The Twilight Saga

Renesmee and Jake's lives are super hectic. Renesmee is pregnant and Kayla is showing to be about 8-9 months pregnant. Nessie is scared though......Jake, Seth, and Mason are nowhere to be found.Nessie, Leah and Carlie are so worried, they can't find them anywhere and scared that they are in danger, or hurt.




Mason, Carlie, and EJ's Birthday-July 12th, 2012(1st set of Nessie's Triplets)

Allie, Josh, and Kayla's Birthday-March 19th, 2013(2nd set of Nessie's Triplets)

Zach's Birhday-November 21st, 2013(Leah and Mason's son)

Kendall's Birthday-February 12th, 2014(Kayla and David's daughter)

Drew and Kylie's Birthday-March 13th, 2014(Nessie's Twins)

Logan's Birthday-April 3rd, 2014(Carlie and Seth's son)

Rachel and Joey's Birthday-December 9th, 2014(Nessie's 2nd set of Twins)

Heather's Birthday- December 9th, 2014(Leah and Mason's daughter)

Ashlynn's Birthday-December 9th, 2014(Allie and Embry's Daughter)



Leah and Mason's Wedding-October 19th, 2012

Carlie and Seth's Wedding-June 30th, 2013

Allie, and Embry's Wedding-March 20th, 2014

EJ and Madi's Wedding-August 16th, 2014

Josh and Elena's Wedding-Decmber 9th, 2014

Kylie and Collin's Wedding-Apirl 19th, 2015




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Ugh I hate not seeing my freaking feet! I can't stand it.

"HA!" Dad said.

"Whatever if you were me you would be the same way." I told him back.

"Yeah, but I'm not you." He said with a smile and came over to hug me. I was having twins. Don't know what they are, but I'm glad they seem to be healthy according to grandpa.

"Hey hon."Jake said as he came up to give me a kiss.

"Hey Jake, whats knew with Zach." I asked. Grandpa didn't really want me to go out of the house much so I was stuck inside with Kayla and David alot.

"He's good, he is interacting with people more, even for a 1 month old." He said with a smile. I loved his smile, but his signature grin was even better. Today was Allie's wedding shower. All the girls were coming over, Carlie, Leah and Zach, Madi, Elena, Destiny and Rachel, some of Allie's friends from school. All the guys were going with Embry to a bachlelor party. They all started to arrive about noon-ish. Her friends commented on how great I looked for a woman whos had 2 sets of triplets and about to have twins. I told them it took lots of trips to the gym to look this good. Allie and Embry had walked in, we all told Embry to get out and go have fun, and he did, but he got a kiss from Allie and all the cameras went off. David was the only guy here, because Kayla was due any day now.

"Um, David I need you to help me upstairs." Kayla said, as David helped her up and grandpa follwed. This is it, she was going to be a mom. We all demanded Allie to put on her dress. Her wedding dress was a mermaid style dress, it had a pink-ish tint to it. It was gorgeous. Her receptition dress was a short white and pink dress, it was really pretty. I loved it. Embry walked in and Allie ran fast away, and Embry didn't see.

"Sam is on his way he wants to talk to you Ness." He said  pointing at me.

"What about?" I asked.

"I honestly have no clue."

"Did he seem irritated or angry?"

"No he I think he just wants to see how your doing with the pregnancy." Jake said walking through the door, and hugging me. The shower was already over by then and all the girls left. Everyone went upstairs to see Kayla's new baby girl. Kendall Renay Harris, Harris is David's last name and they were planning on being together so they stuck with his name. She was beautiful, looked like Kayla alot. Could be her twin. Sam came upstairs to see her, said she was pretty.

"Nessie, how are you doing?" Same asked.

"I'm doing fine thank you, and yourself?" I asked him.

"I'm good the pack is smaller then it was. Collin and Bradly keep asking me who they would imprint on...." He went on.

"You should bring them over here. If Kayla doesn't mind and see if one imprints." I asked Kayla if it was ok and she said it was fine, but David had no idea what we were talking about. Collin and Bradly came in about an hour later and walked upstairs and imediatly Bradly comes over with his jaw hanging down looking at Kendall, then falls to his knees. I pulled Collin aside to see if he would come over when I had my babies. He said it was fine


Allie's wedding is in a week, but Allie, plus we are planning EJ and Madi's wedding, Josh and Kayla's birthday is the day before the Allie's wedding so we decided to have the party the day of their birthday. Their party is going to be different then the 1st set's party, they are going to invite their friends. So we are going to have a party at the main house, opening presents, and cake then Allie and Josh are going over to their houses with their friends and party over there. Kayla is going to her house as well but we are giving them a night off of baby duty and keeping Zach over her for the night. A sharp pain just went through my body.

"Grandpa!!!" I yelled it was kind of a reflex, when I am in pain I yell his name. He came over right after I yelled.

"Jacob help me get her up to my office." He said as another sharp pain went through my body.

