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I thought that it would be nice to have a place to post anything relating to Robert Pattinson without worry of crossing the boundaries of the discussion.  Feel free to add anything that you think might be of interest to other fans.

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absolutely - I guess it happens at any age

Wow....well I remember waaaay back just after Twilight was released, they had an interview with a question about them getting together....they both laughed and didn't say much at that time except that Ashley's mom really loved Jackson....but they didn't have much time to spend together because of their schedules. They both joked about getting together in the future, if they weren't involved with anybody in a few years.

I guess a few years has passed since that interview.....hmmmmm. hope it's not just a rumour.

The following is from Hollywood Life

Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone were spotted kissing at a bar over the weekend and we spoke to a friend close to Ashley who gives us the scoop on whether or not they are officially dating!

Twilight hotties Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone are a couple you guys are rooting for, but how serious are they? A friend of Ashley’s chats with us about her new relationship with Jackson, and explains what’s REALLY going on. Plus, an eyewitness tells us more details about their make-out session at Angels & Kings!

“Ashley and Jackson were drinking and talking with a large group of friends and his band members,” says our source. “There were a lot of ‘Twilight’ fans there as well.” So were they really “kissing throughout the night” as previously reported?

“Yes. They would be talking, then they would be making out really wildly, then suddenly talking again, as if they were never making out in the first place. It happened for a good portion of the night. You can tell they are close friends, although they didn’t necessarily act lovey-dovey other than the random kissing. But, although there were a lot of people in the bar, they didn’t in any way try to hide it.”

So what’s the deal with Ashley and Jackson? Are they officially dating? A friend of Ashley’s tell us “She’s enjoying her single life and just having fun. She isn’t in a serious relationship with anybody. Jared [Followill] knows it and so does Jackson. They are both fine with that.”

She’s “having fun” with Jackson AND Jared? Lucky girl that Ashley!

Even if things aren’t serious yet, Jackson and Ashley have been close friends for a while, ever since they began filming Twilight together. Now that they are hooking up, do you think it could turn into something more in the spirit of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? Have you ever had a friend become a significant other? Sound off below!

they look good together.
I agree Pat.  They do look good together.

if only they were still together


I don't think that they were a couple for very long. There were certainly cute together though.

they arent dating anymore? or were they ever?

they look great together
OMG!!! Thay are!!! I'm so so so happy for them!!!!!¡xD
He has a huge fan base Rosa.  If he chooses his projects wisely his fans will support him.
Rosa, I'm sure that most of Rob's fans agree with you that the larger than life role of "Edward" was their favorite so far.


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