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I thought that it would be nice to have a place to post anything relating to Robert Pattinson without worry of crossing the boundaries of the discussion.  Feel free to add anything that you think might be of interest to other fans.

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Thank you SO much,Irene! 

You're welcome, Smitha! Nice to see you dropping by. Missed you.

What a great article. Thanks Irene! You can't help but like him. He's so unaffected by stardom.

HQ SCREENCAPS of the BTS video of Rob for Dior Homme   



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GIFs of the BTS video of Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme  


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Aww, Robert Pattinson is just so CUTE :D

A Guide to the Dior Homme Official Website   

The Dior Homme site looks amazing. #DiorRob everywhere, lots of new pictures and of course the full ad!

Here’s a guide to not miss anything. There are 4 different mini-sites (The film, Manifesto, Gallery and The Fragance) each one with a few mini-pages.

You can watch the full Dior Homme ‘The Film’ there and all the mini films (click on the boxes on the timeline of the video) 

You can watch the full video on Dailymotion here


More after the jump!cologne

Click here to go to the Manifesto

Life is short,
break the rules
(they were made to be broken)
Forgive quickly,
kiss slowly
Love truly,
laugh uncontrollably
And never regret anything
that makes you smile
You are who you are meant to be
Dance as if no one’s watching
Love as if it’s all you know,
dream as if you’ll live forever,
live as if you’ll die today

Schermafbeelding 2013-09-01 om 20.25.30

Click HERE to go to the Gallery

Loads of new pictures on the gallery and the commercial’s making of.

CLICK HERE to go to the page about Rob


Robert Pattinson is one of those rare actors who plays with elegance and a certain casualness, an obvious modernity.

Without any effort or posturing, he now projects a determined image, located at the intersection of one’s dark seduction, his longing for authenticity and a desire for intensity.

He chooses today to move where he sees fit. Free to claim cinematic choices as daring as they are sharp.

He starts with identifying new artistic achievements, simultaneously as the Dior man enters a new era.

The meeting was inevitable …

Filmed by Romain Gavras, he embodies a certain idea of masculinity against the current flow of ideas, such as his legendary seniors, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Paul Newman and Monty Clift.

A manhood where vulnerability makes their difference, and sensitivity their strength.

It seems obvious he inherited from all those who drove fast, loved hard and lived with the only rule to be free, against all odds.

The page about Romain Gavras (you can watch the making-of video posted last week there)galleryromainAnd the page about Nan GoldingallerynanTHE FRAGANCE

Dior HommefragancediorhommeDior Homme InternsediorhommeinternseDior Homme SportfragancesportDior Homme ColognecologneThnx to RPLife

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Irene, I came here yesterday before I went elsewhere because I knew you would post it! ;-)  You did not have it up yet; but I did see it yesterday and I have to say that I was/am really impressed.  Then to learn why and how much input/thought he gave it said to me that he really wants to be seen as an actor first and not all the other labels.  I really respect that, but more importantly, I think he accomplished in this short film much of what I look for in actors: he sold me on his role instead of his name.   He sold that product as something women would want to buy for their would want to wear for attention....or some may by just to personally smell.  Now that is selling the product!  Smart, sexy, intriguing, strong, bold, .....beautiful. Very impressive. Thanks for sharing!

You're welcome, Pinkie.

New Robert Pattinson inteview in Wienerin Magazine – Austria   

New Robert Pattinson inteview in Wienerin Magazine – Austria


“Finally All Grown Up”

“For years I had the Twilight movies. Now, if you take a break for two years, there are 50 other actors there to replace you.”

“Luxury means to not have to worry.”

“Traditional masculinity doesn’t work any more.”

Not an easy catch.

Robert Pattinson about masculinity, luxury, and his personal style.
How do you feel as the new face of the Dior fragrance?
When Dior made me the offer I was shocked. Dior – the name alone is a myth… They asked after Twilight was over so the timing was right. They really piqued my interest.

