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I thought that it would be nice to have a place to post anything relating to Robert Pattinson without worry of crossing the boundaries of the discussion.  Feel free to add anything that you think might be of interest to other fans.

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Rob's Interview With Fitzy & Wippa

Youtube or watch at the source: Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3

Youtube thanks to @DiarioTwilight
Source: RPL

Robert Pattinson smouldering Down Under HQ Style!

Australia just got hotter with Robert Pattinson and a photo call for Breaking Dawn Part 2 promo.

Wow... just wow. That smile.




The smirk and the dimple... he know, he just knows.


The name's Pattinson, Rob Pattinson.


Little bit of hand p0rn for Kate to wake up to tomorrow!


Many, many more HQ's for your click, lick and saving pleasure after the break...

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"Pattinson....Rob Pattinson"

my fav of these ones

Thnx Irene!

More pensive pictures of Robert Pattinson during Sydney photocall f...

More pensive pictures of Robert Pattinson during Sydney photocall for Breaking Dawn Part 2 promo

Stretch those long legs, Rob! We've got some thinking to do...


He's trying to figure out if he goes full smile or back to broody, pensive...


Oh man...he went FULL pensive. Rob's version of the Thinking Man. LOVE.


LAWD. Look at him brood and ponder....I don't know what he's pondering but he's the best looking thinker ever.


MORE after the cut and what was Rob wearing?

HQ Pics Of Robert Pattinson On The Sydney "Breaking Dawn Part 2" Re...

UPDATE 3: More Added (After The Cut)
UPDATE 2: Added More HQ's 
UPDATE: MORE HQ's Added (Scroll Down)  
HQ Pics Of Robert Pattinson On The Sydney "Breaking Dawn Part 2" Red Carpet

OMG That smile! He's trying to KILL US with the cuteness


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dean is mine, don't take him away again!! 


Giggles. Yeap totally natural reaction to have when Rob is near 


TONS MORE HQ's After The Cut 

MORE Pics Of Robert Pattinson Looking Stunning At His Photoshoot In...

MORE Pics Of Robert Pattinson Looking Stunning At His Photoshoot In Sydney 

Strutting his stuff like no one else can 


*STARES* NO Words 


Click for HQ


Check out more of the gorgeous pics from the photoshoot posted earlier HERE & HERE
Source: Robsessed

MORE *NEW* Cute HQ Pics Of A Giggly Robert Pattinson On The BD2 Red...

UPDATE 2 : Added More HQ's (After The Cut) 
UPDATE MORE HQ's Added To The Bottom Of The Post 
MORE *NEW* Cute HQ Pics Of A Giggly Robert Pattinson On The BD2 Red Carpet In Sydney

Rob: *whispers* We have a problem, this is serious, Goz doesn't like the shirt.


 Couldn't help myself I HAD to make this (sorry it's not great I'm sure someone will make a better one ;-} I'll post it up when they do) 


Sweet Smiles from Rob Awwwwwwwwwwwwww 


Ooooh something's caught his eye 


LOADS MORE HQ's After The Cut 

*NEW* HQ & Fan Pics Of Robert Pattinson Working The Sydney Red ...

*NEW* HQ & Fan Pics Of Robert Pattinson Working The Sydney Red Carpet

Rob tries to explain to Goz why he won't be burning his shirt anytime soon. I don't think she's gonna listen Rob.


Click for HQ


New fan pics + account from the Breaking Dawn Fanevent in Sydney   

Thanks to Tara for sharing those fan pics and her great fan account with Rob

Read her fan account and more pics after the jump!

Then it finally stopped and we thought “woo yeah it’s gonna be alright when Rob comes!”… it wasn’t. We had to wait just over an hour in the horrid weather but Mr. Pattinson finally came! Rob came out and was such a gentleman; it was pouring rain and I had my Bella and Edward’s wedding invite that I got from the BDP1 midnight session with me for him to sign, but it was all wet from the rain Rob couldn’t sign it. It was so funny cause when he saw it he was like, “Wow, that’s so cool. Where did you get that? Did you steal it?” ahsbdbdjdbdjeje. Rob was so adorable, because it was wet and he couldn’t sign it he was so concerned that I couldn’t get his autograph so he asked his security for a piece of paper and signed that for me and I got two photos :’) Then I went around and got more photos of his flawless face and another autograph.

Rob went around and made sure he signed every autograph and that everyone had a chance to meet him, always the gentleman. Nova also interviewed us twice! (We heard ourselves on the bus on the way back haha). We then went inside the hall and it was decorated incredibly! Everyone had a colour assigned to them on their lanyard and it was a circular thing with four diffferent coloured corners and there was fake snow when you walked in and people dressed as the Volturi with wolves (they were actually just huskies). They had food and drinks and it was just perfect ugh.

Before the Q&A started Ben Hazelwood from The Voice performed a couple of songs while Rob signed autographs for all the fans outside. Then Lizzy Lovette came out and introduced Rob! The Q&A was great, Rob is so funny. We weren’t allowed to film (although I did catch a few sneaky people, but I didn’t want to risk it), but there was someone professionally filming it at the back, so I’m guessing that’ll surface on the internet sooner or later. One of my favourite parts from the Q&A was when Rob was asked what he would be doing if he wasn’t acting, to which he replied, “designing lingerie,” hahaha oh Rob. I was sitting on the little runway during the Q&A, directly in front of Rob and we made eye contact so many times, it was beautiful. As the Q&A was about to finish, the security guard asked me to move off the runway and I knew they were gonna walk on it. So as Rob passed me I asked for a hifive and he gave me one and kind of grabbed my hand so I latched onto his and we held hands for like two seconds and stared into eachothers eyes, it was magical /swoon.

Rob and Lizzy went too another stage where there was a big screen and we got to see about 10 minutes of Breaking Dawn Part 2, there were three different clips. I’m not going to spoil anything, but those clips looked AMAZING! Rob introduced the clips then sadly had to leave the building.

All in all it was a perfect day and I’m still having to pinch myself because I can’t believe it actually happened! Thank you to Hoyts and Nova for giving me the chance to have this experience!

Read the rest of the great fan account here

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