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I thought that it would be nice to have a place to post anything relating to Robert Pattinson without worry of crossing the boundaries of the discussion.  Feel free to add anything that you think might be of interest to other fans.

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Rob’s interview with Sydney Morning Herald   

He’s been Edward Cullen ever since he was Harry Potter’s Cedric Diggory, but for Robert Pattinson, the actor who plays the glittery vampire hero of the Twilight movie franchise, it’s been a steep learning curve.

“When you first sign on to something when you were nobody, you feel like everything’s totally out of control,” he said in Sydney today. “Once you’ve experienced it once, you realise how to have a little bit more control over it.”

One of the things the actor would like to control is the moniker that has become attached to him through the Twilight publicity whirlwind: Rpatz. “I would like to break the hands and mouth of the person who came up with it,” he says with a chuckle.

It’s only been five years since the first Twilight film hit our cinemas and the book phenomenon became a pop-culture behemoth, introducing “RPatz” and “KStew” to our worlds and adding phrases such as “Team Edward”, “Team Jacob” and “Twi-hards” to the lexicon.

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For the actor, whose relationship with Kristen “KStew” Stewart has become inextricably linked with the films’ publicity and marketing, the unique nature of the Twilight culture is partly to blame for the obsession fans have with the real-life actors.

“That’s the one thing I’ve been annoyed about by the whole thing,” explains Pattinson. “The kind of ‘team’ aspect of it. It’s strange. I think that’s what has created a very strange atmosphere around how the movies are promoted and stuff. It’s making it like a sport or something. People can’t really watch the films any more because they’re thinking about all this other silliness.”

This “sport” has seen every aspect of his relationship with Stewart scrutinised on the internet, from early speculation as to whether the two were genuinely an item, through to Stewart’s recent affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, followed by her public apology and reunion with Pattinson. Frustratingly for Pattinson, he finds it hardest not to read the internet coverage when it is at its worst.

“When you’re promoting something, it’s weird; it’s like a strange sort of addiction. If people were whispering about you in the next room you probably want to know what they’re saying, but really you’ll always regret it because they’re probably talking bad about you. It’s this weird thing. You only do it if you’re feeling bad, and want to make yourself feel worse. If you’re feeling good you never look at it.”

So is he looking at it now?

“Basically, yes,” he laughs. “I try and avoid it, because it doesn’t really make any difference. I mean you think it does for a minute but everyone forgets really quick.”

Pattinson remains philosophical about questions about his relationship. “It’s really not up to you, you could talk about absolutely nothing, the editor is going to put it however they want anyway. It’s part of the thing where you reveal what you want to reveal and you talk about what you want to talk about. People ask you about whatever they think the audience is interested in and you can’t really dictate.”

He is more bemused by the response to his other roles. “I think just because Twilight became so prominent and kind of mainstream, people think I’m similar to the character, but Edward’s such a specific part. I always find it so funny when you do any other part. They’re like ‘this is him kind of acting now’. What did you think I was doing in Twilight?”

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Promotional Tour Master Post

Posted by Kirsty at 20:26 

Promotional Tour Schedule

Click the event names to see all the information, times and live streams. :)

22/10/12 Australian Photo Call HQ Pictures
22/10/12 Australian Press Junket:
22/10/12 Australian Fan Event: Start Times 5PM AEST/7AM BST/8AM CET/2AM ET/11PM PT
22/10/12 The Project TV Show:
23/10/12 Sunrise 7 TV Appearance:
23/10/12 Kyle and Jackie O Show:
28/10/12 – 03/11/12 Breaking Dawn World Wide Press Junket:
05/11/12 Jimmy Kimmel Live:
05/11/12 Recording Ellen:
08/11/12 Jimmy Fallon Show:
09/11/12 Ellen Airing:
12/11/12 LA Premiere:
14/11/12 UK Premiere: Live Stream
15/11/12 Spanish Premiere:
16/11/12 German Premiere:

Other cast members talking about Rob:

You can find all the Breaking Dawn related competitions in one handy place by clicking HERE.

Throughout the tour we will be constantly updating the RPUK Gallery. Click the picture below to be transported into a world of Robert Pattinson pictures! :)

Source: RP UK

Audio: Robert Pattinson Interview with Ant & Sami Lukis – Talks skinny jeans, BD2, RPattz, Mackenzie and more


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The Fashion Court has a wish list for Robert Pattinson’s Press Tour...

 Posted by Sarah at 23:30 

What they could wear, what they should wear.

This article from the Fashion Court website talks about Rob’a choice of clothes for previous premieres and wonders what he might wear on the coming promotional tour for Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Worth reading to see some of the suits and imagine Rob wearing them.

