The Twilight Saga

Bella Swan,beautiful,popular and not the typical brunette.She is into fashion and isn't the smartest lightbulb.When her boyfriend of two years break up with her instead of proposing she deicdes to follow him to UW school of Law.In the end she sees that he isn't the guy for her.She figures out that the man that pushed her the hardest is the one for her and only her.





I was brushing my beautiful long brown hair.I was so excited for tonight.My boyfriend of two years was going to propose.I was so excited.I can't beleive this was happening.I heard the doorbell ring and the door open and close.Also the giggles of my fellow sisters of Delta Nu.I stopped brushing and started coating my nails and getting ready for my day.I smiled at my Yorkie dog Luna, she had an envelope in her mouth with my name on it with blue glitter.I smiled bigger.


"What's that Luna?"I asked and took it form her mouth.She jumped on my bed and made herself comfortable on my Brentwood Paisley Ralph Lauren bedding.I opened the envelope and smiled.It's from the girls of Delta Nu.



Good Luck Tonight.Bella & Jacob Forever
























They were so sweet to do that for me.I guess that's what sisters are for.I lookd at the photo and blew an air kiss at Jacob.He was the sweetest man ever.I walked down stairs.I hugged all the girls while I walked down.I saw my best friends out of everyone at Delta Nu.Alice Brandon with her jet black hair pulled back by sunglasses and my other friend Rosalie Hale with her cheer uniform on and her blonde hair up in a pony tail.I ran to them and hugged them.


"You guys are so sweet!But,I don't know if it's tonight girls"I said.Alice pushed my bangs over my head but they still went on my forehead  and Rosalie shook her head.


"Tonight defintley.He had lunch with his grandmother and we followed him to Tiffany's.It's going to happen"I smiled and hugged them again.


"Ok,I can't beleive me.Isabella Marie Swan presdient of Delta Nu is going to marry Jacob Black presdient of Zeta Lambda Nu.You have to help me with finding the dress"We squealed and went to Alice's yellow Porsche.We drove to Saks Fifth Avenue.We walked everywhere trying to find the dress but our odds were not coming out well.I then saw the dress.It was a BCBGMAXAZRIA:red one-shoulder tiered dress.It was perfect.I tried it on and they smiled.


"Bella,your so beautiful.Jacob is totally going to propose.Your wearing the color red.Confidents"Alice said.I nodded and smiled.I hoped he did.I wanted to be with him forever and ever.I wanted his kids.Three of them like the Kenndey's.Jacob II and Isabella ll and the other little boy named Charlie after my father who was a bussniess man.We got back to the house and I got ready.Alice and Rosalie did my make-up and hair.I hugged them and we walked downstairs.Kate handed me my black clutch,Tanya gave me a mint Irina spraied Juicy perfume on my neck and wrist.There was a knock on the door.Alice and Rosalie opened the door and there he was.Jacob.He had on a grey suit and his Ray-Bans.He took his sunglasses off and I saw his beautiful brown eyes.He grabbed my waist and pulled me close kissing me for about two mintues.


"Your beautiful Bells.You ready?"He asked.I nodded and smiled.I waved at the girls and we drove to the romantic restruant.He pulled a chair out for me and I sat down across from him.He grabbed my left manicured hand.


"Bella,we have to talk about the furture.We're having a lot of fun now-but things are gonna be different.I'm going to UW Law school.It's a different world.I need to be completely serious."I nodded and was smiling bigger.I can't beleive he wants me to go to Washington.That's where Alice's and mine favorite book took place it was called Twilight.Totally inspired us to be romantic and wait for the right one and I did.Alice got married before me to Jasper Whitlock.He was cute if you like blondes and a theropist.


"Yes,I completly understand."I placed my right hand over my heart.He smiled nervously.He took a huge sip of the wine we had at our table.


"Ok,um,Bella,this is hard for me to say but we have to break up"I gasped and started sobbing and crying.This can't be serious!I thought he loved me.


"What?!Your breaking up with me?I thought you were proposing"I said.He sighed and pulled his hand away


"Bella,I need someone serious and who isn't majoring in fashion"I gasped and sobbed bigger.I knew I should of majored in English.It was a safer route.


"So you were over because I'm into Marc Jacob!And what?This past two years were just for you to have sex with me!"I yelled.Everybody turned to us and looked at Jacob with confused and ugly glares.I got up and ran out of the resturant.I called a taxi and got infront of the house.I sighed frustrated.I walked up to my room and saw I was mascra was running down my face.Luan came to me.I picked her up and held her close to my chest.


"Oh,Luna,looks like we aren't going to be Blacks.And I won't have beautiful children and going to have to live on Coke and it's not even diet"I said.I got changed and faced down the pictures of Jacob.I picked up the card and shredded it to peices.I laid down on my bed and cuddled with Luna.The worst day of my life!


