The Twilight Saga

Edward Cullen was dying and going to die soon. Then he meet Bella,who was doing her community service from shoplifting.Edwrad change Bella life,he makes her feel,he makes her think,and he makes her cry..........




REMEMBER ME (Why is Life so Unfair??)



When i got caught shoplifting,i tought it was the end of the world.And when the judge sentence me with 200 hours of community service,I thought it was an eternity!!

BUT I NEVER thought that I'd love working at the hospice so much....or i would meet someone like EDWARD.

Edward has a weak heart.He says he's going to die.

And since i met him,I've realized how lucky really am.

I used to think 200 hours of volunteer work was such long time.But Edward might not even live long enough to see me finish....



P.S. how do you say good bye to someone you love??





chapter 1

chapter 2

chapter 3

chapter 4

chapter 5

chapter 6

chapter 7

chapter 8

chapter 9

chapter 10



Lemme know what you think,every comments means a lot for me!!Thanks...

Luv Ya....



IRMA (irmasencullens)













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love it
Thanks dear!!!
i liked it

but it made me sad it's over

good job
Thanks a lot sis... :))
haha you no I cnt take yu seriously with that toilet profile pic yu hav wats up wit tht? no offense or anything cuz bein the curious katt :)))))
@Paula:Thank you so much,sweet sista,,, !!! :))
that truly was a great ending and i love the:
life is not about finding yourself
its about CREATING yourself

......i never thought of it that way and i could say, not to sound cliche, but you changed my life or the way i look at myself by putting that quote. Thanks :)))))) Ugh! Gushy emotions! lol;)))
Hey sweetheart, Thanks a lot!!

lol I found the quotes from google!! Here is my favorite one:

Have a great day sis... :))
Love this story!!! I am so sad that it is over!!! I hope you write another story!
Thanks a lot dear.... :))
About the new story... I think you already read it. It called 3L,remember?? :))
WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...... Thank you so much Bella Cullen Najab!!! I LOVE IT,SO MUCH!!!!!!! And thanks again for reading,but hey I have a new story, I'll be update that new story soon,and I hope you will be like it!! :))
Have a nice day sis...

That love doesn't come with labels or instructions; it just is.

Loved the lines...totally..!!..Oh my..its over.. **sob s0b**

n Little Eddie is sho sweet...

Its an Awsome story... Luv You Irma....!! :)

♥ Aagu ♥


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