The Twilight Saga

"Who are you?" Those 3 words threw Brennan for a loop, She'd have never expected that when Booth woke after the surgery he wouldn't know who she was. what happens as Brennan helps him recover pieces of their partnership? she brings him to Carlisle for a little extra help seeing as he is a brain specialist Problem is, he's regressed to the mental age of a child will Brennan be able to help him remember who he was?

Brennan- me






name a Cullen or wolf

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let me go.i dont know you.i just want ..."suddenly a burning sensation runs through me and the machine starts beeping.and im out.cold.

Brennan let her arm drop "doctor! somebody! we need help!

i come in and out as they rush into the room .then im out but when i awake,thehh only one in thhe room is her and shes clutching my hand tightly.

"it's ok I've got you," brennan assured him softly

so...tired...i just wanna go home."

we will." Brennan half carried him to the car and helped him inside. "have a look around

is thhis supposed to ring a bell.i dont know where i am.i dont know this place.where am i."

"this is my place, Seeley." Brennan flipped on the stereo and hot blooded by foreigner kicked on "you remember this song?

no."i shake my head."should i ?"

Brennan smiled understandingly. "you need to rest." she took his arm and tucked him into bed "I'll be right across the way if you get scared ok?

im not a baby i can take cae of myself you know but thank you ummmm."i forgot her name.

Brennan smiled "Tempe." she closed the door gently and climbed in bed a little while later, she felt him tugging her sleeve, seeley is something the matter?


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