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I've never needed anything more, but to remember.

  Okay so I was looking through fanfics to see if there was ne I wanted to read adn I thought about this. What if!

 What if when Edward left in New Moon Bella didnt jump off the cliff instead while riding the bikes Alice seen she crashed and told Edward. He finally gives in adn insist all the Cullens move back to Forks. One problem. Bella cant remember anything. Nothing what so ever. Will the Cullens coming back help or or will Charlie even let them near her when she cant remember anything fight her way back into Edwards life.







Should I write??? If I continue banners are welcome!



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love it!!!

LOL.  Charlie and Jacob mad at the fact she was going to there house?  LOL, never.  Loved it can't wait for more.  :)

LoL!!!!!! Mostly Jacob!

love it

your story is good i hope u update soon:)

Thanks!!! I will post more in a few minues check back in about 30 minutes and I will have more posted!!!!



Edward PoV!!


We just moved back into the house in Forks. I couldnt stay away from Bella any longer than Alice called and told me she was in a motorcycle wreck. I told them to go back immediately. I think Rose was even a little happy to see her again. As soon as they got there I was 15 minutes away and Alice called telling me she sent Carlisle to the hospital because she seen Bella walking in to the hospital in about 5 minutes. It just made me speed up even more. I was now going 200mph. I could now see the road leading down to the house and slowed just a little for the turn. I didnt even look at the house as I drove up I just parked the car and ran inside. Bella had to be okay. She couldnt not be okay. At worst Carlisle would have to change her. But no that wouldnt need to be nessary. I told myself.

Edward. Alice thought. I looked at her. You cant go see Bella. At all dont even talk to her too much at school. You cant say anything from before we left to her.

Alice what are you talking about?!!!!!” The others thought were silent except for Esme's. I hope he takes this okay...

Well... She kinda lost her memory on like everything that happended before about an hour ago. Carlisle checked on her. He said she lost her memory indefinatly. He also said if she is around the people that are in the memory she might regaine it. He is going to see her 3 to 4 times a week and this Saturday she is coming to the house, but you have to act like you havent meet her before unless she remembers you. That goes for all of us.” I cant believe this. My Bella doesnt remember me. Is hould have never left!!! This wouldnt have happened!!!! My poor Bella.

Okay. But I will still go to her house tonight though to get used to her scent even more,” They all nodded okay their thought still silent as I ran out the door.

wow... its nice ... i luv it :)

I love it!

love it

amazing chapii



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