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Renesmee is very scared, Jacob dosen't know how. Something happened to them when they were on their honeymoon. Bella and Edward want an anwser, but only Renesmee, Jake, and Carlisle know and have been very careful not to think about it around Edward. What happened during the honeymoon. How crazy can their life get!













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"Nessie, honey it is time to get up" my mom said, everyone calls me Nessie now even my mom,she didn't use to though, my real name was Renesmee Carlie Cullen."Nessie, sweetheart get up we have a long day today so we need to hurry" my dad said. So I hopped out of bed next thing I know Alice is coming up jumpping up and down saying "Nessie I can't belive you'r getting married, you've grown up so fast". I still couldn't belive that I was getting married to Jacob, my dad still is not fond of him but since he is my moms best friend he keeps his comments to himself. my dad started to laugh Alice and my mom were just confused as I was. "Nessie you are so right about that you're hilarious". I figured out what he ment will mom and Alice were still confused. He was reading my mind again so I thought this STOP READING MY MIND, and my dad said ok. Then he told my mom and Alice what I thought. I got dressed and Alice drove me and my mom to the church." Bella, did you get her dress" Alice asked. Mom replied "Alice of course I did I wouldn't forget my baby's wedding dresson the day of her wedding. "Mom I'm not a baby anymore" I whined. She said "you will all ways be my baby". Something wierd was happening because when we got thier Emmett was not making fun of what me and Jake are going to do. Most of the time when my and Jake come from our house, that the family helped out by buliding it for us, Emmett will say something like " Hey Ness, you and Jake have fun last night". Since he lost an arm wrestling match to my mom that he can't talk about her sex life he has to talk about mine, and when he does my dad leaves the room with a look on his face that says he is discusted. I got my hopes to high because Emmett comes up to me and says "Nessie, you and Jake going to do something fun tonight". So I said "Yes,yes we are and before I leave I want to challenge you to an arm wresalin match, if I win you don't say anything about my sex life anymore. Emmett grinned and replied "If I win it's just going to get a whole lot worse. The my dad comes and says "I will laugh if Nessie bets you". Emmett sarcasticly laughs and says "Edward, If she bets me I know someone elses sex life I can talk about" oh no my dad is going to bet, I can feel it."Ok Emmett i bet $10 that she will beat you". "If she does then I will talk about you and Bella's sex life, deal". "deal". My dad comes and says "please win I don't want to get yelled at by your mom you know how she is, but I just can't help to love her". Grossed out now I say "ok dad, I'll try just as long as yuo don't mention anything about you and mom's love life, please". He chuckled. "Ok honey now go get ready". He kiss my head and left to go get ready. I walked in the changing room and took my clothes of and, with help of my mom, Alice, and Rosalie, got into my dress. Rosalie did my hair, my mom put my shoes on, and Alice put my make-up on. Then mom and dad come up in the room and say "Nessie your dress is someting new, the ring is something old, and here is something blue." Dad was looking in his suit for a small box, he gave it to me and I opened it up. They were two beautiful bule dimond earings, I started to tear up. "Mom, Dad you sholdn't have". My dad anwsered "Well we feel that you should rember us because the are hard as rock and cold". They both laughed. Then My dad said "It's time". Alice and Jasper went down the isle, then Emmett was the best man, beacuse none of his friends wanted to come because thier would be vampires. My mom was the maid of honor. It was my turn, my dad pulled me to his side then walked down the isle. The only thing I saw was how handsome Jake look. I noticed I was crying and manged to get out "I do". He was being tough and said "I do". the minister declaired us as Husband and Wife. Jake leaned down to kiss me, it was a romatic kind of kiss. People clap and off to the recepition we went.

