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I thought that it would be nice to have a place to post anything relating to Robert Pattinson without worry of crossing the boundaries of the discussion.  Feel free to add anything that you think might be of interest to other fans.

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Hi, Smitha and Caramella...

Finally,someone else is in congruence with me regarding Rob's RAPID age progression since TWILIGHT. I thought it was just "ME"....I'm a makeup Artist by trade, so..i'm very detail orientated...maybe too much. (ha). However, I see beauty with every flaw....flaws to me are natural...and I hate overly contrived.(PlastIc boobs, botox..ect.). HOWEVER.....

Rob is not looking my opinion...something is off in his parlor...RIGHT? I think he's an amazing actor and very good at concealing his inner turmoil. He's always smiling and jovial with his fans/press.

 Caramella, I'm with you...his shaved head is just unflattering on him...He's a gorgeous man...and to me he's sending out a non-verbal message. I'm hearing it loud and clear...that fame is eating him inside out.... Pattinson's tired of being a specimen in a petrie dish.  He's  not being lazy and complacent...I don't think that is the true reason for his deteriorating looks. I really started to see age progression in Rob starting in Eclipse...and then it advanced to the level it is now. I really thought by the end of the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie...he looked soooo "Old,". and tired????? I did a post on the Breaking Dawn makeup artistry done by CGI ( replies...yet )...because, I thought he really looked like an entirely different person since Twilight. If Rob Looked like he did when he made Breaking Dawn when Twilight was made...his "hotness factor" would not have been as eminient. The CGi makeup on him was aging and anemic looking, dimentionless and with no structural definition in his eyes, face and gorgeous jawline. His hair/makeup only looked somewhat decent in the opening scenes in Bella's bedroom and the honeymoon night...that's it.

Edward/Rob's fantastic looks were Lost in Breaking Dawn...I have no idea if it was the horrible CGI applied Makeup/lack of Edward "Hair" or Rob not looking like Rob, lately...

Just some thoughts...ladies...maybe you won't agree, but wanted to get some opinions on it. If you do agree,,,check out my post "if  you like/dislike the vampire CGI makeup in Breaking Dawn?"...

Thanks for your comments...





Hello Danette (DMK) - I agree with much of what you said.  The only reason that I used the "lazy" word was because through the years we've seen how Rob would be seen with rumpled clothing and uncombed hair.  There had even been rumors at one point about how he didn't wash his hair.  Remember those remarks?  So to see him now my initial reaction was that he's taken it one step further.  However, after reading the above I agree with you that he may be making a statement regarding his being constantly on display.  It may be a little bit of both. 

I also agree that he doesn't look particularly healthy and I fear that his drinking and smoking may be catching up with him.  He is indeed looking old and very tired. 

I agree with your assessment and will check out your discussion. - Caramella

Hey, Caramella...

I know what you meant by his "implied Laziness".... and  I do recall  in the past all the controversy regarding his "Greasy homeless hair and lack of hygiene".....and I think he projects his frustrations inside himself outwardly. The greasy hair was an "odd" twist in his persona at that time...and I know this is not the first time he buzzed his gorgeous mane off detracting from his looks. This time...My intuition is telling me something is going on underneath his happy, giggly surface.

 He'll be beautiful no matter what length his hair is...but, I feel this is some weird twisted "game" in his mind to gain "control" of his image and how he's so valued by society for his "looks." 

I think Pattinson has a hard time with all the superficiality the comes along with being a actor..and is far to "cerebral" to assimilate within that aspect of the "Fame" culture.

I think he has a great "head on his Shoulders" for his age...however, I think  fame is taking a toll on his body and spirit. I think his face looks haggered for man of only 25 years old...and his youthful looks are being stolen away at a rapid pace. I think he's thick skinned but is tired of the "labels" and lack of credibility for his amazing acting skills. I think it hurts when Critics constantly peck at his acting abilities...and claim his only redeeming skill he has... is a "pretty Face".

I think he puts his heart and soul in all his acting roles...and is a highly underrated actor. I think he's very grateful for what Twilight has done for his career...but has also limited or stereotyped his acting range. HE HAS NOTHING TO PROVE to his fanbase...but, I see he's under the critical microscope undermining every artistic project he endeavors. 

