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Ok, So the other day this idea popped in my head and i really wanted to write soo here i am writing it!


Summary~ When Bella was in middle and high school she got made fun of because her weight and bad acne. When she got to high school she vowed that she would get revenge. She made a list of all the people that made fun of her. When she got done with college became a Model she went to train to learn how to fight and work a gun. She then meets Edward her personal trainer to keep her in shape and falls in love with him. Will Edward stand in her way of getting revenge? Or most importanly will he find out what she's up too?





"Fatty,Fatty acne eater." They sang to me as i walked my locker to get my books out for my last class. "Here come 4 eye's." One of them said. I knew they were talking about my Best Friend Angela Weber. "Hey Bella are you ready for our last class? Thank god." She asked me. "Not really." I asked closing my locker. This was the one class i had with my crush. Everytime i saw him I turned bright red and everybody teased me. "Only 2 more years till we graduate." She sang. "Yeah and 2 more years of getting made fun of." I said and sat down next to my lab partner aka crush. I opened my notebook up and turned to a clean page. All of a sudden i started to write:



                                                             HIT LIST                                                                     

                                                          Mike Newton                                                                 

                                                          Jessica Stanley                                                             

                                                           Amber Rose                                                                  

                                                          Tyler Crowley                                                                

                                                          Gianna Blake                                                                

                                                          Football team                                                                

                                                         Cheerleading team                                                        

                                                            Jacob Black                                                                 



I realize what i was writing; a hit list. It was a good idea. I would graduate,Lose weight,Get rid of my acne, train and get revenge. I reread the list. Wait Jacob Black i couldnt have him on there he was my crush he didnt do anything to me just made me blush. Jacob Black.  I crossed him off. Starting after i graduate i would change and get revenge.


I hope you guys liked the summary and the preface and will read the story, Please read and comment and tell me what you think of this idea!


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yay she's goigntop meet edward yay
its good post soon
love it!!its fab!!update soon
i like the story, plz keep me updated =)
omg please post more i loved alice and her shopping lol :) :D :) :D
awesome! a must post!
WOW amazing
ps first comment :D
I'm sorry, my bad. That wasn't finshed. So i guess you got a little glimpse of it. lol It'll be up in a little bit.


Tell me if you like the chapter in a comment!! Oh and sorry if things are spelled wrong it's really early!

*2 years later college is over for her!*

Thank goodness i was out of college. Not that i didnt like it i was just happy to be out and start my career, find love, start a family and get my revenge. It was time for me to go training. Ever since that day Necole took me to get my frist kiss we stopped talking. I had got a new trainer that was a guy because all the other female trainers were intimidated by me. I wasn't suprise when Joey my trainer wasn't there yet, he has been having some problems with his family. I just waited and did some warm ups. 5 mins later he walked in.

"Sorry im late." He looked like he was about to cry.

"Is everything alright Joey?" I asked getting up walking towards him.

"My grandmother just died not to long ago." He said holding back tears.

"Im sorry to hear that. You didnt have to come today. If you need some time off i don't mind." I said.

"Thank you so much Bella, I'll find you someone to train you, I'll call you and let you know." He said.

"I'm gonna go try to get a ticket to chicago today."

"That's fine take as much time as you need."

As we walked out of the building he promise to call me and let me know if to come in tomorrow. Well i woke up early for nothing. I got in my car. I thought. Hmm maybe i can go check out that shooting range i been meaning to do. When i got there there wasnt many cars there just a few.

"What can i do for you young lady?" An older man asked when i walked inside.

"I want to shoot some guns." Not knowing what to say.

"(Laugh) You, shoot some guns? (Laugh)" I was getting mad. How dare he think that i couldn't shoot some guns.

"Sorry little girl thats only for men, now run alone." He said still laughing to him self.

He was asking for it. As i calmed my tember down i smirked to myself. "Your right,Im sorry." I said smiling walking towards the door. "I'll see ya soon!" I called over my shoulder. That a$$hole i should have killed him right there! But he's time will come i smirked to myself again. I had no idea what i was going to do today since i didnt have training. My phone started ringing. It was my mom.

(Bella's Mom)

"Hey mom!"
"Hey Baby, did i call at the wrong time?"
"No, Im just out wondering what im going to do today."
"Oh why dont you go out so you can meet some nice boy."
"Mom, you were calling because?"
"(Sigh) Bella you have to find someone"
"Mom! Im gonna hang up!"
"Oh fine, Well i got an offer in Paris to design clothes with the famous designer!"
"Omg mom! thats great!! Are you gonna take it?"
"Of course i am! This is like an once and a life time! I leave tomorrow!"
"Thats wonderful mom congrats! wait mom someone ons the other line!"
"Well i'll just talk to later i have to pack."
"Alright,bye!" I clicked over

"Hey Joey!"
"Hey Bella! I was calling to let you know that i found you a new trainer,so you can go in."
"Ok thanks."
"Yeah well i gotta go so see ya soon!"
"Bye!" He hung up

That was an good 1-2 min converstion. I ended back at my appartment. I guess i would just go back to sleep and stay home. And thats what i did.