"Are you having contractions?" Jake asked.

"No I'm just in pain because I want to be in pain." My smart come back wasn't really supposed to come out like that. I was in just so much pain. "Sorry." I apologized.

"It's ok third time around, I'm good." He said with his famous grin. After I was hooked up and everything Grandpa said it was time to do a C-section. I heard the babies cry as grandpa said.

"Baby #1 is a boy and Baby #2 is a Girl." He said. After I was stitched up Aunt Alice asked me what their names were.

"Um, Baby #1 is Andrew Masen Black. Baby #2 is Kylie Anne Black." There was a loud knock on the door and with one big sniff I could smell human blood. Charlie.

"Hey Charlie!" Dad said.

"Hello Edward. Where is Nessie at?" He asked.

"Um, Charlie before I bring you up to her I have to fill you in." After he said that I heard Allie, Embry, Josh, and Kayla all walk in the door.

"Where's mom at?" The asked. "Not to be rude but who is this?" Josh asked. I had enough strength and the ok from Grandpato go down stairs.

"Nessie?" Grandpa Charlie asked. Jake was helping me walk.

"Hey Grandpa!" I said giving him a hug being careful not to hurt myself.

"Whats wrong with you?" He asked.

"Well let me start at the begining. Mason and Leah got married and had a baby boy Zachery. Carlie and Seth got married. EJ and his girfriend Madison are planning to get married. Then we had them, Allison, Joshua and Kayla. Allie is getting married in a 2 days to Embry. Josh has a girlfriend Elena, and Kayla just had a baby girl Kendall with her boyfriend David. Bradly imprinted on Kendall.  Well earlier yesterday I had a set of twins Andrew and Kylie." I said as I went to go sit down. Carlie comes running down stairs with Seth and Grandpa Carlisle following her.

"Oh uh, mom I have to tell you something........."Carlie said

"Sure honey." I said with a worried expression on my face.

"Well um, I',  I'm pregnant." She said,

"How?" I asked Grandpa Carlisle

"I'm guessing the little part of human in her allows her to get pregnant."

"That's strange...." I said. "Well I'm happy for you." I told her with a smile. Aunt Rose and Uncle Emmett brought Drew and Kylie down. They looked about 2 or 3 years old in just one day. They grow up so fast.

"Well they are both are more wolf." Grandpa said.

"Collin, Bradly, and Embry came in. Kendall came in with Kayla. Kendall looked about 13-14 and she was only a 1 month old. Collin came over to Kylie and had a big smile on his face and fell staight to his knees. Kylie fell into him with a hug.

"Did she...." I asked Jake.

"I think so......." He replied to me not really sure though.


We are about 2 hours away from the triplet's party. Their friends are going to start arriving soon. They were all supose to be turning 18 so all of their houses had 18 birthday stuff. Allie's house is covered in pink and purple streamers, and has hip-hop and R&B music going. Josh's house has like green and blue streamers everywhere, and has rap music on. Kayla has blue and yellow streamers, and has country music playing. We had already opened presents and had cake, Kayla brought Kendall over and then all of them had left to go greet their guests. What the don't know is that all 3 of them are getting a car. Allie is getting a pink BMW, Josh is getting a green and black Mercedes Benz SL 63, and Kayla is getting a blue corvet. We are going to suprise them with it.

"Ready to go move the cars?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, Uncle Emmett." I said throwing the keys in his direction. We parked each of the cars outside each of the houses and I walked in Allie's house.

"Attention everyone! Where is Allie?" I asked. She walked up on little stage we put up. "So do you want to see your birthday present?" I asked her and she had a questioning look on her face. "Just go outside." I told her. To bad Embry can't be here, he already knew about it but they are not allowed to see each other until the ceremony. She started to scream and jump up and down.

"IS THIS MINE?!" She asked.

"Yes honey, Happy Birthday." I told her giving her a hug. I walked over to Josh's house.

"Attention everyone, Josh could you come here please." I said, I handed him a box when he got there. "I want you to open this box in front of your friends. Then when you open it up go outside." He opened it and looked up at me and gave me a hug and ran outside.

"This car is mine?" He asked.


"Thank you soooooo much mom." He said.

"Your welcome." I finally mad emy way over to Kayla's house.

"Hi everyone! Kayla I want you to you to come up here please." She walked up here and I gave her an envolope. She opened it up and screamed.

"Are you serious?!?!" She asked.

"Go out and see for yourself." She imediatly ran outside and gave me a big hug. I walked back to the house and Kendall was asleep next to Bradly, Zach was asleep on Leah, Kylie was playing with Collin, and Drew was playing Just dance 3 on the Wii. Kylie and Drew look about 5-6 years old.

"Hey, we need to go end that party it's 10." Jake told me. We ended the party and got Allie to bed at 11, since her wedding is tomorrow she needs the rest. Everyone else though,didn't really get to bed until about 1 or 2, we had to clean up everything. Tomorrow is going to be a big day.