"Nessie stop crying, you'll ruin your pretty face" Jake said sweetly. I didn't know I was crying until he said somthing about it. As we walked into the reception my mom and dad were the first people to find me. "Congragulations Nessie, I'm so happy for you" my mom would be crying too if she could. Then dad turns to Jacob and says " You know I'm not fond of you still, but if you make my daughter happy then I just have to deal with you " he chuckled. Jake replies"Thanks, I guess, but you have nothing to worry about I will take care of her I promise". "I do have one question to ask you, though". My dad had a confused look on his face when he anwsered."And what would that be". " Do I have to start calling you dad?" We all burst into laughter and my mom said something first. "You can call me mom or Bella, which ever you want". "You can call me Edward". My mom looked at him for a long moment then my dad said "Or dad which ever one is better for you" he said this like my mom made him say that. Then he says "Yes she did". He must have been in my head again. Jake and I made our way through the crowd to the dance floor. When we were dancing you could see cameras flashing. When the song ended Jake leaned down to kiss me. He kissed me in a way I thought should be band from the world. In the backround I her Emmett and Jasper yelled while we kissed. When it was time to cut the cake, he shoved a piece in mouth and all over it, I shoved one in his mouth he swallowed it whole while I looked at him with a shocked face.I threw my flowers right in my moms hands. Emmett, Jasper, and my dad were howling as I blushed, when Jake slid my garter right down my leg and around my foot and shot it in my dads face on purpose. The look on my mom and dads face made me feel sick, because something nasty is going to happen between them tonight. Ewww! My dad looks at my and laugh and shook his head yes. It was time to leave so I had to find Emmett. "Emmett its time" I yelled. he was by my side in one second. We went to the table. "You ready, little niece". "Duh" I said. when we startd everyone was there. We were at it about two minutes, then I won. "Ha I won." My dad told my mom what he bet, and she was super mad. She had slaped him, Jasper and Emmett had to hold her back. When she calmed down she apoligized to him and they kissed while Emmett said "You guys just can't wait until tonight can you." My mom was mad again and punched him in the face while my dad was trying to hold her back, failing, he also laughed when she punched him." I gave everyone a hug and a kiss and left. We were going to Isle Esme, the same place my mom and dad went and thats where I was made. We ran to the car and once we were safely inside we were gone finally I married to Jake. " I love you" he said " I love you too, that's why we are here." We got on the plane and off to Isle Esme.
We were finally here. Jake got our stuff and took it out of the boat. Then picked me up and got our bags and took us to the house. He set me down and threw our bags in the room where we will be sleeeping and came back picked me up and threw me on our bed. He came to lay next to me and said "you know I think we are suposed to do something tonight but I can't remember what" he smiled. "I know what we are suposed to do" I said while i was getting on top of him. I took his shirt off and he took mine off. My stomache woke me up the next morning. I was craving human food. That was odd. I got out of bed quietly so I wouldn't wake Jake up. But he woke up anyway and mumbled "Are you hungry?" I smiled and said "I'm just going to fix something in the kitchen, ok". "Are you ok because You don't like to eat human food". "Do you want me to fix you some to, honey". He smiled and mumbled "Yes, dear." It was strange for me to eat human food. Oh well I was very hungry so I fixed a carten of eggs for me and one for him. "Nessie you sure are hungry." "I am but I don't know why." Soon after that I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I was thrwing up for the next few days but I thiught it was just the eggs. Today we went in the ocean, the climed up a huge mountain. Well Jake did I was Just on his back. But then I got real tired so he took me home and I went to sleep. "How long have I been asleep?" "Fourteen hours." I was so shocked I have never slept that long ever before. " Are you serious!" Now I was getting angry. "Why didn't you wake me up!" I screamed at him. Next thing I know I was crying and apoligizing to him. "Nessie are you ok, sweetheart." Oh no I just felt something move inside me. "Jake could you go to the store and get me something?" I asked nervously. " Sure honey, what do you want." "I need a pregnacy test." He jumpped up and ran out the door I wonder if he was hoping I was not pregnet. He was back I rushed to the bathroom. He was waiting outside the door. When it was time to look at it I was shaking. Postive. "Jake we need to go home now." He got our stuff pack and we left. I called Grandpa Carlise. I was glad he was at work. I told him he was going to meet us at the airport. He said "You have a good possibility that you are pregnet." Oh no I was the one that has to tell everyone. We drove home and I was crying. When we arived there Alice gave me a big hug, but nobody but grandpa Carlisle, Jake and me knew why.
cool :) i like it. but could you work on the grammar/formatting? i think more ppl would read it then. its a bit annoying. good story though, and i love the picture :)
Ok I will thanks for the tip.
When Alice let me go I looked around and saw everyone with a confused face. Except my Dad it looked like he wanted to kill Jake. I only new that he was reading Alice's mind when she had the vision. DO NOT TELL ANYONE I WANT TO DO IT MYSELF, OK. I thought. He nodded. Grandpa Carlise Rushed me upstairs and examined me quickly. Normally I wouldn't be shaking but the only reason I'm doing this now is because I thought I couldn't get pregnet."Nessie, you are pregnet".
"How can I be pregnet"!
"Honestly I don't know, but I think you should go tell the others they are so worried"! great I have to go tell them, but they already know.That super hearing thing does get on my last nerves. My Dad burst into laughter. "Edward, what is so funny".My Mom said
"Apparently the super hearing scence we all have, gets on Nessie's last nerve".
"Well everyone can I have your attention please"! I'm so scared
"I want to tell every one that I'm expecting a new little mouth feed"! It was silent then my Mom came up to me and gave my a big hug and said"Oh Nessie, I'm so happy for you baby"! Then everyone gave me a hug and told me that they will help out."Nessie"! Grandma Esme shouted. "Yes Grandma".
"You know we will have to build another room for the baby, right"?
"Yes I knew that. You can build decorate it however you want because I tust you".
"Thank you so much Nessie". Out of nowhere my Mom is yelling at Alice.
"Alice, Alice what do you see"!
"Nessie and she is holding.......THREE BABY'S"!
"WHAT HOW AM I HAVING THREE BABY'S"! I shouteed I couldn't possibly be having triplets.
"Nessie you look like your getting near the due date your around 9 months".
I was walking down the stairs and I started felling sharp pain. Then I was on the ground screaming. It was time and I knew it
OMG!!! when i read something and i really like it i get chills when something dangerous or exiting happens AND I TOTALLY GOT CHILLS!!!
very good! i kinda expected that she was pregnant but i definitly did not expect triplets!

