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I thought that it would be nice to have a place to post anything relating to Robert Pattinson without worry of crossing the boundaries of the discussion.  Feel free to add anything that you think might be of interest to other fans.

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Robert Pattinson Breaking Dawn Part 2 Promotional Schedule

Robert Pattinson Breaking Dawn Part 2 Promotional Schedule

UPDATEFilmInk reported PromoRob's specific date to transform into SydneyRob!

David Michôd is the director for The Rover. :)

And from Kyle & Jackie O:

Also, quick note about camping info for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 world premiere in Los Angeles -it is rescheduled for Oct. 2 in the morning (9am PST). Stand by.... :)

Promo Rob is coming! Promo Rob is coming! What lucky countries/cities will be graced with his excellence??

Get ready Australia, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, and Berlin!


Rob's appearances are in red and bolded. Potential Rob appearances are in blue and italicized.
Excerpt from Deadline:
Here’s the promotional tour schedule for Stewart, Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and the rest of the cast which also will be doing a myriad of media appearances both on national U.S. talk shows and programs and similar appearances around the globe. Dates and cast appearances subject to change. Additional U.S. cities will be announced:
  • October 6 – Spain: Chaske Spencer to appear at Sitges Film Festival for fan event and press.
  • October 14 - United States: U.S. press tour in select regional markets to be announced.
  • October 21 – United States: U.S. press tour in select regional markets to be announced.
  • October 21 – October 28 - Australia, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Scotland, Ireland: Robert Pattinson visits Australia, Kristen Stewart visits Japan, Taylor Lautner visits Brazil, Ashley Grene visits South Africa, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed visit Scotland and Ireland.
  • October 28 – November 3 – Los  Angeles, California: Worldwide press junket in Los Angeles with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Michael Sheen, director Bill Condon, author Stephenie Meyer, and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg.
  • November 3 – November 4 – Burbank, California: The Twilight Saga Official Convention in Burbank featuring Peter Facinelli, Gil Birmingham, Charlie Bewley, Alex Meraz, Booboo Stewart, Tinsel Korey, Casey LaBow, Julia Jones, and Bronson Pelletier. (Details here.)
  • November 4 – November 11 – Various  Cities, U.S.: The cast will do national press and talk shows.
  • November 12 – Los Angeles, California: World Premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 at Nokia Theater at LA LIVE featuring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and the cast along with Bill Condon and Stephenie Meyer.
  • November 14 – November 16 – England, Spain, Germany: Premiere Tour in London, Madrid, and Berlin featuring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Bill Condon, and Wyck Godfrey
  • November 14 – November 16 – Denmark, Norway: Premiere Tour in Copenhagen and Oslo featuring Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone
We'll be adding our calendar on the side bar soon :)

Source: Robsessed 

New/Old Picture of Rob at Hot Topic Tour in Chicago November 12, 2008   

This gorgeous photograph is by Nicole Peterson and she had this to say about it:

“Shot this photo a few years ago at a promotional event for the film known as “Twilight”. I am by no means a fan of the franchise, but I thought the event would be a good photo opportunity, so I attended. Boy, was I floored (and sometimes frightened) by the enthusiasm of the fans. Twilight itself is too flat and one-dimensional for me, but Robert Pattinson, the actor seemed an all-around cool guy, had a good head on his shoulders. A very funny individual. You can count me as a Pattinson fan, but not a Twilight fan. Overall, just a great photographic learning experience for me. Also! I’m also very excited to hear he was recently cast in “Lawrence of Arabia”.

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Robert Pattinson in “Mixer” Magazine – November 2012  

Source: Mixer Online | Via: Pattinson World | Via PattyStewBoneCity

Source: ToR

I like that cover.  Thanks for the post Irene.

I love the shirt he is wearing! has the Iron Maiden lettering style.....kiinda makes a statement too. LOL!

Australia Fans: Win tickets to the Sydney ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Fanevent on October 22   

We posted about Rob’s attending at the fanevent here, now you can win tickets for the event

From Nova FM:

On Tuesday 2nd October, Smallzy announced that Robert Pattison, star of the upcoming release of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2” will be coming to Australia to promote the final instalment in the global phenomenon.

What Smallzy and Nova FM can confirm now is that Pattinson will be at an exclusive invite only fan event on Monday 22nd October in SYDNEY, and HOYTS are working with NOVA – the only radio station where you can WIN your special invite to be at this special Twilight event.

If you are a Twihard, this is something you CAN’T miss out on!

Keep listening to Smallzy’s Surgery on Nova to win your way to get upclose and personal with R Patz


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Vote for Robert Pattinson as’s Best Dressed 2013 

Vote for Robert Pattinson as’s Best Dressed 2013

Click here to vote

GQ Magazine

Source: ToR

He got my vote plus I joined their reader poll.  Thank you for the link Irene.

*Video* Robert Pattinson Thanks Spanish Fans and Hope They Like Breaking Dawn: Part II   

Here’s a video where Robert Pattinson thanks Spanish fans and hope they like Breaking Dawn Part II 

@melcitron / via 

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Weekly Roundup of Robert Pattinson Pics and Quotes of the Day   

Here’s the weekly round-up of Robert Pattinson pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr.