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LOVE IT!!!!!! I adore Legally Blonde and this is amazing. But I think to stay a little closer to Bella's character you should make her a little less dumb
awesome story!!please keep me updated and write some more!!!!!!!!
love it!!can't wait for next update
hii! i was looking at the banner i made and i wasnt too happy with it, so you can use this one instead if you want..

i loved it and legally blonde is my fav movie of all time other that twilight and other ones update me when u post more
lol love it!!! post more soon!!!
3. Welcome to Law School-

I drove my new Porsche in front of the school. I was so excited. I had a single dorm and I was decorating like it was at home in Califonia.I saw the huge buliding.It was so historical. I walked out and people were staring. I took Luna out of her passenger seat. Luna had on a sweater with the UW stitched on the back.
She was so cute she also had a cute bow on. Boys were whistling at me.I smiled and giggled. I took off my Gucci sunglasses and put them in my Coach bag. The movers took my stuff in my door and I went to sign in.
I saw a dark wooden table with a banner over the table hanged over and it said “Welcome the Class of 2010”.I walked up and Luna was in my arms. I saw a cute guy.He was super cute. Well, hot. He short curly hair and dark green eyes. He was bukly.But mostly looked like a teddy bear to me. I totally had to text Rosalie a picture. She was into these kinds of guys.

"Hi, um, Swan comma Isabella “I said. He nodded. He looked at Luna in my arms.

"Dogs aren't allowed in classes “He said. I nodded and smiled at him and sighed.

"Oh, well, Luna isn't a dog. She’s family. I’ll drop her up in my room. She loves Days of Our Loves"I whispered the last thing. He gave me a file and I looked at its plainness. I looked up at the man who was wearing a purple top with the schools logo on it. I smiled.
“Class schedule, map, and book list.” He said. I nodded. Like I care about that.

“Has Jacob Black checked in yet?” I asked. He shrugged and huffed. He looked down at the clipboard that was in his hands. He shook his head.
“Uh, no. Maybe you should try the Lido deck.” I frowned and start moving on but I looked though the packet and turned back.

“Wait — my social events schedule is missing.” He looked at me like I was stupid. I can’t believe this school might not have social parties. Aren’t they supposed too? Isn’t that what helps us connect with everybody? Even though most of these people haven’t heard of designers and color.

“You’re what?” He asked.

“You know — mixers, formals, beach trips.” He sighed and nodded.

“There's a pizza welcome lunch in twenty minutes. Does that count?” I wrinkled my nose and sighed. I looked at Luna who was already looking uncomfortable.

“I guess it'll have to . . .” I mumbled and walked off. Once I got settled and I went over to the social event without Luna. I left and walked to the outdoor garden. Someone handed me a slice of pizza. It didn’t look like California Pizza Kitchen. I ignored it completely. I tried to look for Jacob but not finding him. I got my attention focused to the group. He had red t-shirt and a jean jacket.
“Okay. Welcome to law school. This is the part where we go around in a circle and everyone says a little bit about themselves. Let's start with you.” He sounded moody. He gestured to a guy with glasses. His eyes were sky blue. I can tell he would look cute without the glasses.

“I’m Alec have a Masters in Russian Literature, a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, and for the last eighteen months, I've been de- worming orphans in Somalia.” That seemed interesting and dorky.

“Awesome. How about you, Jane?” I turned a girl with blonde frizzy hair.

“Ph.D. from Berkeley in Women's Studies—emphasis in the History of Combat. And last year, I led the march for Lesbians against Drunk Driving. “I can’t believe she was gay! I can tell Washington was an odd state.

“Killer.” The group leader Mike said. Then a guy who looked intense probably in his late twenties.

“I’m Eric I've got an MBA from Wharton, worked on Wall Street for four years, mushed in Three Iditarod’s and I ' ve figured out how to crash the stock market in Sri Lanka if any of you want to get together later.” Mike nodded and smiled.

“Sweet. What about you?” He turned to me. I sat up straight.

“I' m a Virgo. I have a Bachelor’s degree from USC, where I was Sigma Chi Sweetheart and president of Delta Gamma, and last year — I was Homecoming Queen.” I smiled. Mike gestured for me to continue. I thought about it for a minute and gasped.
“OH! Two weeks ago, I saw Beyoncé at Fred Segal — and talked her out of buying a truly heinous angora sweater! Whoever said that orange is the new blue is seriously disturbed.” I looked around and saw Jane snicker so did everybody else. I left for my room and got ready for class.
I looked around my was grey, dingy, cell-block style room and was now crammed with my clothes, the pink fluffy love seat and potted palm, along with an Elliptical Cross-Trainer, pink flamingo party lights and a neon pink margarita glass sculpture. I try to shove a large law textbook into her tiny Prada backpack to no avail. I give up and tosses the book onto the bed where Luna leaps away to miss being squished.
“Wish me luck Luna. It's my first class as a serious law student. I totally look the part” I said to myself in the mirror. I kissed Luna and walked out. I walk out and had a big smile plastered on my face. I then saw Jacob. I saw him talking to a guy that looked like him but had longer hair.

