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I thought that it would be nice to have a place to post anything relating to Robert Pattinson without worry of crossing the boundaries of the discussion.  Feel free to add anything that you think might be of interest to other fans.

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Maybe it is just me. But this reminds me of Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch. Good actors through and through! ^^

It just hit me that my comment about the similarities between Rob and BC was rather vague. Their eyes seem to change colors in bright lights; they make their roles come alive on screen; offscreen, both of them are friendly, funny, and have a wicked sense of humor. ^^

Busy Rob, About To Get Busier?.. New Potential Project Alert!

UPDATE 3/18: The latest on this potential project for Rob, including production schedule and more HERE.

The Playlist is a pretty reliable outlet, with strong contacts in the biz. That's why today we're super excited about what they're hearing involving Rob and his potential involvement in the stage-to-screen adaptation of 'Posh:' 

It sounds like Pattinson's involvement is the least concrete; he's still filming David Michod's "The Rover,"and he has David Cronenberg's "Maps To The Stars" and James Marsh's "Hold On To Me"nominally on his slate, though lord knows what state they're in in terms of financing. But a good piece of material, amid a strong ensemble, would be a smart move for the actor as he continues to try to escape the shadow of Edward Cullen. As Bamigboye suggests, the challenge here is going to be scheduling; the nature of the piece requires the cast to all be together round a dining table for much of the shoot, and all these guys are busy and in demand, so don't be surprise if there's mixing and matching with who sticks with the project. Filming is planned to get underway in May, so it shouldn't be too long before we find out who's able to fit it into their schedules, and "Posh" should eventually open in 2014.

Read all the details, including who else may be involved at The Playlist. (Collider has a mention of the  project as well, and THR shares scoop from their insider). Also check out the trailer for the play, so you can get an idea of what Rob could soon be signing up for!

Interesting... Thanks, Irene. :)

he is soo hot !

Robert Pattinson Daughter Fan Encounter

Robert Pattinson’s Night Out With Blonde In New York City

Sat, May 4, 2013 1:40pm EDT by Andrew Gruttadaro155 Comments20,986 Article Views

Robert Pattinson Dinner Date

Pacific Coast News, Courtesy of Yelp

Rob is keeping himself busy while he waits for Kristen Stewart to join him in NYC. On May 3, the actor was spotted having dinner with a blonde friend and then hitting up a bar with friends Katy Perry and Tom Sturridge. Keep reading for more details!

Robert Pattinson is using his time in New York City wisely. After hitting up a concert and a club with Katy Perry and seeing his BFF Tom Sturridge’s Broadway play earlier in the week, Rob caught up with a friend for dinner on May 3.

Robert Pattinson’s Night Out At The Bowery Hotel

Rob was spotted at the restaurant, Gemma, sitting across from a blonde friend. Eyewitnesses were unsure who the light-haired amigo was, though they suspected it could have been Sarah Gadon, who Rob starred in Cosmopolis with. It may have also been Grace Clissod, Rob’s agent from the UK. According to an eyewitness, Rob and the mystery blonde “seemed like old-time friends.”

Gemma is a beautiful Italian restaurant located in New York City’s East Village. Attached to the Bowery Hotel, Gemma is a charming, stylish downtown spot and great place for a quiet meal.

After Rob finished up eating at Gemma, he didn’t stray too far. He stayed in the Bowery Hotel and hit up the hotel’s bar with few noteworthy friends, an eyewitness EXCLUSIVELY. The source spotted Rob having drinks with his NYC confidents, Katy and Tom. The threesome had a tame night, the source noted — just a few beers and some good conversation.

Robert Pattinson: Ready For A Kristen Stewart Reunion?

Rob has definitely seen as many friends as possible since coming to New York at the beginning of the week — now it’s finally time for him to reunite with Kristen Stewart. R-Patz and K-Stew will be together again when she visits the Big Apple for the MET Ball on May 6.

We know she’s looking forward to it — a source told EXCLUSIVELY that “Kristen is excited to spend some quality time with Rob in New York” — and after a busy week you can bet he is too.

Happy birthday, Rob!

Beautiful! Hadn

The above was the bashful looking boy some years back. And this is the man... The silverfox in the middle is Director David Cronenberg

Now that is hot! 

I know that there are break up rumors about them all the time, but I do find it interesting that their reps wouldn't confirm or deny the rumor. 


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