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So any idea's on who you think should play Renesmee in Breaking Dawn? Pic's welcome of anyone you think would be perfect. I want this movie made and I want it made sooner rather than later :DDD

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HEllo everyone Michelle here,
Some people are so clever with their digital abilities to place faces on bodies, etc..I think the poster is very clever..can't wait for us to start hearing about Breaking Dawn..well anything really about anything Eclipse..its so hush ..hush..I need at least a few photos from the movie leaked onto the web " by accident of course"...
loll i think we are going to have to hold out for a while before we start hearing anything about breaking dawn!!! its been a struggle to find what i have on eclipse and even that isnt much!!
What do you have on Eclipse?

Oh by the way, when it comes to Renesemee, this photo cracks me up

LOL def a great photo!!!!
- just the lil dribs and brabs ive posted on the aussie page, interviews with the director and cast stuff like that, nothing to juicy or satisfying *sighs*
The photo is so wrong, but yet so funny. lol

Oh, I thought I had missed something major!

Nearly missed the new pics today, cause I was too busy get info on the DVD and the Official Guide.
just found this.....

She's also everywhere. I do think she's pretty spesh though.

i agreee, plus her eyess lookkkk soo fakee!! there going to need to get a kid who can talk clearly not a young baby just starting to puts wordss together..... omg they beta not get shiloh grrrrr


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