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I thought that it would be nice to have a place to post anything relating to Robert Pattinson without worry of crossing the boundaries of the discussion.  Feel free to add anything that you think might be of interest to other fans.

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Paragraph One

I am indeed a book fan who does not like the movies.  I still don‘t.  I have always been fascinated by the way many fans seem to view it all.  I mean all of it.  See, I thought this would be a place where every person I met would be eager to talk about the story as written and the more I read the less I came across that, just people who (at least most of those I came in contact with) connected only with the films.  As you know, the films and books are not the same and I was really surprised that people who said how they had read the story so multiple times had no interest/knowledge of the story nor wanted to really discuss them.  I was am still both confused and intrigued by that. 

I also found it disconcerting that much of what I would write would be easily twisted to what others assume was the meaning.  It felt like if one did not agree then that alone was a reason for anger.  The idea of reflection of another view seemed offensive, and a reason for anger instead of reason to consider the story anew.  That is what I wanted to bring and tried to offer.  I saw a lot of fighting over foolishness but it is very difficult when people already seem anxious to tell them they misunderstood. And have them believe you.   So, I just stopped trying.  For example, I as you say, deplored Kristen as Bella and I still do.  I have yet to see something I felt she did well and I have seen many of her films.   But that is my view just as it is yours to like her.  While you seem angry that I do not share your view, I really am fine that you do not share mine.  I see no reason we must agree about her or a reason that should cause anger.  For me, she is and possibly will always be a lousy actress.  But that should be acceptable as I am not asking you to have my view but simply to agree to disagree.  I think she sucks as many others do as well, but I have no problem that you and others like her. 

As for Robert?  This is a very good example of what I am trying to explain about you interpretations.  You have indeed recalled correctly how I see Rob and again I retract nothing.  Here is why we differ.  Looks has NOTHING to do with talent for me.  NOTHING.  While I do not find him attractive, I think he can act!  While I have nothing against folks drooling over whomever they want, I see no reason why I must if that is my choice.  I can like his work and even like what I see of him without finding him physically attractive/worth a drool.  He is everything you recall me saying and he is also a guy who seems sincere and can act. 

So to sum this part up.  A guy who seemed sweet and childishly innocent was used by a smart girl who lacks talent. I saw it coming a long time ago and hoped to be wrong.  Now that this has happened, I am angry because he did not deserve that.  

Paragraph Two

Perhaps you will see this as word play, but this is not so much an  “I told you so”   in my mind as it is “darn it, I was right”  I said how I saw her and unfortunately, I was right.  It is not a feel good moment to know someone got their heart ripped out, Danette!  It would had been better to have forever been proved wrong!   Unfortunately, I did not misjudge her. On this issue.  I am not glad that I was right!  What you are saying suggests that I would want her to hurt some one or to have him hurt just so I can be right!  That is not who I am Danette.  I do not have to find you cute, talented or a friend to wish you all the best. 

I am not sure what you want me to say about the last line.  I said it and I still mean it.  The two are not the same and if you prefer discussion of what Rosenberg wrote as opposed to Meyer then I am not sure how else to interpret that.  So yes, I stand by that,


Paragraph Three

I see nothing in there that has been already addressed. 

Paragraph Four, Five, Six, Seven

As to how you see their relationships?  I have already stated and I have no interests in countering your personal views.  Like how we see Stewart, we are both entitled our views.

Paragraph Eight to the end

I read your views about how you see Rob and Kristen’s relationship.  Unlike a book, this is real life and as I don’t  know these people, it is anyone’s guess.  I do differ from you but who knows?  I will say, I do hope he ends this relationship as it is not a healthy one.  I do believe he loves her and she loves him.  I do not believe they are in love.   They only think they are.  I said this already, but from what I read, those around him knew she was not the one or that he should wait to propose.   For me, that says his friends saw in Kristen what Rob could not see.  Something set their alarms off enough to protect him as best as they could.

Then there is Kristen.  You like her and I have no kind words so I will leave that alone.   While I do not hate her, I definitely hate what she did and I do hope he moves forward as she does not deserve him.  She is not good enough for the flat face big nose bad teeth, immature and need to grow guy who is also genuinely sweet, kind, selfless, compromising, generous,  patient. 

Danette, I never had an issue with you or anyone…I just did not understand you.  Still don’t.

I will also add that if I have the choice of being with a man who I would consider hansome that had the opposite personality of Rob or a Rob as I see him with the personality he has?  I would chose the Rob.  Looks are low on the scale in valuing the traits of others beauty for me.  A not so hot in my eyes guy with the right heart outweights exterior all around….every time.  ;-)


        Thanks for the uber-detailed breakdown of my reply to you....

        I love details...and ana-lytical discussion....

        Well, thanks for your explanation for your recent involvement/concern in Pattinson/Stewart's relationship perils despite not being a fan of the movies or Stewart.