We got to the church and Allie was getting ready to walk down the aisle. Her bridesmaids are Kayla, Leah, Madi, Elena, the flower girls were Kendall and Kylie. Her maid of honor is Carlie. Embry's groomsmen were, David, Mason, EJ, Josh, the ring bearers were Zach, and Drew. His bestman was Seth. She walked down the aisle and then they said their vows. We went to the reception and they had an announcement.

"Um, Josh would you like to come up here?" Allie asked. Josh walked up on the stage. We were all so confused.

"I would like to say something. I talked to Allie and she basically made me do this here." I was now even more confused. "Ok, when I start could this person please come up here. I love you with all my heart. Your my bestfriend, my everything. You make me laugh, you make me happy when I'm sad, your just the most amazing person." He paused as Elena walked up on the stage. "I can't live without you. Elena will you marry me?"He got down on one knee with the ring in his hand, she was crying and shook her head yes. He put the ring on her finger and gave her a hug.

"I would like to thank my wonderful sister and beautiful bride Allie for making me do this." Josh said while looking back at her. "Without this oush I probably would never had the guts to do it." When he finished he gave Allie a hug. They told each other that they loved them. Then Sam walks in.

Allie's Car

Josh's Car

Kayla's Car







"Sam what are you doing here?" Jake asked him. I could hear them they were just outside.

"There is another wolf pack heading down here...." I had someone hugging on my leg. It was Kylie, she was getting tired. I went to look for Drew and sure enough he was passed out across the table, next to Kendall.

"Collin, Brady could you guys come here please?" I asked them, they weren't too far from the table I was at.

"Yes, Nessie." Collin asked.

"Collin could you pick up Kylie and take her home?" I asked him

"Sure thing." He picked her up and she laughed and he ran home.

"Brady could you take Kendall back to my house with Kylie?"

"Sure Nessie, you want me to put her in a bed or let her sleep in my arms until Kayla gets home?" He asked me. Well Kayla didn't get much sleep last night so I think I will take her for the night.

"Just put her in the extra bed next to Kylie, please." I told him.

"Gotcha!" He said while picking her up very carefully, not to wake her. I went to pick up Drew but Kayla had him and was going home.

"I will take him, Kylie, and Kendall to my house and give YOU the night off." She said with a smile. Then she was gone. Jake came up behind me hugging my waist and rocking me back and forth.

"Hmmmm a night of sounds seriously good right now." He whispered in my ear.

"Why yes it does." I told him, think about what we are going to do tonight. Dad walked by.

"Oh God PLEASE control your thoughts!" He said.

"Come on Edward, hes a dog, and she is related to you! They can't help themselves." Emmett said, while looking over to us. I didn't know if I should be happy he stuck up for us or be angry that he called Jake a dog.

"Well if dad would stop reading my mind he wouldn't have to be so disgusted." I said in a normal time. He just shot me a look. The reception was over with and Allie and Embry were going to Isle Esme, just as everyone else is going to go when they get married, I seriously wouldn't be suprised if they came home and Allie is pregnant. Then I would have 3 grandchildren.

When we got home Jake went over to my side of the car picked me up ,shut the door behind him, and carried me inside. We got over to the bed and Jake kissed me. I hate when he kisses me like this. He knows that I can't control myself, my vampire side kicks in and lets just say this is our third bed. I pushed him away.

"What?" He asked.

"You know my vampire side kicks in when you kiss me like that." I told him. He threw me on the bed and got on top of me.

"I know and I have another bed in storage, so we are good to go." He told me, with his famous grin. I reached up to kiss im and I know he wasn't using any strength to hold me down, so I pushed him over and got on top of him.

"I love you." I told him while kissing him.

"Love you too." He told me. I could smell Sam walking up to the house. I got off of him.

"Sam is here." I told him before he could ask me why.

"Come in Sam!" Jake yelled.

"The pack is about a week away from here." He said.

"So what are we going to do?" Jake asked him.

"I have no clue, I'm still trying to think." I am worried now. I don't want him to get hurt anymore. Sam turns to the window, to listen to the howls.

"I gotta go, I think that's Paul calling with more info on the other pack." Sam told us.

"Thanks for stopping by." I told him with a wave as he walked out the door and waved back. Jake an I drifted off into sleep. When I woke up Jake wasn't beside me in the bed, he wasn't anywhere in the house. I went to the main house, Leah, Zach and Carlie were there.

"Have you seen your father?" I asked Carlie. She was on the couch hugging her stomach.

"No, Seth is gone too." She said.

"So is Mason." Leah said while holding Zach and she started to cry. "I'm so worried."

"I know me too." I said. Where could they have gone......


"Carlie are you going to be ok? I mean you’re due any day now, and I just want to help in any way I can." I told her as I sat down next to her.

"I don't understand why he left without even considering the baby...." She trailed off.

"It will be ok, honey. On the bright side Carlisle said it’s a boy." I said with a smile. Her face lit up.

