when Booth woke after the surgery he wouldn't know who she was. what happens as Brennan helps him recover pieces of their partnership? she brings him to Carlisle for a little extra help seeing as he is a brain specialist Problem is, he's regressed to the mental age of a child will Brennan be able to help him remember who he was?

Brennan- me






name a Cullen or wolf

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booth:oh have you call my parents yet."

They're trying to find them." Brennan stood, but he pulled her sleeve "yes buddy?

"umm who are yhou exactly.i know your not my nurse or one of my auns or cousins so whho are you."

ANGELA:i walk into the room where ben and booth are."i found the doctor but i have bad news."

Brennan glanced toward angela "what is it?

"it's hard to explain," Brennan said "we work together

well bren,they said this is would of the side effects from the surgey.they said you can take him home tomorrow but youll have to wok with him and try to help him with hus memory.bren they dont know how long this could last up to a year."i say putting a gentle hand on her shoulder."

"that's no problem," she said in her most confident way, "I'll take good care of him

ANGELA:I know sweetie.just..."i hestitate."just call if you need me."i say leaving the room.


booth:"wait what im going home with you.what about my parents."

Brennan heard the panic in his voice. "it's ok, Seeley don't be afraid. I'll take care of you and we'll get you back on your feet

"but i dont knowyou.seriously you gotta be kinding me."i say trying to get up out of bed



(warning you in advance.slow replies bad computer.and if i just disappear that means it shut down.just letting you know.)

"No no don't try to move." Brennan placed her hand on his arm

sure thing


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