        So, would it be a fair assumption to say you're a fan of Pattinson?...Since you think he can act and your interest in his well-being as a person while enduring  this terrible ordeal in his personal life? It doesn't matter to me if you declare yourself to be a fan or not...but, just curious.

        I think we're more on the same page than you realize....despite our clear differences.

        I'm not ashamed in saying....that I became a Twilight fan because of Robert Pattinson's  unique ACTING style...not because of his looks. In fact Pinkie, many people I know(including myself), love Robert for his endearing internal qualities that shine through to make him externally beautiful. He's not classically handsome....he's interesting looking....beyond a cooker-cutter Hollywood Mold or prototype. I find that very fascinating....he's an all encompassing package...for me, it's his beautiful soul that beams and radiates...that I find so compelling and extraordinary.

        I think this is why women love him....they feel/see his heart...and he has a good which many women would love to have in their own personal relationships.

        Do I think Stewart is Smarter than Pattinson and controlling him?....that is like comparing apples to oranges. Too black and white for me to define and label them that way. Pattinson is a very individualistic person...he has his own ideas and doesn't conform  rigidly to the rules of hollywood..he does what his heart tells him. He Challenged Meyer/Hardwicke on how to depict Edward from Book to screen..was his perspective wrong Pinkie? was because you dislike the movies. I liked his interpretation very much...actually, I'm probably one of the few who thinks he deserved an Oscar for Twilight.

        For me...he was that compelling as Edward...and that darn GOOD!!!! Not, that I have to rationalize my reasons for feeling how I do...or either do you...Pinkie. But, I would love to compare notes for why we feel the way we, that would be fun. That is all I ever wanted from you or anyone on this compare...elaborate and have fun...nothing more!!! A book/movie is like a  painting...everyone will see something different through their own eyes....

        THANK GOD!!! If we all agreed, or saw the same things we would be pre-packaged lemmings.... that would never change or evolve or be challenged.....

        Inspire me...Pinkie....and make me see a side of life or Twilight that I haven't seen...

        For me, Robert Pattinson has legendary talent...unique to himself....and pioneering. I put him at the same level(but unique to himself) James Dean..who basically invented method acting and was so ahead of his time in the 50's. I feel Pattinson's stylized acting is in that same category.... with undefinable presence and the ability to convey emotion without saying words at all. I feel his body of work is misunderstood, underrated and falsely labeled by critics.

        My intention of telling you this is not to sway your opinion...but, to get "insight" into who I am....if you're willing to be open to understand and possibly see a new perspective. And that is reciprocal...of course...maybe you'll shed insight on me as well....I'm very open...and willing to hear other ideas, thoughts even when they don't coincide with my usual likes/dislikes.

        I'm open....and I think that was all I was asking of to not be so black/white or rigid when wanting to discuss the books. I understand you were seeking that here....and I completely understand....but, allow the vein to accept the needle...(I think I said that to you before). What I mean is....if it's too tight...the blood won't flow. So what if someone gets a little off track in the book discussion and entwines the movies or compares the book..or vise versa. That discussion could invite endless possibilities or perspectives that may enlighten you. I think people might be more receptive to your book discussion if they weren't so tightly bound by your governed rules and regulations...and allowing the discussions to flow more naturally.

        I look forward to agree to disagree....





Communication is not always an easy thing.  Ones words are weighted by perception and thus meanings can be misinterpreted far too easily.  Therefore, I hope that if I say something that prickles you, you would consider asking for clarification instead of choosing (negative) assumptions, please.  I am not trying to offend.

You asked me if I am a Rob fan.  In terms of how I define a fan?  I am not a Rob fan.  For me to consider myself a fan, I would need to seek out his work.  His presence holds no value to a film choice one way or another.  While I do think he can act, the hype of his work is not based in ability, but based in a role: Edward.  He has not shown a spark beyond that series which was predestined to make whomever played the lead…an instant name.  He must go beyond that to be worthy in his own right.  I saw Remember Me which was mediocre and heard the same was true for Water for Elephants.

If your questions are not rhetorical, may I also ask that you try to stop doing my thinking for me…you really are not that good at it. ’-)  This time, I am speaking about why I do not like twilight films.  You referenced Rob as a probable cause, but he really isn‘t.  There are few people who can take a book to film and create the same world of the book.  Few.  Rosenberg as writer….the directors for new moon and eclipse….. and the casting of Kristen Stewart, were in combinations what made these films not work for me. I could go into the details, but there is no real point to that. I do hope that puts an end as to why I do not like the films, though. I do not like them and that is not going to change. The ONLY cast member who made me cringe was Kristen Stewart and having her on screen so much of the films were more than enough all alone to turn me off. That is the best I can explain the lack of film interests.

I can not compare notes with you on the films either; as I do not consider torturing myself fun.  ;-)  Besides, I really am not that interested in any of that.  While I respect your views about films, I do not share them.