"That's awesome, now I just got to figure out a name. Why am I so hot?" She said questioningly.

"Well it’s the beginning of April, maybe it’s because you’re pregnant." I told her. Allie and Embry called, they said that they are on their way home. I didn't want to tell them Jake, Seth and, Mason was gone just yet. Carlie walked over to me and gave me a big hug.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"I just love you." She replied.

"I love you too. “I told her. Then her hands flew to her stomach and Grandpa was down in a flash.

"Are you ok, Carlie?" He asked.

"Yeah, I think it’s just a contraction." She said. Carlisle took her up to his office, and then the phone rang.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Nessie, is that you?" The other person asked.

"Yeah, is this Jake?"

"Yeah." He said.

"You have so much to explain to me, but could you call back in like 30-45 minutes?" I asked him.

"I don't know why?" He asked.

"Carlie is having her baby and I need to be there with her, since Seth isn't here." I said, hopefully he heard the anger in my voice.

"Yeah, babe ok I will call you back and explain everything to you." Jake said, he sounded very sincere.

"Ok, I love you." I told him.

"Love you too." He said, and then the phone went dead. I walked upstairs and Carlie was lying on the table. That was fast. I could see her baby across the room.

"Have you decided on a name yet?" I asked her.

"Logan Daniel Clearwater." She said. I walked over to him and picked him up. He was already looking like a 4 month old.

"Hi Logan." I said. He had the biggest smile on his face. I walked over to Carlie and handed him over to her.

"Well he looks like hes going to be all vampire. Well when he hits a year old." Grandpa Carlisle said as he walked in. "He is growing up so quickly." The phone rang again.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Nessie, it's Seth, hows Carlie and the baby?" Seth asked.

"She's fine, and well it's a boy and his name is Logan Daniel." I told him. I could here him crying.

"Suck it up Seth!" I heard someone say to him. It sounded like Mason.

"Here's Jake." He said.

"Jake!" I said.

"Hey baby, look you remember that pack that was coming towards Forks?" He asked me.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well we went to go stop them, and if I had told you thats where I was going you wouldn't have let me go........" He trailed off.

"Yeah your robably right, but you would have went any way." I was angry now. "But, instead you decide to leave me, have Mason leave Leah and Zach, and Seth leave his pregnant wife right before she gives birth!"

"I'm sorry Renesmee, I really truly am! I would have rather you yell at me, then that pack coming up there and hurt you." He said.

"Ok your right, but don'tyou EVER do that to me again. Are you guys coming home now?" Right after I asked someone busted through the door. It smelled horrible.

"What was that?" Jake asked.

"I don't know...." I trailed off as I walked downstairs.

"Nessie, we are right around the corner. Don't do anything stupid." He said and the guy just lunged at me. I was on the floor and he was on top of me.

"Well, well aren't you a sexy little thing." The guy said while winking at me.

"Get off of me you perv!!!" I said back to him with an attitude and I pushed him off of me. He took one big smell.

"Your a vampire!"

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not." Jake came in, and walked over to him and started beating him up. He threw him over to the door, the guy was half consious. Seth and Mason threw him outside, then phased and dragged him into the middle of the woods. I ran over to Jake.

"Jacob!!!!" He picked me and kissed me.

"LEAH!" Mason said as he walked over to her and Zach.

"I'm so happy your safe and home." She said. Then Carlie walked downstairs with Logan.

"Oh my God." Seth ran over to her and kissed her. Then he picked up Logan and started playing with him.


"I'm so ready to just marry her already!" EJ said to dad.

"Well your just going to have to hold on Eddie." He said. My dad was the only one who called him Eddie. Just like Uncle Em, and Uncle Jazz are the only ones that call him Eddie.

"It's so hard, how did you handle it?" He asked him.

"With great difficulty." He said as my mom walked in.

"Yeah, your grandpa would always ask me to marry him but I didn't want to. Well I did but I wasn't really ready I guess." She said as she leaned down to kiss him.

"Hmmmm like I said great difficulty. But all you need is patientence, she said yes, the date is set, and thats that." He said.

"Well, yeah but I realy want her....." He trailed off.

"Wait, you mean that time she ran down the stairs and face all red, you two didn't....." I asked.

"No, she likes to be traditional." He told me.

"Oh, well so do I, you should respect that." Dad told him.

"I do." He replied.

"But your vampire side will probably kick in when you two are.......yeah, so you need to be extremely careful." Dad told him, and he started to blush. Dad smiled.

"Just 3 more months Eddie." Uncle Em said while shaking his hair, and giving him a big smile.

"Mom? Dad?" Allie said as she walked in the house. I ran downstairs and gave her a big hug.

"I'm glad you guys are home safely." I told them. "You two have fun?" I asked.

"Yeah we went scuba diving, rock climbing, and all sorts of other stuff." Embry walked in and put a bag down and a pregnancy test.