 I think this final shaved hair-look...was the final flip-off to all those critics undermining his acting abilities and focusing on "twilight" in every espect of his "identity." I hope to God he's not abusing alcohol...but, maybe that's why his face/body looks disorted and bloated....and the cancer sticks are not a healthy coping mechanism for his stress level...either. Alcohol and cigarettes are a toxic cocktail..and never ends with a positive outcome....They'll win everytime...he's alluding himself if he thinks these bad habits won't catch up to him...and they're ill-effects are irreversable physically and emotionally.

Thanks for your reply back...Caramella...

Love, DMK

Hello again Danette -

It must be difficult to be the focus of all the adulation that Rob has felt since the beginning of Twilight.  The next two movies Bel Ami and Cosmopolis are a clear indication of how far away from the role of Edward he veered.  There must also be a lot of stress wondering if he will be able to make the shift from teen idol to respected adult actor.  It's not his fan base that are creating the problems except for the part that he has no personal life without a camera in his face. It's a vicious circle of course. This type of fame brings with it a scary downside.  

I am indeed shocked by his appearance.  I believe that it is a result of too much alcohol and cigarettes.  I agree that he has always seemed to have a good grip on reality with a "great head on his shoulders".  He doesn't seem to be in it for the fame.  He may in fact resent the fact that he has more fame than good reviews.

Maybe he needs to take a step back and reacquaint himself with Rob Pattinson the man and not Rob Pattinson the actor.


So true about him finding "himself" again....I think it happens to the best of them. I feel Actors are so submerged into this fantasy "life"...emerged in a plethora of, sex, drugs....constant stimuli and attention.

I'm not saying Pattinson is like most hollywood actors...because he's not. He's humble, polite, sensitive and monogamous. However, he's not immune to the actor entwined with the identity of the person... complex....Pattinson seems to be vastly different than the characters he assumes on screen...but, it can be difficult to balance those alter egos. I feel he's probably one of the most honest, down to earth actors out there....but,  he strugggles with being so transparent...and I can understand how daunting it must be to have your whole life accessible...for the voltures and black crows to pick at. Who do you trust? How do you preserve yourself...when everyone is inside you...knowing every fiber of your being? I feel this forum and us talking about him contributes to his cyclical madness...and violation of his personal space. As fans...we support Rob...however, I still feel guilty for contributing to his personal "pain." Didn't kristen say she feels like she's raped....and she is...everyday...over and over. They both are cannibalized and raped everyday by the press and the internet.

I would love to write him a letter...and say I'm sorry for all that you endure on a daily basis. If I did ever met him in person, I would never ask for an autograph or picture..I would just tell him what a fine actor he is. I would ask him...Could I buy you a cup of coffee and maybe "talk" like two human beings? That's my dream...not screaming his name or flashing images of himself to autograph...what does that mean...anyway? So fans can egotistically "brag" or have proof they met "Robert Pattinson?" I'd much rather talk to him...than have a piece of paper with his signature illegibly scrawled on it.

As my mother use to say when I was growing up...treat others as you wish to be treated....

Thanks Caramella for all your's been great!!!



Don't laugh Smitha but the most interesting thing in that picture to me is the background!  What am I seeing?  Is that bamboo hanging?  And possibly torn curtains?

Neither,Caramella. They are clothes seen through the window:)

Smitha and Caramella...

I don't think he's gained weight..his body type doesn't retain muscle too well...he has to work out like a mad Dog to get definition...and he'll lose it once he stops working out. He's just naturally lean/skinny and not muscle bound. (my husband's bodytype is like Patiinson's). HE COULD NEVER ever look like LAUTNER..EVER.

I don't think his face is's just plain fatigued. He looks tired...and unhealthy, as addressed in my previous commentary. Pattinson doesn't look like the moment. Fame is eating him inside out...he's lost the zest in his eye...his features are flat.  His inner beauty that makes him so incredibly gorgeous/radiant is altered or mared by the havoc of fame. I feel sorry for him...I said this before...the mother inside me wants to protect and shelter this beautiful person from all the pain he's enduring. Pictures speak  thousands of words..and Pattinson is tired and is in emotional "pain."...he wears this all over his face, eyes and body language.


Thank you for posting the full picture Smitha.  What a difference that made!  He must be shopping thrift stores!  Do you know what city that photo was taken in Smitha?

Thank you Irene.  You're right it doesn't looking like a garment bag that he's carrying.  I wouldn't have guess Manhattan either.

^ *Ahem* Rawr, Rawr!!!! lol. Hey Robbie...... ;-)  j/k j/k.


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