*Next day!*

I woke up hoping i didnt wake up for nothing today like yesterday. I took my 15min shower, Got dressed, Put my hair in a ponytail, Brushed my teeth, And had a quick breakfast and headed out. I arrived 10 mins late. i tried not to stress that the trainer wasnt there yet. So i pulled my IPhone out and started to play tap tap revenge 3. Oh i loved this game so much!I was so into the game i didnt hear anyone walk in.

"Sorry i'm late, traiffe." The voice called behind be. I turned around seeing an gourgouse green eyed boy. He was so unbeliveable handsome. Looking at him made me think of the blonde i had saw 2 years ago. I was speechless. As i stared in his eyes i seached for words to say. I had nothing.

"I'm Edward and you must be Isabella." He reached his hand out.

I reached out and shook his hand not taking my eyes away from his.

"Just Bella,nice to meet you Edward." I said pulling my tinggling hand back from him.

"Shall we start?" He asked. I just shook my head like an idiot.

We started with some simple stuff. Everytime he touched me it felt like shocks. I was bright red the whole seccion. As i gather my things up Edward stopped me.

"I was wondering if you would like to go out tonight, like a date." He asked.

"A date? I dont know." I said. He looked embrassed.

"Im just kidding! I would love to go on a date with you!" I said.

"Ok good, How about i pick you up at 8?" He looked relieved.

"8 sounds good." I smiled. Before i left i gave him my address and phone number.

I couldn't believe i had a date! First off i had to call kate! And have her help me find a dress.

"Kate me at my appartment asap!"

I drove home as fast as i could.

"Ok spill!" Kate damanded.

"Well i just came from training when this guy which happend to be my tempary trainer asked me to dinner to night!" I said excitedly opening the door to my apartment.

"Ahhhh! Bella that's great! Is he hot? Does he have a brother?" She asked.

"Haha, he's like breath taking, and i dont know, i just met him. We didn't really talk." I answered.

"Well make sure to let me know." She purred. I laughed. "Sure"

"Ok so what do you think he would like?" She asked looking through my huge closet.

"I think he would like anything, he did ask me out to dinner while i was wear my workout clothes." I reminded her.

"Your right, So what about this?" She took an purple strapless dress, knee lengh. ( ) "That's perfect!!! I can't wait."

*Later that night!*

"Ok, i want you to call me right after and give me every single detail!" Kate informed me as she walked out the door.

"I will, if i remember."

"Trust me you'll remember." She smirked probably remembering last time i forgot to tell her about one of me date many years ago.

"Bye Kate." I through a pillow at the door.

"Byeee." She sang as she closed the door.

She could be crazy at sometimes but that's why i loved her. As i watered my flowers there was an knock at the door.

I double checked myself in the mirrow by the door. I opened the door with Edward there standing looking well... amazing, breath taking like i said before.

"You look beautiful." He said.

"Thanks." I blushed

"So shall we?" He asked. I smiled.

He held the door open for me. He was such a gentleman. "So where are we going?" I asked when we were down the street.

"I don't know if you heard of it before but it's called franchecas." He answered.

"Oh my god i love the restaurant!" I praticly yelled.

He laughed. " Ok good, you heard of it."

"Yeah i love that restaurant! Ever since i moved to New York 4 years ago." I answered.

"You moved here? Where were you before?" He asked looking at me.

"I lived in Jacksonville Florida, I moved here to go to college." I told him.

"What you'd go to college for?" He asked another question

"Honstly i don't know, i didnt want to go to college, I just did it to get away from that horrible place i call home." I answered a little angry.

The rest of the ride was silent. Once again he opened the door for me and escorted me into the restaurant.

"I'll take you to your table." The hostess said.

"So Bella whats your favorite color?" He started with the questions again once we were seated.

"Green." I answered sipping some of my water. "And not because it's the color of your eye's." I quickly added.

He laughed.

"What's your favorite color then?" I asked him sitting my cup down.

"Brown. And not because it's the color of your eye's, It's a warm color." He smiled. Oh course i blushed.

Dinner went really well. We laughed and found out we had a lot in common and we talked a lot about me. He walked me up to my door.

"What's your story?" I asked him wondering, curious since we only talked about me and very little him. I didn't even know his last name.

"I'm just the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cullen , Out wondering the world, trying to find a nice girl who won't try to play me for my money." He looked me in the eye's.

"Maybe you found her." I leaned in. Next thing he was pulling me closer to him, i was up against my door. Finally we had to break the kiss to catch out breaths.

"I'll see you later." He pecked me one lasted time and walked to his car. I unlocked the door and walked inside. This was the best date ever! There was something about that kiss that i couldn't just put my hand on but it was amazing.

Ok finally i updated right? And yeah i know that phone part wasnt really great. But i have a question for you guys ok? What was your favorite part of this chapter? Tell me in a comment below!</</u>b>
more please i looove this fanfic edward that guy she kissed in the bigging of the story? just wondering.
loved it tho!!!!
I loved this chapter.My favorite part was when Edward told her his story.I also loved it when he kissed her,of course.I can't wait for the next chapter!


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