“It’s so funny, (laughs) it’s supposed to be a secret, but they put it in the trailer, like Summit was saying, ‘Don’t talk about the battle.’ And I’m like, ‘It’s in the trailer, what are you talking about?’ (laughs)”
-Robert Pattinson (In Their Own Words, 2012)

More after the jump!


“I guess I’m quite a genuinely insecure person, and so it’s not very hard for me [to stay grounded].” -Robert Pattinson (In Their Own Words, 2012)

“I was wearing independent little labels from cool shops in Vancouver and then by the last one, the more and more money that became involved, then there would be these contracts with clothes companies and so like if you look at the last one, every single vampire is wearing G Star or Bellstaff. (laughs)” -Robert Pattinson (In Their Own Words, 2012)

“I really miss going to the cinema, especially in LA, because LA has the best cinemas in the world. I used to go four times a week, five times a week.” -Robert Pattinson (In Their Own Words, 2012)

“I’m quite gangly, and so it’s easy for me to kind of do, because if you are throwing a punch, you throw a punch and it’s so huge, where most people who like actually box a lot or something, are so used to keeping it tight, and it feels so fake to them. But I find that kind of stuff quite easy, and can do it on one or two takes.” -Robert Pattinson (In Their Own Words, 2012)

“I have almost every costume from the first one [Twilight movie] because I was wearing that stuff for about two years, (laughs) afterwards.” -Robert Pattinson (In Their Own Words, 2012)

“It’s this crazy story, but he basically talked to about 250 people, none of whom were on any of the US Armies Wanted Lists, and found Saddam Hussein when no one even knew he was in Iraq. So it was an interesting story.” -Robert Pattinson (about his new role playing Eric Maddox) – In Their Own Words, 2012

“I was watching Water For Elephants on TV the other day, because it’s not got to the point where it’s far enough away and I don’t even recognize myself, and I just thought it was really sweet. It’s like an old-fashioned movie, and yeah, it is quite fun playing it.” -Robert Pattinson (In Their Own Words, 2012)

“I think even if someone says that something is good you’ve got to be pretty dumb to let your head get big, especially now when everything about your life is reported. I don’t understand people who still have a big ego who are actors. It’s like, everyone knows who you are, everyone knows you are just a vain moron, (laughs) and that’s what every actor is. (laughs)” -Robert Pattinson (In Their Own Words, 2012)

New/Old translated interviews with Robert Pattinson (Tu, Star Club & Cannes)

New/Old translated interviews with Robert Pattinson (Tu, Star Club & Cannes)

We got 3 translated interviews for you guys and you know how those go so rub your temples and enjoy :)

UPDATE: Adding another translated interview, Star Club magazine (French)


SC: Hello Rob, what did you learn from your experience filming Twilight?

RP: I learned to put things into perspective, that the circus surrounding an actor's life is fleeting. You can be worshipped one day and hated the next. For now, the craze around Twilight is still there but I'm not naive, a few months after the last movie is out, people will have moved on. Our replacement is already here. I'm thinking mostly about The Hunger Games actors.

In the end, you're still happy to have played Edward, right?

Rob: Yes, he's an extension of myself, like a good friend. He helped me learn more about myself and I will be eternally grateful. I grew up though and if tomorrow Stephenie Meyer writes a sequel to Twilight, I'd gladly read it. I don't think people would like me reprising the role. I'd be too old to play him again.

What was your life like before your success?

Rob: I had a hard time finding roles. It's simple, for three years I found nothing but small productions that payed around $40 a day. Just between you and me, I was seconds away from giving up so when I was offered the role of Edward I couldn't believe it.

You didn't see yourself in the role of a vampire?

Rob: I didn't have a choice, I was broke! Nobody believed in me except for Catherine Hardwicke (editor's note: the director) who sort of had to force the producer's hands a little. In the end, this role helped me improve my everyday life and my life style. On the other hand, I lost what I cherished the most: my freedom. Some told me that it's the price for success. I'm sorry to disagree but I feel like it's a price too high to pay.

So did you view the end of the filming as freeing?

Rob: It's strange, I felt like releasing a big 'phew' of relief but at the same time I felt sad. For now, I know that I'm successful. Will it last? I have no idea, but if tomorrow I encounter movie failures, I won't cry about it.

Let's go back to your teenage years. I'd like to know in what kind of state of mind you were the day before the start of a new school year...

Rob: If you're looking for the speech of a the kid who was at the top of the class, you're not gonna get that from me. I wasn't a bad student either. When I was fifteen, I was a boy who was disciplined, who would learn all his lessons and pay attention in class until the day I started reading. I thought I learned more from life by reading than at school. I'm pretty please by the way that I indirectly influenced young people to take pleasure in reading. Indeed Twilight helped a whole generation to love reading about a love story as captivating as it was fascinating.

The big question! If you were to become a dad tomorrow, would you prefer to have a girl or a boy first?

Rob: I think that I'd have a better understanding with a boy. Girls are hard to understand. The instruction manual that comes with them is 800 pages long and written in Chinese! And if you know how to read it, you realise that you're still missing 32 more chapters that are essential and you have to improvise. Whereas with a boy, it's easy. Sports, tv, a video game, a big bowl of ...., some Coke and he's happy *laughs*!

2 more interviews after the cut!

Source: Robsessed

Robert Pattinson 2013 Calendar available at Amazon   

You can purchase Rob’s calendar HERE

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