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I thought that it would be nice to have a place to post anything relating to Robert Pattinson without worry of crossing the boundaries of the discussion.  Feel free to add anything that you think might be of interest to other fans.

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that is funny!

but i don't think any mom would have the time or the patience to part a 2nd grade boy's hair all around the top of his head.  it's weird the way that part snakes around his head.  that took some doing.

but you're right, from straight on, i can see how you might think about it being that.

I guess it's mostly the part in the hair that we don't like.  I'm beginning to get the impression that Hollywood doesn't understand the obsession that fans have with his hair!

and of course the length too.  that is very important.  and just the right length too.  too long and it's not that good on him either.

and you're right too about hollywood not keeping that in mind.....

call me crazy ..but there is something about that look specially in the pic Caramella posted 2 pages after..

i dint imagine he could pull that off so good as welll

and m swooning since i've seen these pics...certainly worth watching again and again

I was staring at the pictures with that hair and came to the conclusion that it actually makes him look younger than his 25 years.  I think that they were going for a more mature look but for some reason it just makes him look so young to me.

nothing crazy about that meenakshi.  he does look swoon-worthy.  we were just saying that we prefer him more "au naturale", with the longer, wilder hair, just got out of bed look.

but, i'd take him either way.  hahaha!


and caramella, i think you have a point too about them trying to go for a more mature look and failing.  at least in the stills.  perhaps when we see him on screen, it will seem different.

This past weekend marked the first time Water for Elephants was not in the top 10 films but after 5 weekends in the top 10, this 6th weekend still gave us reason to celebrate.

Water for Elephants is now over the $100 million mark worldwide!

i wonder how much they were thinking it would make?  i wonder if it hit close to the mark?  i surely hope so.

Their production budget was $38M so I'm going to assume that if it has made $100M they must be happy.  It seems to be pretty evenly divided between domestic & foreign grosses.
I hope they are sufficiently happy.
it's still playing and it hasn't hit the discount theaters yet
that's a good sign.


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