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Renesmee Loses Her First Tooth

A One-Shot

(I realize Alice cannot see Renesmee's future, but just pretend she can, for the sake of the story:)))

    It started on a rainy day, as it always did. Edward and I returned from hunting to find Alice, skipping around giggling. She was waiting for us outside the door to our fabulous cottage.

  “It’s about time!” she smiled and jumped a little.

  “I’m not going shopping.” I commented, walking around her to enter the door. Edward chuckled behind me as I entered.

  I turned around to face him. By now, I had practiced my gift so much, that I could just simply think about it to use it. You’re not going to make me go shopping, are you? I thought to him.

  Again, he chuckled. “I believe Alice is here for something else.” He smiled.

  Alice followed Edward in bouncing happily. “I’m getting the princess!” she sang and left the room in inhuman speed.

  “Alice- it’s only five! Give her more time to rest.” I said and turned around to Edward. His eyes were a brilliant gold, the same as mine. It has taken quite some time before my eyes finally adjusted to my “vegetarian diet”

  Edward smiled and placed his arms around my waist. “Big day.” He mumbled as he lightly kissed my lips. I ignored the tingly feeling that arose in the pit of my stomach.

  I pulled away from him and raised an eyebrow. “How so?” I wondered. 

  “Alice has envisioned Renesmee losing a tooth today.” He smiled and looked up to Alice, who was now carrying our daughter into the room.

  I walked over to her and took Renesmee. With closed sleepy eyes, Nessie smiled at me and whispered “Hi mommy.” I smiled back and nuzzled her small nose. I was a fool when it came to Nessie’s cuteness. I was indeed the luckiest mother in the world.

  “She’s hardly awake.” I hissed to Alice, quietly.

  “Okay, okay!” Alice said, still smiling. “But I get to feed her when she wakes up again!” she giggled quietly. Renesmee had already fallen asleep again. She looked like a six year old, though Edward and I had only had her for five or so months.

  Edward rolled his eyes. “Goodbye Alice.” He mumbled, careful not to wake little Renesmee.

  Alice giggled again. “I’ve already got her a gift! Oh she’ll love it! Have you told her about the tooth fairy yet?” she asked, ignoring Edward’s request to leave.

  I placed Renesmee back in her bed and came back into the room in a matter of seconds. “No. I haven’t thought about it.” I answered honestly.

  Alice gasped. “Can I tell her? Please?” she begged, a pleading look in her eyes. I could never resist her.

  I looked to Edward for conformation. He just smiled at me, his gold eyes seemed to shine with happiness. I couldn’t help but smile back at him.

  “Yes!” Alice cheered, hugging me tightly, thought I hadn’t even answered her yet.

  “Shh!” I hushed her.

  “Sorry.” She whispered, pulling away. “You won’t be disappointed! Just wait until you see her face!” Alice giggled.

  “I’m excited.” I smiled, not very enthusiastically.

  Alice continued her rant.   “Oh I got her this cute little dress! And just incase, I also-“

  “Alice, I’m not going to let you do anything if you don’t leave… like now.” I said. I hoped she wouldn’t get offended. Luckily for me, it hadn’t even fazed her.

  “Okay! I cannot wait! This is going to be so fun!” she danced put of the house quickly, and made her way back to the big house, that Edward and I had still not even discussed about moving back into.  We had all the time in the world, why move out of our little cottage now?

  “She never seizes to amaze me.” I giggled as Edward rolled his eyes.

  Suddenly in front of me, he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. After a long kiss, he smiled. “You still do not find her annoying?” he asked.

  I snorted. “Oh I do. But she’s still my sister.” I smiled and lifted my hand around his neck. “You don’t mind if Renesmee knows about the tooth fairy?” I wondered.

  He simply shrugged. “If that is what you wish.”

  “Didn’t you see? I’ve been given no choice!” I giggled quietly, and he laughed along too. 

  “Very well.” he smiled, and kissed me once again. Alice’s visit left my mind quickly afterward.



  As planned, Renesmee lost her tooth back at the big house. Alice hadn’t told anyone but Edward and I, so everyone else awed and cooed with surprise when it happened.

  She was sitting beside Rosalie when Nessie picked up a little white object from her lap. At first, Renesmee smiled as she flipped it around in her hand and unsuccessfully tried to crush it.

  Then, as she moved her tongue along her, teeth, fear welled up in her eyes as she realized she held one of her teeth.

  She gasped as her eyes watered up. “No!” she said as she stared at it in horror.

  “Oh!” Rosalie said as Renesmee struggled with the idea of one of her teeth missing.

