The Twilight Saga

When to use it. When not to. Rules about it.

You may use the Report an Issue feature for any issue you have that is site related. Be sure to check the topics in Tips and Tricks and Tech Support first though. You may find the answer you need more quickly. When reporting an issue, be sure to give details. Blank reports or reports that simply say "make it stop" will be ignored. Admin can only look into an issue if you give us details and/or a direct link to the actual problem.

The Report an Issue feature is not meant for anything that is non-site related. Reports of a typo in one of the books or missing pages will not be addressed through this feature. Asking for the author's email address will also be ignore. Asking why you are banned from the site will be ignored as well. When the moderators issue a ban, an email explaining that ban will be sent to the email address you provided us with when joining the site.

Please remember while using this feature it also falls under the umbrella of the guidelines. Sending one Report an Issue after the other will be considered spamming and will result in a warn or ban against your account. The same is true if the content contains vulgarity, harassment or anything else that does not comply with our Terms of Service.

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