“Hello there. I’m Embry” The guy said seductively. I rolled my eyes and kept focus on Jacob.

“Bella?!” Jacob asked shocked. I waved and hugged him.

“Hey Jake! I totally forgot you go here” I said giggling.

“Wait, you didn’t come to visit me?” He asked confused. Why would I do that? He broke our engagement. He’s lucky I am totally in love with him.

“No, silly. I go here” I said hitting him playfully.

“You go to UW of Law?” He asked. I nodded. I looked at my watch and gasped.

“I have to go to class. But meet me over by the benches ok?”He nodded still in shock. I kissed his cheek and left. Once I got to class I sat in the front row. I saw people having laptops probably for notes. I got my notepad out and pen ready to learn. Professor Marcus was talking.
“A legal education means you will learn to speak in a new language. You will be taught to achieve insight into the world around you, and to sharply question what you know. The seat you've picked is yours for the next nine months of your life. Enjoy it. And those of you in the front row, beware "The law is reason free from passion. “Does anyone know who spoke those immortal words?” Then Alec shot his hand up. Marcus called on him.

“Aristotle.” He said.

“Are you sure? “Marcus asked.Alec shrugged.

“Well, I recommend knowing before speaking.. The law leaves much room for interpretation — but very little for self-doubt. As she turns away —and you were right. It was Aristotle.” The whole class including me half-laughed in relief.

“I assume you've all read pages 1- 48 and are now well-versed in subject matter jurisdiction.” I looked around surprised that students had books that were open. I didn’t know there was a book we had to read.

“Who can tell us about Gordon v. Steele? Eric Yorkie” Eric straightens in his seat

“Gordon sued her doctors for malpractice. “He said.

“And what did the dispute entail? Let’s call on someone in the hot zone. Isabella Swan? “I look up distressed.

“Uh... I wasn't aware that we had an assignment. “I said. He nodded.

“Leah Clearwater?” He called out. I followed his gaze and saw a prim preppy with a bob haircut. She looked so plain. She was dressed in pearls a sweater set.

“Do you think it's acceptable that Ms. Swan is unprepared? “Leah looked over at me. I gave her a mortified smile.

“No, I don’t. “She said. What?

“Would you support my decision to ask her to leave and return to class only when she is prepared? “Leah nodded and smiled and smirked at me.

“Absolutely.” Why would this girl betray me? I got up and gathered my purse and stormed out humiliated. I sat down on the benches where I was supposed to meet Jacob. I saw a man who was handsome had bronze hair with jolly rancher green eyes. He looked at twenty-right but could pass for younger age. He was going over some papers. He looks up at me and I pretended to not notice him.

“Are you okay? “He asked. His voice sounded so beautiful. Musical. I snapped out of my stupor. I felt safe with him. Like if I tell him a horrible secret he would keep it.

“Do they just — put you on the spot like that? Like, all the time? “I asked. I can’t believe that the first thing I ask this hot guy. Probably hotter than Jacob to ask about my professors.

“The professors? Yeah, they tend- to do that. Socratic Method. “I nodded and sighed.

“And if you don't know the answer, they just kick you out? “He smiles.

“You have Marcus. “I smiled and nodded.

“Did he do that to you, too? “I asked. He shook his head. Great! I might for the first time in history not know the answer.

“No, but she made me cry once. Not in class — I waited until I got to my room, but yeah, he can pretty much shrivel your balls — or you know your whatever. “I smiled and giggled.

“Don't worry. It gets better. Who else do you have? “He asked. I looked at my schedule and sighed.

“Um, Aro,James and Laurent” I said.

“Speak up in Aro's class. He likes people with an opinion. Sit in the back for James. He tends to spit when he talks about products liability. And make sure you read the footnotes in Laurent’s class. That's where all his exam questions come from. “I smiled. Gosh, he was my guardian angel.

“Wow. I' m glad I met you. “I said. I smiled at him grateful.

“Oh, and getting one of Marcus’s daily quotes right is almost as important as acing the mid-term. But you didn't hear it from me.”I smiled and giggled. I saw students trickle out of the building but I didn’t pay attention.

“Are you a third-year? I asked. He was going to say something but someone interrupt. And I knew I hated that person for doing that to this man.I saw Jacob.

“Hey.”I waved. I looked at him with pure adoration on my face. The guy who helped me got up and said good luck to me.I thanked him again. Jacob remained standing, still somewhat uncomfortable with my presence probably.

“So — uh — how was your first class?”He asked. I groaned.

“Fine. Except for this horrible girl who made me look bad in front of my Civ Pro professor. But no biggie. You're here now “I said. He nodded. Then Leah came up to us. Didn’t she already make my life a living he** already. She didn’t have to ruin it even more.

“Bella, have you met Leah?” he asked.

“You know her? “I asked. He nodded.


“I’m his fiancée”
come on...this can't be happening to her...i like so much this reminds me of a movie i saw...
OMG love it
Love it!!!!! Are you going to do the story the exact same as the movie or are you going to change it up a bit?


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