"Um....." I trailed off and looked in the direction of the test.

"Oh yeah I got that out of your bathroom, jusst in case but no worries. I'm good." She said with a big smile. "I'm good mom, seriously." She said.

"Hey, it's the new daddy!" Embry said, as he walked over to Seth to give him a hug.

"Yeah, he looks about 9-10 years old and he's only 3 months old." Seth said.

"Dang we've been gone that long?" Embry said, looking back at Allie. She shook her head yes. I didn't thin they were gone that long either. Then Logan ran down the stairs.

"Oh, he's a vamp." Embry said.

"Yeah." Seth responded as he gave Logan a hug. Embry's phone rang.

"Hello?" He said.

"I got something to tell you." The guy said, he sounded like Sam.

"Yeah? What is it?"

"That pack that we thought we got rid of is coming back and they want to talk to us. Since Jacob decided to beat up one of them." Sam said. Jake laughed.

"Well he did try to like rape Nessie or something....." He trailed off.

"Well yeah, and I completely understand that. But they said they want every wolf down there. Including Jacob and Renesmee's kids....." Sam said like he didn't want them to go.

"NO!" I blurted out of my mouth.

"If that's what it takes to protect Forks from any other danger, then we have to Renesmee. I really don't want to but we will have the whole pack and Mason and Allie can take care of themselves. I did manage to talk them out of making Drew, Kylie, and Zach go since they are only children." I sighed.

"I guess, it's ok as long as Allie and Mason are behind everyone." I told him.

"Ok, I promise you, Renesmee I will do my best to keep them safe. We need to leave before the end of the day tomorrow." He said. I knew Jake would protect them too. He hung the phone up.

"Jake I want you to be careful." I said as we layed down in our bed.

"I know, I will. I want you to make sure Drew has a good day at school tomorrow and hopefully he will imprint." Jake told me with a smile.

"Well, just be patient with that Jake. Don't forget Zach's first day is tomorrow too, maybe he will imprint." I said, with a smile. He leaned in to kiss me. I kissed him back, and then the night when on...........


Jake, Allie, Mason, and the rest of the pack left early this morning. We kept Zach for Leah and Mason, and we went back to the main house so I wouldn't be so alone with 3 kids. It's about 7 in the morning and we got Drew, Kylie, and Zach ready for their first day of school. Everyone's hoping Drew and Zach will imprint. I'm not going to rush them so if they do or don't I really don't care as long as their happy.

"Hey Nessie!" Collin said as he walked inside.

"Hey Collin, how are you?" I asked him

"I'm fine, just another boring day of school." He said.

"But you'll have Kylie this year." I said with a smile

"Yeah, I do. Don't worry though, I'm gonna protect her from any of the......perverted boys at school." He said. "We got all the same classes." He smiled.

"You better." I told him. Then Kylie ran downstairs.

"Collin!" She ran up and kissed him. "I didn't think you were coming over here."

"Well I couldn't help myself." He said with a smile.

"Drew, Zach come down here!" Drew came down as soon as I finished.

"Dang Drew, when did you get so hot?" Kylie asked with a giggle at the end.

"I have always been this hot. I just haven’t embraced it." He said with a Jacob smile. Then Zach came down.

"All the girls are going to be hitting on you Zach. Just saying." Kylie said.

"Thanks Auntie." He said with a smile.

"You know I hate when you calle me that!" She yelled at him.

"That was the point Kylie." He said.

"Lets go you guys." I told them. When we got the school Collin and Kylie walked inside together, and Drew and Zach walked in together.

"Bye guys have a great day." I said in a normal tone, knowing that they heard me. They looked back and wave bye. When I got back to the house Brady was there with Kendall, she grows slower then the other since she has alot more human in her than the others but she will start school next year.

"Hello Brady." I said.

"Hey!" He said in such a high pitch voice.

"Wait a minute, I thought you and Collin had to go with the rest of the pack."

"Well Sam said that we couldn't go."

"Oh, but my kids had to go........" I muttered.

"Well they are also more expirenced then us."

"Gotta point." I told him. He was sitting on the arm of the couch with his arm around Kendall. I got a text message.

"Mom, Drew like made out with this girl in the middle of the hallway. I don't know if he imprinted on her though......" I replied with....

"Well have him text me ASAP and tell him to tell me if he did." She replied back saying ok. Then the house phone rang.

"Hello?" Alice asked, she beat me to the phone.

"Is Nessie there?" It sounded like Jake.

"Yeah here she is." Alice said with her high pitched voice.

"Jake?" I said into the phone.

"I'm so glad to hear your voice." He said.

"What's wrong?" I asked him worried.

"They want a fight. A big oone, and we're going to give it to them." He said.

"Jacob Black you better not fight with them, and you better not let our kids fight with them either!" I yelled at him.

"Ness...." I cut him off

"Don't you Nessie me! You know good and well that you don't want our kids fighting with them!"