  She looked up to me. “Mommy- I lost my tooth!” she cried. I smiled and went over to hug her. I heard Alice excitedly bouncing up and down by the kitchen.

  “It’s alright honey. That’s normal.” I smiled, trying to comfort her.

  “Do you lose teeth?” she asked worriedly.

  “I used to, but not anymore.” I said. Esme looked to Renesmee in awe, as she held Carlisle’s hand. I had always felt terrible for her, knowing how much she loved and wanted children.

  “But how do I put it back in?” she asked, her eyes wide.

  “It grows back.” I smiled.

  “Here.” Alice smiled, holding out her hands. I handed Renesmee to Alice, though she held her hands toward me, wanting to stay in my arms.

  “You want to hear a story about the tooth fairy?” Alice asked her as she sat down beside Rosalie. Rosalie smiled at Renesmee, looking at her with such love.

  I went to Edward and watched Alice told Nessie about the tooth fairy. He laced his arms around me, and I smiled in comfort. I was the happiest person in the world.

  “What’s that?” Nessie asked, her eyes even wider. I heard a few small laughs and chuckles. Emmett, sitting on the opposite side of Rosalie, actually didn’t look like he was about to crack a joke for once. He looked happy and peaceful as he watched Renesmee. I didn’t understand the affect Nessie had on everyone, but it always worked like a charm.

  “When you lose a tooth, you put it under your pillow before you go to sleep. And when you wake up in the morning, it’s gone.”

  Nessie gasped. “But I don’t want it to go!” she said, looking up to Alice for an explanation.

  “Yes, but the tooth fairy needs it. But here’s the fun part. The tooth fairy leaves you a gift under your pillow in place of your tooth.” She smiled

  Nessie smiled too. “A gift?’ she asked, suddenly excited, despite the fact that there was a gap in her teeth that frightened her.

  “Yes. A gift.” Alice answered. “But you have to put your tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy, or she won’t bring you a gift.”

  Renesmee jumped up suddenly, making Rosalie giggle. “What if the tooth fairy forgets me?” she asked, worriedly. I grinned further, adored. I realized Edward was watching me. I turned to see him smiling. He looked to me with such happiness and love, he meant so much to me.

  I closed my eyes and leaned my head on his shoulder for a single moment, thinking nothing other than how much I loved the man, or vampire, that I held in my arms.

  Motioning back to Nessie, I lifted my head once again, and lightly kissed his lips. I leaned the side of my head back on his shoulder as I continued to watch our daughter.

  “She will not forget the most beautiful child in the world!” Alice said, tickling her. Renesmee laughed, happy again.

  “Okay.” She hugged Alice. “I’m going now!” she shouted happily and tightened her grip on the tooth, careful not to lose it.

  “Aunt Alice?’ she asked.

  “Yes?” she smiled.

  “What does the fairy look like?” she asked. Suddenly, she jumped back onto the couch, this time on Rosalie’s lap.

  Alice looked to Rosalie, as if to ask if she wanted to tell the rest. Rosalie looked pleased and looked down to Nessie.

  “She’s a very beautiful girl.” Rosalie said, flipping her hair behind her. “She has long blonde hair like mine, but it’s curly like your.” She smiled.

  “”Does she shine like us?” Nessie asked.

  “Yes” Rosalie said. “She can fly too.”

  “She can?” she asked excitedly.

  “Yes. She has to, so she can get to all the teeth every night. And you know what else?” Rose asked.

  “What?’ Renesmee asked, I saw a glint of wonder in her eyes. She was clearly excited to go back to sleep again, so she could get her gift.

  “She will only take your tooth if you’re asleep.” Rosalie said, searching her eyes to see her reaction.

  Nessie frowned, seeming suddenly gloom. She looked to Alice, and then back to Rose. “But how do I see her?” she asked, looking confused.

  “You don’t.” Rosalie said. “If you don’t fall asleep, she won’t bring you a gift.”

  “But I wanna see her!” Nessie said., sad now.

  “You will, when you’re older.” Rosalie said. This was one of Renesmee’s most hated lines.

  Suddenly, I heard Jacob’s car pulling up in the driveway. Rosalie suddenly sported a disgusted face as we heard Jacob approach the door.

  Without knocking, he let himself in. For a house full of vampires, Jacob seemed to have no fear.

  At the sight of Jacob, Nessie pulled away from Rose and walked over to Jacob. Jacob smiled as he saw her, as he always did. Rosalie groaned, angry that Jacob had stolen her thunder. Jacob entirely ignored Rose and looked at Renesmee.

  “I lost my tooth!” Renesmee smiled, proudly holding out the tooth for him to see.

