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I got the Idea from Evermore Sweet and short of come up with my own ideah of i how i thought it should go I DO NOT OWN THE CARCTERS STEPHENIE MEYER DOES!!!

this a song i thought went with the story


Remembering My lullaby...A Bella and Edward Story
"You missed a note my love" !


Ch1. Bella's Pov


Here I am, sitting here trying to do my homework, and all I can think about is my lullaby. It’s been 7 months since Edward left me in the woods, and I have come to realize that He left to protect me, which was complete bull sh** because I am in just as much danger with him gone. He said it would be like he never excisted...He took all of the things that would remind me of him…except he for got one thing. My lullaby. He may have taken the cd he made me for my birthday, but he can never take my lullaby from me. It will always be in my head. I will always remember it, I just wish I could hear it played again. I have been trying to do my homework for like the last 4 hours, and I was doing pretty good untill I heard a song on the radio that had a similer sound as my lullaby and so now its stuck in my head.. AGAIN!!!. It took me 5 hrs. to get it out the last time, and I don’t even remember how I got it out. Now what am I supposed to do?


All I see is black . There is nothing before me, and if there is I sure can’t see it. Where am I? What is going on? Wait, what is that I hear something. It so beautiful… it sounds so firmiller, I know I have heard that from somewhere? Taking a step forward while trying to think of how I know that song, I run in to something. I place my hand out.. to try so figuer out what it is. As soon as I touch it a light flickers on. I look around so see were I am. And I have come to the conclusin I have no idea were I am.. I’m in a big room. That is mostly dark, with only a small light now, that has my hand in a spot light. Then I relize what I ran into, it’s a piano, A big beautiful grand piano. I have never see anything like it. Then I realize that this piano was used to play that most beautifu song. But who, who was the one that was playing it? And were did they go? For the looks of it there is no way out. They have to be here somewere. Maybe they are hiding in the dark, but why would they hide for me? Sitting at the piano bench, runing my fingers over the ivory keys, I was trying to remember when it hit me I knew why that song sound like something i knew. I place my hands on the keys, and press down on one note. And it was the first note from the song. Then I play the second note, and then the third. Then I relize that I’m playing this beautiful song, but how, I don’t know how to play the piano, but this song is just coming to me. Like I have been playing years, I just keep playing, I hit a note but it didn’t really sound right, but it didn’t sound wrong ethere, so I just keep playing. Then somewhere in the middle of my song I hear something.. and it wasn’t me. It was like the sound of a chair moving when you are going to get up for the table. I had stoped playing, and now I hear foot steps. The sound so far a way but they are getting louder, coming closer to me. Why? What did I do? The foot steps started so slow they had walked right up behind me. I sit as still as posabile trying to controll my breathing, and then he placed his hands on mine, above the keys. I was staring at his hands they were beautiful. He had these long fingers, and soft skin, and I know it sounds wrong because I did not know who this person was but I just wanted him to touch me and never stop. Now he his leaning over with his lips by my ears, and I can smell his breath, it is unlike anything I have ever smelled. It is so sweet, and delices. I just want to taste it. He pushs one of my fingers down to play a note, bringing me out for my fantize of tasteing him, then he wispers to me " you missed a note my love." I was so socked. How did this person know the song I was playing? Were they the one playing before me? Why did he call me  love? I turnd to see this misteryouse man, and I was beound shocked at what I found. He was…he was……so beautiful…no no that would doesn’t even to begain what he was... He was stunning, he had mess bed head hair, that I just wanted to grab. He had big, sweet, full, pouty, soft looking lips that made me want to taste him again. Then I look into his eyes. And I don’t even now what to say, they took my breath away litteraly. I stopped breathing when I looked in to them. They were unlike anything I have ever seen. They were this gold hunysucle color that just made me get lost into them. He starts to lean down to kiss me. His sweet lips touch mine and it was amazing, better than anything in the world. When his lips touched mine I felt a shock. And as soon as I felt it I jumped in my bed.


As soon as I woke up I placed my hands on my lips, I wispered "Edward" because I could still feel the shock on my lips. He is the only one that can make me feel that. It was such a real dream. I wish it was real. I wish I could hear him play. I wish I could play like that. Thats IT, I am going to learn to play, I will buy a piano and play my lullaby.






Sorry if there is Spelling and Gramer Errors please forgive me!!!

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oh k lol.................
thanks for the update!!!.............does this mean that Edward &Bella will see each other soon?............................I sure hope so..............until you post again
I am working on chapter 12 i just can't figer out who's pov to do i thinking edward and alice what do you think?

Sneek kpeek at chapter 12

Edwards pov

I was getting ready to ask Alice if she wanted to go hunting and ask her somethings when she had a vison of Bella and I running in the woods and she was a vampire then it swiched to hus being married then to me holding a baby but the vison was blurry like looking threw muddy water and i was feeding the baby and it had bella brown eyes i was scared did bella have a kid with some one

i love it!!!

love it

keep me update please

this is awesome :)

Can't wait for more

Sorry its been a while i will post more soon...I have been moveing...I will let you know when chapter 12 is up
Sorry its been a while but i am going throw a lot my grandpa is dieing

But here it is the New chapter it might be a while be i can write agean 

Chapter 12

Edwards pov

I was getting ready to ask Alice if she wanted to go hunting and ask her somethings when she had a vison of Bella and I running in the woods and she was a vampire then it swiched to hus being married then to me holding a baby but the vison was blurry like looking threw muddy water and i was feeding the baby and it had bella brown eyes i was scared did bella have a kid with some one.I know that i can't give her a kid but it still hurt to think about it but i had to find out what the vison where about. i have lost a lot in this life and i have loved once and thats bella and now mabey i will have a child but i don'tknow whats going on I going back to watch bella for a few weeks just to see what she up to but how yo hide this from alice and everone.I want to see bella by myself.and see what alice is hideing from me.I am getting really tired of all the secrets and i want to go to my love but then i will have to brake my promise to her and i want to give her things not thake things away so i going to aske her to merry me and then if she still wants i will chage her even if it agenst all that it is i am.

Alice pov

I should tell Edward that i have been seeing bella behind his back and that it his baby that she will be haveing but i might wait for a little bit i like seeing him all worred its the only way he will do what we all want even Rose wants to go back to Forks.she said some thing about working on an old truck or something all i know is if Edward could cry his tear ducks would have ran dry the boy are tired of the hole sucide watch but dad is even more worred.

I can't tell him that the kid i saw was his or should i no i think i wait yeah that sounds good but i will tell Emmett just to be safe


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