"I don't, but if it protects Forks......I think we should do it." He told me. He was right it protects Forks, but I wont be able to live with myself if either of them got hurt, and Jake wont either.

"Just be careful Jakey." I said with a smile.

"Hmmm, I like it when you call me that." I could hear the smile in his voice.

"I know you do."

"I love you Ness." He told me sincerely

"I love you too Jake." I told him, then I heard Sam say 'Hang up the phone now Jake they're here, we have to go!'

"Be careful!" I shouted into the phone, then it went dead.



"They are not answering any phone calls." Carlie stated.

"I know, it's irritating isn't it?" I asked her.

"It is, and especially when Logan is growing up so fast......" She trailed off.

"I know honey, it's going to be ok." The house phone rang. I looked at Carlie and she said I should go and get it.

"Hello?" I asked into the phone.

"Renesmee, we are taking Jake and Allie to the hospital meet us there." The phone went silent.

"Carlie, tell Drew, Kylie and Zach I will be home later." I told Carlie as I walked out the door and got into the car. The ride over there took forever. I thoght I was never gonna get there. When I arrived, I quickly went in and saw grandpa.

"Grandpa!" I shouted. "Where is Jake and Allie?" I asked him.

"Well Allie is fine, just a few cuts." He said.

"And Jake?"

"Well Jake's left arm and right leg have to be re-broken...." He said trailing off. "Follow me." He said. We walked into his room and Jake had a terrible look on his face.

"Nessie, one of the guys went for Allie and I jumped in front of her...."

"Shhhhh. You need to relax."I told him cupping his face.

"Would you like to stay in here?" Grandpa asked me.

"Yes." I answered him.

"Braking my bones again?" He asked grandpa. Grandpa shook his head yes. He statred with his leg. Jake grabbed my hand with his right hand and squeezed hit. When Jake screamed I just wanted to take him away from this place. I thought I was going to have one less hand. Since Jake heals quickly grandpa has to re-brake them quickly. When he was braking Jake's arm he screamed louder than he did with his leg. After about 3 hours he was all healed and ready to go home, and so was Allie.

"Look, I'm sorry....." Jake said.

"For what?" I asked him.

"For getting hurt......." He trailed off. We were home now.

"Don't apologize." I said with a smile and pushed him on the bed.

"But I told you I was going to get hurt."

"But you save our daughter from getting hurt." I kissed him.

"So how is Drew and Zach in school?" He asked me while pushing me off of him.

"Well Drew imprinted on some girl at school her name is Aria. She's really nice and pretty, you would like her. Zach hasn't found anyone yet. "Zach walked passed the door with a smile on his face. "Spoke to soon."

"Yes I did. Just an FYI." Zach said.

"That's good." I said. "You know I'm glad to hear your voice." I told Jake.

"You know I can hear you guys and it's really gross." Zach said.

"My house I can do whatever I want." I told him back. He left and Jake and I pulled the sheets over our heads and drifted into the night.


EJ and Madi's wedding is next week. So Alice, as always, is telling us what goes where, and when we should do this. We told her to chill out but she's Alice. I smiled. Embry walked through the door.

"Embry?" I questioned. It's not normal for him to be here without Allie.

"Hey Nessie, um I need a um test......"He trailed off. I took me a minute to figure out what he meant.

"Oh, a pregnancy test?" I asked him.

"Yeah." He said scratching his head.

"Already? I'm proud of you guys though, didn't get pregnant at the island." I said with a smile.

"She like being unique." He said with a smile.

"Haha well I'm going to go get one, but are you sure she wouldn't rather Carlisle check her out first?" I asked him.

"No, she wants to see if she actually is first." He said. I handed him the test and he left.

"Mom!" Kylie yelled.

"What is it! What's wrong!" I yelled as I ran after her.

"Look." She told me.

"I thought it was something bad don't ever do that again." She nodded but I looked out by the mountains. It was Zach and some girl. He has been keeping secrets from Leah and Mason, and they couldn't figure it out. I could hear them talking.

"You're so sweet Zach." The girl said.

"Look Courtney, I have to tell you something."He started, then I saw Drew, Josh, and EJ walked out. "I'm not human, I'm a werewolf." She looked confused, then he phased and she started to back up.

"Don't worry, he wont hurt you." Josh said. Zach phased back.

"Drew here, is a wolf too, along with his sister Kylie, Allie, my grandpa and my mom and dad. Josh is a vampire, he's not going to hurt you he hunts animals, but so is my sister Carlie, cousin Logan, my grandma and grandpa, great grandma and grandpa, great aunts and uncles."Courtney was in awe. Josh ran for her to prove it.

"Whoa." She said.

"Yeah. My grandma is half human, half vampire. EJ here is a mixture of human, wolf, and vampire. So is my aunt Kayla. I just thought I would tell you this." He said.

"Why?" Courtney asked.

"I imprinted on you......"He trailed off and she had a questioning look on her face.