Now for the heart of why I am concern about offending you, Danette.  My main reason for being here is simple:  I read some books that I would like to talk about with people who also read those books and would like to talk about them.  No films,  no out side of the story what if’s, no who is cute.  No teams.  No competitiveness.  No previews.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with that if it is what you like.  To each their own.  I am just saying why I came.  I wanted to see if I could learn more about the books.  

I do not care if we disagree as long as each of our views were clearly represented/understood. 

The idea of people fighting and insulting each other over books and movies or people we never met is not something I am the least bit interested.  If I had not witnessed it here, I would had never believed that people really do choose to get angry over what to me is frivolous.  While I am sure you have good intentions, to change why I came here would make being her needless.  I do not care how few my threads/post attract.  I just want those who do to be of sound mind!   I have already seen how the anger can rub off!  lol   Seriously, I am very content.   That said, this site is not life and death for me…it is just a place where I hope to talk about some books.  So if it does not work out...I really would just move to something else.  :-)  




I read a post earlier that I had not seen before today and it made me curious.  So, would you mind answering something for me?   You say all you have ever wanted was to discuss the books, but I have found that your responses are either hostile, rude, or sarcastic toward me.  Why do my opinions anger you?   Exactly what have I done to earn this from you?  Is it that you feel that I should not be allowed to write my thoughts freely here unless I meet your approval?  It is not that I mind that you do not agree, but it never comes as just that but always something targeting me personally for what I say about something connected to twilight.  I am trying to understand the reasoning of that.  So I would like to know why you (and others will be asked this too) do that when I write my thoughts here.



I really don't understand your last commentary to me...

What provoked this hostility?

My feeling is... there are some underlying/unresolved issues you have with me.

I was trying to extend the olive branch to you....and still would like that...

Life is too short to be angry over petty things such as who values twilight books over movies....ect.

You're entitled to all your opinions and opinions have no more merit than do yours.

I thought it would be nice to discuss those differences...because I find that interesting. The human mind is a complex instrument...and how our experiences/beliefs shape how we perceive the world around us.

As the saying goes.."Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."....And I mean all types of beauty...not just the aesthetic kind. intention was not to create dissonance between us..but to extend a bridge to voice our differences. I thought maybe along the way we'd find commonality or be enlightened with new "ideas/perspectives" by sharing those differences.

My offer still stands...I'd rather get along than fight. I am seeking harmony...and willing to let the past be behind us..if you are open to the idea.



Hello Danette

Your question is fair and I will try to give the best answer that I can.

My first day and my first thread on this site,  you asked me quite a few questions about my views and after I answered, you used them to tell me what you thought of me.  I do not want to remember what you said as it was not nice.  That was the last time we have spoken until now.  However in between that, you sent me movie clips telling me that they represented what you thought of  my views on another of my threads I had started for new moon.  As you know, I never responded.   

I ran into a few posts I had not seen until yesterday however, that were not all that nice toward me and saw that you applauded them.  If you go back to your Friday post on this thread from you to me, it was peppered in my view with sarcasm and a list of how you saw Stewart.  Day one you knew how I saw her but the need to continue that unending argument still alive when I thought it settled. 

It is like you can not separate your views from mine.  That to not see her as you do means I must hate her and I don’t.  She lacks talent, beauty, manners, in my eyes but I don’t hate people.  I just say how I see her base on what I read or see. You loved the films, but seem very angry that I would dare say I don’t.  That other poster was saying how they disagreed with my assessment of the films, actors and such which is absolutely allowed but I do not understand why.  That poster like you had already expressed your views on the subject and I was talking to neither of you.  Yet the mere fact that I said how I felt to anyone it seems made you angry.  So I wanted to try to understand the why.

I am not angry about any of it….just aware, and perplexed as to why?  Since you asked me questions that I answered for you as honestly as I could.  I was hoping that you would do the same in kind.  I do not understand the why of it all, and I want to understand.

Next Movie Power Ranks Twilight Saga Actors

MTV’s Male TwiHard takes a look at Twilight actors using Power rankings. Here’s how they assessed Robert Pattinson’s potential career grid.



2. Robert Pattinson

Floor: Christian Slater
Ceiling: Johnny Depp

My younger readers may balk at a Christian Slater comparison, but in the early ’90s his poster hung on young girls’ walls – right next to Kurt Cobain and Luke Perry. Slater never broke out of his teen heartthrob stage as Johnny Depp did after “21 Jump Street.” Pattinson should keep looking for unique roles as Depp has and not settle for easy schlock as Slater did.

See how Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Anna Kendrick, Nikki reed, and Jackson Rathbone made out on MTV’s Next Movie

I feel really sorry for him right now the love of his life cheated on him and the media is making it really hard everywhere he looks its all over considering they were hush hush over their relationship maybe he needs time I wish him the best :-) and she finally admitted she loves him to the world just hope they can work it out :/


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