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I thought that it would be nice to have a place to post anything relating to Robert Pattinson without worry of crossing the boundaries of the discussion.  Feel free to add anything that you think might be of interest to other fans.

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Robert Pattinson's producer for Queen of the Desert drops a hint on...

Robert Pattinson's producer for Queen of the Desert drops a hint on filming time frame

I feel like I'm watching a horse race...

We had Mission: Blacklist in the lead until The Rover pulled ahead only to be set back by Queen of the Desert from far behind but in the final moments, The Rover wins by a nose!

Queen of the Desert producer has an update on when the film will be shot.:

The Rover filming dates are currently Jan-March 2013 so we'll see how this all rolls out. Rob is not the lead in The Rover or Queen of the Desert so we don't know how much time he's required on set. We're going to have to wait and see.

Another cool tweet from the producer talking about his two stars:

Source: Robsessed

Robert Pattinson 2013 Calendar   

You can buy it HERE

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Robert Pattinson makes People magazine's Best Dressed list for 2012

Robert Pattinson makes People magazine's Best Dressed list for 2012

The issue is out tomorrow nationwide but Rob was so dashing in that blue Gucci suit, I'll find any excuse to post it in HQ.


Reuters reports that Rob was among the following Best Dressed Men in the annual issue:
Among men, honors went to actors Andrew Garfield, Brad Pitt, Colin Firth, Robert Pattinson, Chris and Liam Hemsworth and singer Jay-Z.
I'm hardly surprised. Put him in a suit and he owns it. I can't wait for his BD2promo sprint. It being the final one for the series, I'm hoping for many, many sensational choices.

Back to the suit and the MAN. GAWD.



He thinks he's on a runway, doesn't he. He must. Look at that strut and swagger. A natural.


I'm hearing angels singing now. Are you?


Head to toe perfection.



I'm ending this post on SmileyRob because he'll still give great wattage even when being Mr. Smolder Seductive in the suit.


Screenshot of the actual page from People. We'll update with a scan when we get one. :)

TV cap Photo: RobPattzNews
Source: Robsessed

Holy WOW!! He is one sharp looking man in this series of photos!! DANG!!

can you say "Suave"?

oh yeah.....definately!



Vote for Robert Pattinson in BBC Radio 1′s Teen Awards 2012  

Robert Pattinson is up for Male Hottie in BBC Radio One’s Teen Awards 2012.  You can vote for him HERE.

In order to cast your vote, you must sign in to BBCiD.

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Source: ToR

I love this photo of him.....I'm getting lost in his eyes...........~melt~

That is indeed a great photo.

Mad About Robert Pattinson - Fan Vids That Will Make You Drool

This vid is an oldie but I found myself rewatching it (read that as: staring and drooling) this past week so I thought I'd share it in case any of you wanted to join me or in case you hadn't seen it. It's by Melbietoast.

I also LOVED this video by CoraleComics so much and it's so true, Robert Pattinson is on the "Path Of Greatness".

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These are great Irene!


You're welcome, Leanne! What a fitting song on the first vid, right? "....... mad about the boy" - boy oh boy! What a boy! I must be insane!


Gorgeous..and those eyelashes framing those eyes are magnificent....

however, the dilated pupils are a concern.....under some illicit drug use/influence? marijuana and cocaine dilate the pupils....

I can't image Rob being a coke user...."pot" definitely....

I don't know which is worse...alcohol or pot....mixed together it can induce this look as well...

I really hope these vises haven't replaced cigarettes or as a coping mechanism to deal with the kristen drama and media pressure/exposure. My heart goes out to him....he didn't deserve this...and I hope he really is "okay" and not been self-medicating or "numbing" himself to absolve all this attention that has been currently bestowed upon in addition to all the "Twilight" media/fame....

Poor baby....

As a mother of a young son...I want to give him a hug and shelter/protect him...


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