"Imprinting, it's like gravity isn't holding you to the earth, it's her. You would do anything, be anything for her. A brother, a friend, a boyfriend, a protector, or nothing at all if she wants. It's all about her now. You want to make sure she is happy and safe." She looked at him adn smile. Leah and Mason walked in behind me, and they had seen everything.

"Found love." Mason said as he put his arm around Leah.

"This family is complete now." I said. Courtney hugged him and gave him a kiss. Then Zach phased and she got on his back to ride back to the house.

"Wait who is that girl Drew was making out with then?" Before I could answer, Drew beat me to it.

"Addison." He said while walking by us.

"Get some!" Mason said. Well we all needed our sleep since we have a busy day tomorrow.


"Stop Eddie." Madi said giggling.

"Nope." He said and gave her a kiss. "I'll see you tomorrow." I heard the smile in his voice.

"I'll be the one in the nice whte pretty dress." She said. Madi ran down the stairs.

"Very convincing." He said with a smile. Emmett opened the door for her.

"Enjoy being human Mads. After tomorrow night."He paused laughed. "Lets just say can't wait to see you as a new born." He finished with a smile. I went over to hit him.

"I would never do that." EJ said.

"Mmmmhmmm." Madi said as she went down the steps. Jake came behind me and hugged me.

"Hey babe." He whispered in my ear.

"Hey." I said with a smile. Then Drew walked in.

"Ok mom, dad I'm going to bring Addie in here to meet the family. After that I will tell her what we are. So be on your best behavior. Emmett." He said looking in his direction.

"Yes Sir!" He replied. Drew went back outside to bring Addison in here. Jake let go of me and went to stand beside me holding my hand. They walked in.

"Mom, dad this is Addison." She waved hi.

"Hello Addison I'm Jacob." Jake said while reaching out to shake her hand.

"I'm Renesmee, but you can call me Nessie." I said shaking her hand. I looked at Drew and asked him if I could call everyone in a normal tone, or should I yell to go with the act, he told me to do it in a normal tone.

"Hey everone could you all come here please." I said in a regular voice then Drew said something after me.

"Fast please." The vampires were all here in less then a second and the wolves were all behind. "Before we go on my family is different. We are all vampires, werewolves, or a mixture. But I will introduce them first." My mom, dad, aunts, uncles, and grandparents were first.

"So this is my great-grandma Esme and great-grandpa Carlisle, they're vampires. My grandma Bella, and grandpa Edward, vampires. My great- aunts Alice, and Rosalie, vampires. Great-uncles Jasper, and Emmett, vampires. My mom is half-human and half-vampire, and my dad is a werewolf." He paused to see if she was ok, which she was. "Now for my brothers and sisters. Mason and his wife Leah are wolves along with their son Zach. Carlie is a vampire and her husband Seth is a wolf and their son Logan is a vampire. EJ is a mixture of everything and his soon-to-be wife is human. Allie and Embry are wolves. Josh is a vampire and his soon-to-be wife is human. Kayla is a mixture and her boyfriend or whatever he is David is human, their daughter Kendall is human and her boyfirend Brady is a wolf. Kylie is a wolf, so is her boyfriend Collin. As for me well I'm a wolf. So I hope I got everyone, but I just needed you to know the truth." He waited and she didn't respond.

"Are you ok Addison?" Esme asked. I took a big sniff.

"Sam and the rest of the pack are here." I said.

"Yes, I'm fine it's just all so new to me." She replied.

"Yeah it's alot to take in" Elena said. I walked outside to greet Sam, but Paul was in his wolf form.

"What's wrong?" I asked. Paul croutched down like he was going to pounce.

"Nothing, but you need to stop telling human about our world."

"Why should it matter to you." I told him.

"It affects us to."

"I'm not going to listen to you Sam."I said turning my back then Paul pinned me to the ground.

"Get off now!" He got off then jumped on the left side of my body. "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" I screamed. Jake was out there instantly, so was Carlisle.

"Paul, Sam get out now!!!!!!" Jake was angry, and about to phase but I screamed again and he stopped himself.

"He broke the whole left half of her body and I'm going to have to re-brake her bones due to the fast healing." I screamed the whole time he was braking my bones and when he was finished I went to sleep. When I woke up Paul was beside my bed.


"Get out." I mumbled as I started to wake up.

"I'm sorry Nessie, I really am" Paul said to me.

"HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?!?!?!" Jake yelled.

"I walked in......." He trailed off.

"WELL!!!!" Jake looked at me, and saw me closing my eyes cause he was so loud. "You need to get out of here. You have done enough damage to Nessie, so......... I don't want to see you again. Goodbye Paul." Jake said trying to be calm.

"Jacob...." Paul pleaded.

"Don't. Just get out." Jake replied to him. Then he looked at me. "You know we got wedding rehersals today."

"I know. Carlisle said that I should be all healed up by noon." I said with a smile.

"He said you should be all healed up." Jake told me.

"Great." I said.

