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Some of you know about my Robert Pattinson Dailies on my Fan Fiction Born To Be Wild. Since it's getting cluttered I've decided to move everything over to this thread! This thread will contain lots and lots of goodies for you- and I hope you enjoy the idea. Feel free to leave comments!

This thread will contain:

- Robert Pattinson Daily [RPD]
- Save Me Updates
- The Rumor Patrol [TRP]
- The News Room [TNR]
- And More!


RPD- A daily picture of RPattz- and a little bit of my hilarious rambling. I then leave the floor open to you for discussion.

TRP- When a rumor arises, look to me for it to be debunked. I'll be blunt, I'll be funny - but more importantly I'll be truthful.

TNR- Want Twi-news? Well you got it! When important news hits, you'll hear it first, or maybe second :)

Movie stills, graphics, offical photos- you name it! Whatever I find, I'll share. You know I will :)



Freaking gorgeous, even smoking a butt. This was from his spread in GQ magazine- one of my favorites. GOD, I wanna' keep him. Hopefully he'll pop up in my dream tonight. Who knows, maybe we will get baked- like I did with Kellan! Haha, or he could just serenade me with his music, I'm down for anything :)


Ok, so that was the very first RPD. I'll be posting all the previous ones, plus new ones!

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BTW, I read The Best Man and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I didn't see that twist coming, but I would say that, that's what makes the story great.

IDK. That may not make any sense, I think I may be in a daze from all the Robsten snuggles and lip locking. Lol. Yeah, definitely am.
Call me inconsistent, but as much as I love Jasper/Jackson, I prefer to read BxE...

Plus, K, I'm all in a tizzy too!
jumping up and down like a school girl. She's SOOOO into that kiss!!
well Riya, it is a E&B story. i am like you , i just read those. this story is where both Bella and Jasper are good friends
Lol Jamie, I think it's safe to say that, we're all into that kiss.


Can I just say that, although I think Paparazzi pictures shouldn't be enjoyed, and are a complete invasion of privacy, I kindasorta want to kiss the pap that snapped this shot? I mean, now that StewyPattz (I'm trying it on for size, even though I'm partial to Robsten) has been confirmed, I can like shove that picture in their face and laugh. Rude? Maybe so, but I've been posting about R&K for almost a year, here at the RPD, and people still flood MY inbox saying I'm WRONG, and don't know what I'm talking about.

Look again suckers, there is your proof. So I DO know what I'm talking about!

*buffs fingernails on tshirt*

So, Hah!
I'm all for trying new things, but reading a Bx? fic I won't do. I can't even stand when Bella is with another character in the beginning of an ExB fic.

So, I would NEVER rec a non cannon fiction. That said, The Best Man by Bratty Vamp is not a BxJ fiction. Jas is just her BFF. So, all is clear for you to read Riya. Hakuna Matata :)
Oh, and by 'their faces', I don't mean R and K! That's absurd. I've been a team Robsten cheerleader from the gdt go. ANYWAY, I meant all of the Robsten haters, nay-sayers, and disbelievers that like to plague my inbow with hate mail, interviews, and articles 'proving' how and why I'm wrong about StewyPattz's relationship.

So I thank you, haters, for allowing me the pleasure of being right, and I'm gracious enough not to send a mass message about my win.

But a little boasting, here, at the RPD, shall suffice.

Haha, Kristin, by the way that rant has burst out of two seperate posts I can tell its been buliding for a while? *snickers in unision with you*

I shall go find The Best Man now! I am so glad you're all with me on the whole Bx? a no go thing. I once read this nice fic where Bella ends up with Jasper and Edward with KATE and Alice with Jacob. After finishing that particular angst ride (I'm all for angst, otherwise) I couldn't bear anymore non-cannon fan fiction. Its like major avoid when I see backslash stuff... *shakes head*

ANYWAY, ROBSTEN. KISS. I still can't get over it, ya know? And I'm with you, I hated the fact that Rob and Kristen will hate that this got out. But the pap who got this? He broke about a few million women's hearts and made the other few million jump and dance for these two! :)
Yeah, that beautiful rant was a long time comin'. I find it hilarious that those people won't post their opinions here, but have the gull to curse at me in a message. I have a mouth like a GD trucker, and I'm not easily offended. So I get my laughs while I read.

Tis a win-win situation. They can blame someone for Rob not choosing them, and frankly I'm absolutely FLATTERED that they take time out of their day to yell at me.

Flattery gets you anywhere with moi. Insert winky face. Lol.

Plus, the haters know they would recieve backlash here if they posted negative things here.

I'm ranting again.
While the kiss pictures were not on E! News tonight, they were on The Daily 10.

Sources say Robsten was caught necking, or should I say snogging, just for Rob? Anyway- they were snapped kissing in Montreal where KStew is filming On the Road, just before entering... a house party.

*twirls villian mustache and speaks in a Transylvanian accent*

Beddy intarestink. Beddy intarestink en deed.
Riya, you got it right when you said, half of the women were broken hearted, while the rest were cheering.

I will admit I had a flare of irrational jealousy, but I think every female Rob fan felt the same way. We all hold out this impossibly ridiculous notion that if Rob, or any actor, is single - they could choose us. We hope for it, but we know it's highly unlikely. But hey, I've seen the impossible happen. So?

But in reality, most of us cheer for R & K because of the fantasy. They are to great, kind hearted people in a relationship. When the Saga ends, we'll still have a little piece of Bella and Edward, as a couple, in Rob and Kristen.
And in contest to that last statement above, think about this -

Are Edward and Bella really that different from Robsten?

Nah. ExB faced challenges - bloodlust, death, broken hearts, etc. While Robsten doesn't have an 'immortality' issue - they have their trials and tribulations. Press, lack of privacy, the Hollywood curse.

So, they really aren't so different. And they both had to face them publicly, although in different ways.

Just food for thought.


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