Next week the press tour for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2? will officially kick off with fan events, press junkets and premieres all over the globe. A lot of press means a lot of appearances to appreciate some fashion. As the vampire and wolf-man leads, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will be doing some serious traveling to support the final installment of the franchise — and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some cool suits.

I selected the following looks for Robert and Taylor based on many reasons. Some of the designs I straight up want them to wear, but for others, I simply like the color, cut or general unique style. Hopefully they’ll end up wearing something close to…any of it.

Enjoy my picks and don’t forget to check back with The Fashion Court over the next several weeks as I cover and review what they end up wearing. If you’re not already following me on Twitter, make sure you get on that as I’ll usually ID the clothes before the post goes live here – @courtjustice and @TheFashionCourt!

Read the full article here which suit is your favourite?


Source: RP UK

Robert Pattinson to Appear on Sunrise 7, Australia – 23 October

Posted by Sam at 13:49 


Robert Pattinson has another TV appearance promoting Breaking Dawn part 2 whilst in Australia, this time it’s Sunrise 7 on Tuesday, 23 October. The programme airs from 6-9am (Europe/US will get it on 22 October – 8-11PM BST / 9PM-12AM CET/ 3-6PM ET / 12-3PM PT).

Live stream link:

We’ll add to the master post for appearances and also our side bar.

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ICYMI: Robert Pattinson's The Rover Film Dates

Posted by Sarah at 22:03


This isn’t new but a reminder that Robert Pattinson will return to filming very soon now and we can’t wait to see him on set.

The Australian website Inside Film are reporting the proposed start of shooting date for The Rover as 24th January 2013 and the proposed wrap date as late March 2013.

Thanks to Source

Source: RP UK

HQ Pics of Robert Pattinson at the Fan Event in Sydney   

Here are some HQ pics of Robert Pattinson at the fan event in Sydney. 


Source: ToR

Links to all the latest Breaking Dawn Part 2 promotional coverage, premieres and interviews will be listed here.

October 22nd: Sydney

PhotocallHQ Pics
Fan EventHQ Pics | Video | Fan Pics |
Project TV Show: Full Video | HQ Pics | Fan Pics | Screencaps | Fan Videos
Ten News: Video

October 22/23rd

Kyle and Jackie O Show’ (Live): 6-9AM AEST  23rd (Monday 22nd October: 8-11PM BST / 9PM-12AM CET/ 3-6PM ET / 12-3PM PT
Livestream | Screencaps |
Sunrise on 7:  6-9AM AEST (Monday 22nd October: 8-11PM BST / 9PM-12AM CET/ 3-6PM ET / 12-3PM PT
Livestream | Screencaps |

please note that no members of Thinking of Rob are attending any of the above events. Note: BST/GMT= UK.
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VIDEO: Robert Pattinson on The Project TV Show  

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Catch up on everything 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Promo - All picture...

This post will keep being updated with all pictures, videos, interviews and more - Everything 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Promo. Scroll for new posts.

Australia Promo


'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Sydney Photocall - Tons of HQ pictures from the photocall. Great great ones
'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Australia Fan Event - Hundreds of HQ and fan pictures of Rob at the fan event
Candids of Rob arriving in Australia - Pictures of Rob arriving in Sydney on Oct 21st



The Fix - Rob talks "vampire diet", playing a dad, Breaking Dawn - Part 2
Today Show Rob talks about the end of Twilight, how it changed his life, keeping his private life private
Kyle and Jackie O - Rob talks about the end of Twilight, the cast, most challenging scene, movie that made him cry, The Rover and more
Fitzy & Wippa - Rob talks about doing sex faces during the BD sex scene, saying goodbye to Edward, The Rover and more
Sunrise - Rob talks about the last day of filming Breaking Dawn, doing promo, The Rover and more
Sky News Australia - Rob talks about how Australians are really fit and red carpet footage from the fan event
The Project - Rob talks doinf his own stunts, contact lenses, life after Twilight, how public his life is
And & Sami Lukis - Rob talks skinny jeans, BD2, 'RPattz', Mackenzie and more
Sydney Morning Herald - Rob talks 'RPattz', Breaking Dawn - Part 2 and the obsession with his private life + New Picture
Ten News - Rob talks Breaking Dawn - Part 2, 'toy cigarette' and screaming fans 


MTV Australia - Rob talks Breaking Dawn - Part 2, The Rover, fight scenes and Kristen as a vampire
The Herald Sun - Rob talks Twilight Spin Off
Soure: RPL

Rob's Interview with The Fix

Youtube or watch at the source

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