keep me posted!
This is SO good!!!
Please post more SOON!!!
Can you please update me when you do please?!?!?!
Ok I have to say it cuz it really bugs me. I just really don't see how after refusing to be with Bella because of his "old-fashioned"-ness that Edward or Bella or any Cullen would allow Nessie and Jake to LIVE TOGETHER before marriage. It didn't hurt any of them to wait so I doubt even Emmett would allow that for his neice. Sorry, it is a cute story, just bugs me.
I just remembered Bella and Edward in Isle Esme..but, this is different. Bella had only one baby at a time though she and Edward had... er, you know three times in Isle Esme.. But, renesmee!!! LOL but,don't get me wrong. it's good. it is just sort of funny because renesmee is having triplets???!!! wherein she is a half-vampire? oh well... the father is a dog..Oops! I mean Jacob...hey! no offense!!! I commend your story, of course. Like i said, it's good...keep going...

"Nessie, honey are you ok?"Jacob asked. I opened my eyes to find myself in a hospitial bed in Carlise's office. I finally got enough strength to talk.
"Jake why am I in here?"
"Nessie you fell on the stairs screaming so Calise came and brought into his office to check you out and, well Nessie you went into labor so thats why your in here" Jake said while very careful rubbing my belly. Out of the blue I was screaming bloody murder.
"Calm down Nessie, its just a contraction"Jake said very calm
"Honey you need to breath in slow deep breaths"My Mom said she knew more about it then me so I did what she told me to do.
"Nessie now I need for you to sit up so I can out an epidural in you to stop the pain and help you get ready for your c-section, ok sweetie"Grandpa Carlise said. No turning back now i said in my mind.
"It will all be over soon, baby girl"My Dad said. He must be reading my mind.
"Thank you Nessie now I have to put this blue cover in front of your face so you wont see, ok" Grandpa Carlise said. I nodded. Jake was holding my hand as Grandpa Carlise did the surgery.
"Baby #1 is a girl" Grandpa Carlise told me.
"Baby #2 is a boy" he said.
"Baby #3 is a.............."I hope its another boy.
"BOY!!!!!!"He screamed with joy. I looked at Jake and he was crying.
"It's ok, Jake"I said to reassure him. Alice was running up to me. Wonder why she is.
"What are you going to name them?" She asked.
"Baby 1 Carlie, Baby 2 Edward (looked at my dad)Baby 3.............. Mason" I said very confident.
Everyone was smiling with joy and now my and Jake can start our new lives together.
My Mom and Dad came and huged me Alice and Jasper kissed me on the cheek
Esme kisseed me and huged me while Carlise helped the babys along with Rosalie and Emmett.

"Im in so much pain!!!!" I complained I only saw my babys once because I was to weak to see them again, finally i get to see them for the first time in four days.
I saw Emmett on in there holdin Carlie, she looked so beautiful. Carlise went over to a bed and put down a baby the end of the bed said Mason. So I'm guessing Rosalie just picked up Edward.
"Nessie honey" my mom said "come in here" she had Mason in here hands. She handed him to me, I started to tear up because he looked like Jacob.
"Nessie could you come to my office for a minute please, you to Jake."Grandpa Carlise said
"What is it Grandpa"
"Well all of the babys are healthy, but they all are different"He said very seriously
"What do you mean by that"
"Well Carlie is more of a vampire like us, she has cold skin and prefers blood to formula, but she will grow untill shes 16 then she will stop, and be more like us."
"Edward is more of a mix between you and Jacob, he likes to eat alot of human food and is a human but skin is ice col and can run realy fast like us, he will stop growing around 16"
"Mason is more like Jacob, he can turn into a wolf, and is burning hot, likes human food, and he will stop growing around 17"
"So they all have some part of one of us right"
"Good Can Mason transform now"Jacob asked
"Yes hes got the brain of a 5 or 6 years old so if you want you start teaching him about it"
"I will"Jacob said while grinning.
"I'm going to teach Carlie all about us"I said. Tomorrow i will start her training


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