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I thought that it would be nice to have a place to post anything relating to Robert Pattinson without worry of crossing the boundaries of the discussion.  Feel free to add anything that you think might be of interest to other fans.

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You are welcome,Joy :)

Apparently becoming the new face of Dior includes locking lips with a gorgeous mystery woman ... but mystery no more! A couple weeks after a photo of Robert Pattinson kissing a blonde while filming a new commercial for Christian Dior's men fragrance surfaced online, so did the young woman's identity.

While early speculation indicated the woman was possibly actress Alma Jodorowsky, her rep quickly ruled that out and the model makeout partner has since been revealed as the French beauty Camille Rowe. The model recently graced the cover of Elle France and has also appeared in campaigns for the Australian swimwear brand Seafolly, Gap, Coach and others -- including, of course,Pattinson's steamy multimillion-dollar Dior deal.

See pics of Camille Rowe below:

camille rowe

camille rowe

Robert Pattinson has sparked speculation that he will star in the film version of the raunchy novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

According to the Daily Star, the rumours started doing the rounds after the Twilight hunk, 27, was seen talking with the author of the book, E.L. James, when she came

to a party at his house in Los Feliz.

Meanwhile, Superman star, Henry Cavill, is also said to be in the running for the role.


Can't believe that Rob and Kristen have broken up. i know that this happened in May but it is still so sad :( Luckily i have the Twilight Saga box set so i can watch them when they are happily together, lucky me :p 


I love it!  I'm a huge fan of Elvis so it goes without saying that this newest development is quite tantalizing!

Look through the comparison pictures on Hollywood Life.  He certainly goes for a certain type.

Wow,they do look so similar! Like they could almost pass for twins. Yet another celebrity look-alikes! 


@ Caramella and Smitha....

Smitha, How are you?...did you recieve my inbox a while back? I wanted to know. And...yes...Smitha,... they are Dead ringers...if she just dyed her hair dark brown..."POOF", it's Kristen's clone. Even Katy Perry resembles Kristen... because Pattinson's "ideal" woman is  the image of Kristen.....

Pattinson will surround himself with kristen-like clones to pacify his pain during this 'separation' process. However, Intuitively, I don't feel they're officially over. WHY? Because a Man that is happy to be "FREE & single" doesn't move "ON" by finding the nearest replica/prototype of his "supposed" x-girl friend. Logical...right? He is clearly mourning her absence despite their inherent difficulties at the present time.

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS...and for me, he is not over Kristen by a long-shot. If he can't have the real "model'' the knock-off will satiate the void for the TIME-BEING. He may be unhappy or not  currently "like" Kristen's behavior..but he still loves her.  True love can't be shut-off intermittently like a light switch.

And clearly, if their love wasn't real they would have broken up at the onset of her cheating. The cheating was a symptom to a greater "problem/deficit'' in the structure of their relationship. I don't think Robert or kristen gave themselves 'individual' time to figure out what was the 'reason' for kristen cheating. I think they held on so 'tight'...they lost themselves in the process.


Caramella...waves to you girl...haven't corresponded with you in a are you?

I know you love any connection to ELVIS:)...especially blood-line...and I think Riley would be interesting for Rob from a "musically" connected way. But, I'm in not an advocate for the breakdown of Rob/kristen's relationship. I actually think they belong together...despite the obstacles they have faced over the past year. Maybe this separation will be beneficial for both of find out what they need in make their relationship healthy/functional.

What do you girls think? agree? disagree?



The articles indicate that Rob has known Riley for a number of years.  At least as far back as when she starred alongside Kristen in The Runaways.  I think that most guys are attracted to a certain type of girl.  Riley may have a similar look but may have a healthier attitude.  You may think that Rob and Kristen belong together, and I certainly thought so for a long time, but what the two of them had together seemed to be so dysfunctional.  It might have been the Twilight connection that kept them together.  I wish them the best individually or together as a couple.



I know what you're saying....and I do realize that  Pattinson has known Riley from the past....

And yes....we all have a "certain'' type we 'like'...but, to appears like he's grasping for a ghost image of his former love. Maybe because this type of woman is familiar? Or safe? or because kristen is truly his "ideal" love....(only he knows that answer...I 'm on the outside observing)....

I do believe that the Twilight atmosphere/setting was partially the cohesive glue to their relationship. It was a ethereal fantasy world....with mystical powers/beauty, sex, marriage and a ''prefect" baby....and reality got blurred along the edges of their inherent which they were never properly addressed. Because the comfort, familiarity and fantasy of twilight-land softened /blurred any underlying issues....

I do think their real life identities were grafted with their Bella/Edward characters...because they see so many elements of themselves already in their personalities. This is why they were attracted to each other AND the world/characters of twilight. They identified/understood Bella/Edward on a personal level.

I think stewart...being a child actress....lost part of herself in Bella and her real identity became ONE/synonymous with her character. Pattinson tried to separate himself from  the identity of Edward with each movie installment and Kristen became more and more engrossed with  Bella's character. SHE STARTED TO ASSUME HER CHARACTERISTICS in real life and with her relationship with Robert.

But, Caramella...I do believe the foundation of their love to be especially strong, spiritual/unique. Some say LOVE is not enough...I say LOVE is everything.....with  true love, any obstacle can be overcome.

But, like you said...Caramella...I wish them the best of happiness...separate or together. In my heart....I just hope they find their way back to each other....because that would be the best "REAL" LOVE STORY ever witnessed or told.



‘Maps To The Stars’, starring John Cusack & Robert Pattinson, will film in Toronto this summer

by Christine on May 30, 2013 · 0 comments

in Daily Filming Locations, News, Toronto

It’s official, the highly anticipated movie Maps To The Stars, starring John Cusack and Robert Pattinson, will begin filming in Toronto in July.

According to Production Weekly, “David Cronenberg’s MAPS TO THE STARS has opened production offices at Cinespace Film Studios in Toronto and will shoot from 7/8 – 8/12.”

Here’s the movie’s official synopsis:


Films International

Maps to the Stars

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Director: David Cronenberg

Language: English

Plot Summary

Led by the loathsome yet funny and touching child-star Benjie, we witness the convoluted world of shallow, selfish celebrities and their minions, all of whom are about to be manipulated and destroyed by the young woman who literally represents the fruit of their twisted machinations, Agatha, Benjie’s tormented, apparently psychotic sister. As much as it is a sharp, comic look at a vacant and corrupt world, MAPS TO THE STARS is also a haunting ghost story.



Julianne Moore
Robert Pattinson
John Cusack
Mia Wasikowska
Olivia Williams
Sarah Gadon
Evan Bird

Thank you Pei!  Sarah Gadon is the woman that appeared with him in Cosmopolis.  Of course it is another Cronenberg film.


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