  Jacob took it, observed it, and then handed it back to her. ‘Wow! And at only five months. That’s unbelievable.” He said, looking at Nessie. A warming smile spread across his face as he watched her carry the tooth back to Rosalie. I loved seeing that smile on Jacob.



That night, Renesmee placed the tooth under her pillow, just as Alice’s legend required. She excitedly wrapped it in a small cloth incase it got dirty, than put it under her pillow. From our room, Edward and I could hear her tossing all night. It was almost ten o’clock, when I got up.

  “I’m going to check on her.” I grinned to Edward. He chuckled, smiling as well. Renesmee was far too excited to sleep.

  “I’ll be here.” He whispered.

   I continued to Nessie’s room and sat on the bed beside her. She tiredly held her hand out and put it on my leg.

  “Mommy, when’s the fairy coming?” she asked.

  “Remember what Aunt Rosie said? She won’t come if you’re awake.” I reminded her.

  “But I want to see her!” Nessie frowned, her eyes slightly teary. From my room, I heard Edward lightly chuckle. I knew exactly what it meant.

  He was amused because Renesmee had inherited my stubbornness. I would have to get him back for that.

  After rolling my eyes, I hugged Renesmee and smiled to her. “You will get to see her some day. I promise.” I whispered to her.

  “Okay.” She said quietly and closed her eyes. I crawled in the sheets beside her and hummed Edward’s lullaby quietly, like Edward used to do. After about twenty minutes, I heard a few light snores, and quietly crawled out of her bed.

  Immediately, I heard swift footsteps in the forest, and I knew it was Alice.

  She let herself in the cottage, and came straight to Nessie’s room. She quietly jumped up and down, her spiky hair waving with her.

  “Ready?’ she asked me. I smiled and held my hand toward where Renesmee was sleeping.

  “Wake her up, and you lose.” I smiled. She giggled and made her way to her pillow. Swiftly and patiently, she slipped her thin fingers under the pillow and pulled out the small cloth wrapped tooth.

  Instantly, she replaced it with the small purple dress Alice had picked out for her. Following her, I put under Nessie’s pillow a necklace that Edward and I had picked out after Jacob arrived earlier that day.

  Renesmee had really seemed to enjoy the last necklace I had given her. She wore it and played with it constantly, so I had decided to get her another one.

  I knew she would love these detailed gifts. If she asked, I would just tell her that the tooth fairy got her things that she thought Nessie would like.

  I found that just like Alice, I was extremely excited through out this adventure. I was even more excited to see Nessie’s face in the morning. She would be so happy.

  Carefully not to crush it, Alice handed me the tooth. I went back into my room, and placed it in a small jar I had hidden in my closet.

  It was silly, but I couldn’t seem to get rid of it. Renesmee’s first tooth meant a lot to me. As I closed the jar and placed it back in it’s hiding spot, I felt arms rap around me.

  I smiled and stood up instantly. Happily, I kissed Edward and looked at his golden eyes through the dark.

  “You’re an amazing mother.” He whispered to me.

  I still always slightly caught me off guard to think of myself as a mother. It always confused me further to think of Edward as a father. It was funny to me, but in a good way.

  We walked back to the main room, to see Alice waiting. She gave me a ‘thumbs up’. “Everything is great! I can’t wait for you guys to see her reaction.” She smiled and left, quickly through the forest. I was glad Alice was happy for us, but I still couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous.

  I turned around to Edward. “Wait- you’ve already seen her reaction through Alice’s head. That’s not fair.” I grinned, waiting for him to respond.

  He smiled, his hand on my waist. “Actually, I’ve yet to see her reaction. Alice kept it hidden from me.” He scoffed playfully, as if Alice had annoyed him.

  I giggled, satisfied that he couldn’t see what Alice had seen. Slowly, I leaned in and kissed him. He kissed me back, his hands moving from my waist to my neck.

  “You know,” I said, taking a small break from his soft lips. “You’re a good father.” I said, repeating what he had said to me earlier.

  He laughed, his lips lingering near mine. “And with the best child in the world. Isn’t that perfect?” he asked.

   I kissed him again before responding. “Yes. Everything is perfect.” I smiled. 

  We had the perfect little girl, and she had many more teeth to lose, which meant many more gifts to give. I couldn’t help but feel excited for every tooth that followed.

  It seemed that everyday came with something else to make life more perfect. Even if it was something as small as a little tooth.


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aww bless, this is so sweet. Renesmee was so adorable when she lost her tooth :) made me giggle. Alice is always her bouncy, annoying self no matter what the family occasion


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