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I thought that it would be nice to have a place to post anything relating to Robert Pattinson without worry of crossing the boundaries of the discussion.  Feel free to add anything that you think might be of interest to other fans.

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Cronenberg sounds very pleased with his choice of our leading man.

I can't wait to see this see the depths that Rob goes to.

This movie sounds so strange.  The plot line to quote Cronenberg "It's the story of a young billionaire played by Rob Pattinson who travels across Manhattan to get a haircut." doesn't sound like enough to make a movie.  As a result they have me completely intrigued!

Did anyone mention the Akira thing yet?

If not, RPattz is apparently in talks to play the character of Tetsuo, in a live-action, Americanized remake of the classic anime movie Akira.

I could go into a rant about how Americanizing an anime movie is a bad idea (because it is, especially when they're keeping the names of the characters but still casting white people in the role), but I won't.

All I'm going to say is, this is what happens to Tetsuo in the original movie:

Yeah. Should this abomination of a movie actually happen, I expect all the RPattz fangirls leaving the movie in various stages of horror and distress after seeing this. 





Thanks, Irene, for loads of things.

The more you read these reports of rumors, the more you realize the improbability of it all. Thanks, Irene. ;)

Pei - I think that there is a very real possibility that Kristen may be attached to Akira.  Garrett Hedlund and Gary Oldman are signed to parts and IMdb is listing Kristen and Helena Bonham Carter as "rumored" at the moment.  The two pictures have a $300 million dollar budget and the first isn't expected to release until 2013.  With Leonardi DiCaprio as the producer these movies are expected to be pretty huge.   

Thanks, Caramella. ;)
After watching the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer over and over again, yes, I can visualize her in this one.

Thanks, Irene. ;)

I have seen Little Ashes. Very disturbing yet beautiful and saddening.

I agree Pei

It was disturbing, but a great role for him to take on so early. "How to be" was another one where he had a very quirky side to his character, and he played it well.

judging from his interviews, I can't wait to see BD II, because the way he discribes his character, is a departure from how he played "Edward in control" It's now "Edward on an emotional rollercoaster" or something of the sort.

'Breaking Dawn' Seizures: 'Twilight' Movies Inducing Illness, Say Reports

Breaking Dawn


The number one movie in America is allegedly giving some viewers seizures.

"Breaking Dawn, Part 1," the first part of the "Twilight Saga" finale, contains a graphic birthing scene involving star Kristen Stewart and the violent delivery of her child. ABC reports that the flashing of colors and bright lights have caused multiple viewers to suffer from photosensitive epilepsy, including a Salt Lake City man who was, "mumbling and he was blinking on and off with his eyes," his wife told the news network.

During the build-up to "Breaking Dawn," Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and director Bill Condon promised that the birthing scene would be as graphic and dramatic as possible.

"I think within the confines of a PG-13 rating, I think we've got something that's pretty powerful," Condon told Box Office Magazine, saying the scene was like one out of a horror film. "And in terms of the birth, it was, 'Let's do it from Bella's point of view. Let's see whatever she can see.' Once you decide on an approach like that, it's amazing how powerful you can be without being overly explicit."

This is not the first film to allegedly cause seizures; in 2009, James Cameron's digital extravaganza, "Avatar," also reportedly caused some viewers to break into convulsions.

"Breaking Dawn, Part 1," made $138 million domestically last weekend and is estimated to win the Thanksgiving weekend box office as well.

interesting.   somehow, i think that there is at least the possibility that the woman's husband told his wife about the seizure because he didn't want to go and so in effect he was telling her that he made the ultimate sacrifice for her by accompanying her to the movie.  hahaha!


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