"So, how are you feeling?" He asked as I started to sit myself up.

"I'm fine. How is Addision?" I asked, she was probably scared.

"She's good. Her parents just like got up and left and wont answer any her phone calls so I let her stay here until so finds out information." Jake told me.

"Oh, well I'm sorry to hear that" I said.

"Yeah well she likes it and Drew likes it, and they are staying in the main house and Kylie is with Collin so we have the house to ourselves." Jake said with a smile.

"Hmmmm sounds nice." I told him the reaching up to give him a kiss.

"Yes it does and you know, I was thinking we could try and have another baby or babies." Jake said looking down at me.

"Seriously?" I asked him.

"Yeah of you want to...." He trailed off think I would say no.

"Yes!" I said kissing him.

"We gotta get going Ness." Jake told me as he walked over to the door.

"We have I night." I responded. He smiled at me with his famous grin.

When we got to the church, Madi's parents were there. We havn't met them before because we've been dealing with my pregnancy and stuff. As the rehearsal went on Jake and I noticed Kayla and David have been acting very strange. Jake told me to look on Kayla's left hand and there it was a nice square ring, looked nice, about 1 or 2 carat's.

"Kayla why didn't you tell me?" I said in a whisper.

"About what?" She responded.

"About that nice ring on your left hand." I said. I saw her face turn red.

"Oh I was going to tell you after the wedding." She replied. Then David kissed her on the cheek.

When the rehersal was over EJ went home with us and Madi went home with her family. They couldn't see each other till she walked down the aisle tomorrow. When we pulled up in the driveway Sam was standing there waiting for us to arrive.

"What do you want?" Jake asked.

"I came to tell you some upseting news and I don't want to this the day before EJ and Madi's wedding but I needed to tell you." Sam said.

"Go on."

"Well I'm sorry Jacob, but your father died this morning." Sam said and everyone's mouth just hung open. The Jake just put his head on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry baby." I reassured him, but he started to cry anyway.


"Do you feel better?" I asked Jake as I sat up in the bed.

"After last night yes." He said winking at me. I smiled and blushed.

"That isn't what I meant." I told him.

"Then no not really. I mean it was my father." He said dropping his head.

"It's going to be ok." I reassured him.

"I know, we drifted apart so I guess it doesn't hurt much, not as much as if we were closer." He told me.

"Well we will deal with that later.......after the wedding. Now get in that tux for me." I said with a smile and a wink. Jake smiled back and leaned down to me to give me a kiss.

"So what dress are you gonna put on for me?" He asked me with a grin.

"Don't know." I said. I went to go look for a dress and just picked a blue one. It was decent. When we arrived at the church we found EJ, he was so nervous. Josh was trying to calm him down, but it wasn't working.

"EJ it's going to be ok. Now lets go. It's time." Jake told him with a smile. EJ took a deep breath, but Allie came up to me before the wedding started and handed me a note and walked away. I started reading the note

Mom guess what? I'm pregnant with triplets!!! I'm so happy, and so is Embry. You can show this to dad but nobody else until the wedding is over. Ok? I love you an dad both! -Allie

I showed Jake the note and he smiled.

"Thats going to be handful." Jake whispered to me. Madi started to walk down the aisle. She was so beautiful. When she got to the end they got on with their vows. Then they kissed and off to the reception. Jake and I left after they left to Isle Esme. When we got home we got a suprise.

I walked into Kylie's room and she and Collin were making out on her bed.

"Hey mom." Kylie said as she whiped her mouth.

"Mmmmhmmmm be safe is all I have to say." I saw Collin start to blush then I shut her door. I walked into Drew's room and he and Addy were making out, but it's like his little part of vampire kicked in and he looked like he was about to kill her. He jumped off the bed.

"I'm sorry....."I cut him off.

"The little bit of vampire he was in him must have kicked in."

"Thanks mom." He said as he started to turn red.

"Anytime."I replied and shut his door.

The next day all of us went to Billy's funeral. It was very depressing. The whole pack was there even Jake's two older sister's were there. It was finally over and Jake was better then ever. When we got back Collin took Kylie over to his house and Addy took Drew over to her house to meet her parents. Jake picked me up and carried me through the door.

"What was that for?" I asked but before he answered he threw me on the bed then jumped on me.

"I'm just so happy." He said then started to kiss me. "I still want more kids." He said smiling at me.

"Right now?" I asked but his kiss answered my question. I ripped his tux off and then I was on top of him. He pulled my hair down and unzipped my dress. It didn't help so he just tore it off, then we drifted off into our perfect little world. That is until my dad walked in on us. I tried to cover myself up.

"DAD!!!!!" I yelled at him.

"Um, I came to give this to you but I see your busy." He was grossed out i could tell. He handed me the note. It was from Aro.

Renesmee I told you to stop having chidren. It cause's great problems. So within the year please expect a visit from the Volturi. It wont be a pretty one either. -Aro.


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