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Ok, So the other day this idea popped in my head and i really wanted to write soo here i am writing it!


Summary~ When Bella was in middle and high school she got made fun of because her weight and bad acne. When she got to high school she vowed that she would get revenge. She made a list of all the people that made fun of her. When she got done with college became a Model she went to train to learn how to fight and work a gun. She then meets Edward her personal trainer to keep her in shape and falls in love with him. Will Edward stand in her way of getting revenge? Or most importanly will he find out what she's up too?





"Fatty,Fatty acne eater." They sang to me as i walked my locker to get my books out for my last class. "Here come 4 eye's." One of them said. I knew they were talking about my Best Friend Angela Weber. "Hey Bella are you ready for our last class? Thank god." She asked me. "Not really." I asked closing my locker. This was the one class i had with my crush. Everytime i saw him I turned bright red and everybody teased me. "Only 2 more years till we graduate." She sang. "Yeah and 2 more years of getting made fun of." I said and sat down next to my lab partner aka crush. I opened my notebook up and turned to a clean page. All of a sudden i started to write:



                                                             HIT LIST                                                                     

                                                          Mike Newton                                                                 

                                                          Jessica Stanley                                                             

                                                           Amber Rose                                                                  

                                                          Tyler Crowley                                                                

                                                          Gianna Blake                                                                

                                                          Football team                                                                

                                                         Cheerleading team                                                        

                                                            Jacob Black                                                                 



I realize what i was writing; a hit list. It was a good idea. I would graduate,Lose weight,Get rid of my acne, train and get revenge. I reread the list. Wait Jacob Black i couldnt have him on there he was my crush he didnt do anything to me just made me blush. Jacob Black.  I crossed him off. Starting after i graduate i would change and get revenge.


I hope you guys liked the summary and the preface and will read the story, Please read and comment and tell me what you think of this idea!


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What the hay???????? Ultimate cliff hanger!! Boo you!
you have to go on this is really good now GO............... please
love it
more more mroe more or i'll find you anad kill you more now
post more soon!!
post woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AHH!!! I better write then!!! I don't wanna die!
omg plz post more NOW! Plz =D
write more soon

Ch.12 WARNING Spelling Errors!!!

I finshed packing and was out the door on my way to the airport. After 20 mins of crying i had finally talked myself into leaving. I know i shouldn't be mad because of some little artical in the paper, And i couldn't blame Edward for not wanting to bring up something horrible in his past. I felt like breaking now and crawing into a hole. I was turning into my old self. I was running away from my problems. I didn't care, As long as i was pretty and no one made fun of me.

The airport was fill with couples and children running around to remind me that i was loser. I had 10 mins to spare before i could board the plane. So i called Angela to tell her i was coming a week early.

"Hello?" She picked up.

"Hey Angela, It's me Bella."

"Oh heyy!! Bella how are you? Your not calling to tell me your not coming next week are you? She asked.

"I'm alright. Well sorta, I'm not coming next week I'm-" She cut me off.

"What? Why? I was looking forward to it." She said almost crying.

"Let me finish. I'm not coming next week, Because i'm coming this week. I'm at the airport right now!" I said in excitement.

"Oh my god Bella! I was about to cry!" She said. "We have to hang out! Call me when you land!"

"Ok i will, I gotta go now bye!" I said.


After talking to Angela i felt a lot better. This trip could be good for me.

***********************************************************In Jacksonville*****************************************************************
When i arrived in jacksonville i was so tired. I called a cab to come pick me up and take me home. By that time it had started pouring down rain. Riding through Jacksonville brough back a lot of bad memories. "Thanks." I said handing the driver some money and grabbing my bags when he pulled up to my house. By the time i was up the stairs i was soaked!
I pounded on the door. It was freezing!! A few seconds later my dad opened the door.

"My i help you?" He asked looking me up and down. Of course he wouldn't notice me. He hadn't seen me since i left for college.

"It's me dad, Bella, Bella Swan your daughter." I smiled.

"Bella? Is that really you? You look like a totally different person!" He said eye's bluging out.

"Yes dad! Now can i come in? Its sorta cold out here!"

"Oh yes!" He said moving out the way.

I walked inside the house, it look exactly the same and was warm.

"I thought you were coming next week. Your mom already got her ticket for next week." My dad said.

"I know. I decide to come a week early and stay an extra week." I said. " Can we talk later? I wanna change." I said.

"Sure, take your time."

I grabbed my bags and headed upstairs. My room was the same as i left it, Like i left to only get some water. First thing first was to get out of these wet clothes. I could just married the person who ever invented the shower!! After changed into some fresh clothes it was time to face my fears. I dailed Edwards number and hoped it when stright to vocie mail. Instead he picked up on the Second ring.

"Bella! Where are you!!?" He yelled. You could tell he was angry and worried at the same time.

"Calm down Edward! I'm in Jacksonville. I needed some time to think about this." I said.

"Think about what Bella!!? That picture in the paper!? That was nothing." He yelled again.

"I know thats nothing, just imagin what they'll do when were out in public together." I said. "I don't know if im ready for this yet Edward." I whispered.

"Bella I'm coming to Jaksonville so we can talk about this in person." He said.

"NO!! Please don't!! Just please give me some time to think and i'll come back, Just please don't come." I begged.

"I'll try, But Bella i miss you." He said.

"I miss you too, Bye"

"Bye." I hung up. I was not about to cry. I made my way back down stairs. My dad was in the kitchen fixing some food.
When he saw me he smiled.

"I though you might be hungry." He said. When i though about it i hadnt ate all day.

"Very!" I said sitting down.

That night i just sat with my dad talking and laughing.

Ok that's the rest of the chapter. Soo.... Comment and tell me what you think or give me some IDEA'S!!
love it
edward needs to go to bella and tell her everything
cant wait for the next chapter
please post more soon
pretty nice! but is Edward going for her?


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