So you were an easy catch?
Easy? No! (laughs) In the past doing a commercial would not have appealed to me because I couldn’t imagine that a real actor would do something like that. But meanwhile I have made a few movies and have grown as an actor. When we sat together with the director of the Dior spot to do some brainstorming I was fascinated by the artistic claim. I suddenly thought “What we do here is like a filmlet!” From this moment on I was really enthusiastic. So when you look at it that way the Dior campaign was a challenge for me. One that added to my past work in an exciting way.

The Dior man stands for luxury and natural elegance. What do these attributes mean to you personally?
The first thing that comes to my mind is an implied effortlessness. I think true luxury means to not have to worry about anything. When I shot the Dior film I actually really felt like that.

As the face of Dior Homme you’re supposed to speak to men your age. How would you describe your generation?
I’m 27 and I’ve just realized that no one is treating me like a child anymore. It feels weird to suddenly feel like an adult who is perceived by those around him differently than before. It’s hard to pinpoint what my generation is like. For most people my age the past ten years have been – just like for me – a transition period and many still try to find questions to the most basic mysteries of life. At least I do (grins).

What does masculinity mean to you?
Traditional masculinity doesn’t work anymore in today’s modern world. It’s a weird time for guys. Well, it’s probably also a weird time for girls (laughs). Masculinity, to me that always means being reliable and relatively pragmatic. But it also stands for so many ambiguous things. As an actor you often have to express certain ambiguities in a character. You’re both reliable and wild or loving and carefree at the same time. I don’t know if that is something I’d associate with masculinity. I just know that the code has changed massively over the past few years.

Traditional masculinity is often associated with the image of the “Lonely Cowboy”. Is freedom something important to you?
Absolutely. Once you’ve become a part of the public eye, you’re professional life is often confined. You’re stereotyped and caught in a certain character who people associate you with. Sometimes I like to make a joke out of manipulating the way people perceive me. I want artistic freedom even if it’s just to challenge myself over and over again. One of my latest roles, in “The Rover”, was very liberating by the way. We shot the movie in Australia, in the middle of nowhere. The character I play doesn’t have any teeth and was covered in mud and dirt from head to toe. But I didn’t care. I was running around half naked and was able to do things you usually can’t do when you’re constantly watched.

Usually the characters you play are pretty stylish. How would you describe your own style?
I have a couple of good basics that I wear day after day. When it comes to clothes, the most important thing for me is how they’re cut. As long as a piece of clothes fits well I don’t care about the rest. Then I wear it until it literally falls off of me.

Do you have any role models when it comes to fashion?
Jack Nicholson. I’ve always liked people for whom clothes are a mere necessity. It’s probably a man thing. I like things that are durable with regards to trends, things that are of top quality, [things] that last long. I always thought that it was cooler to only have one outfit – but one that you can wear to anything and anywhere.

What Robert Pattinson Really Loves

What’s your…

…place to go to when you want to relax?
Rural England.

…favorite book?
Everything by Martin Amis.

…favorite singer?
Probably Van Morrison.

…you’re preferred time of day?
Depends on what I did the day before.

…favorite moment from the past?
I don’t really have one… But probably one that has to do with music.

…favorite animal?
My two dogs.

…favorite word?

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Master Post – Robert Pattinson for Dior #DiorRob 


The House of Dior recently announced that actor Robert Pattinson is to be the new face of Dior Homme fragrance. American photographer Nan Goldin and French director Romain Gavrais shot the campaigns starring Pattinson, Dior said, noting they are to be broadcast in Europe excluding the U.K. and Asia, excluding China and Japan.

In this master post, you can find handy quick links to all pictures, videos, commercials, interviews that have been released so far.

Dior Announcement: HERE

Full Dior Commercial. 4.38 mins: HERE | Screencaps: HERE
Dior Homme; The Film. 1.08 mins version: Video (#1 on page)
Uncensored official directors cut. 1.46 mins version: Video (#2 on page) | Gifs: HERE
Extra scenes: (Last video) HERE | Gifs: HERE | Screencaps: HERE
Official Behind the Scenes of the Shoot. 2.08 mins: Video (#4 on page) | Screencaps | Gifs

Robert Pattinson Official Dior Interview: Full Video & Screencaps | Shorter official Dior version: HERE (#3 on page | Gifs: HERE

Dior Rob Pictures & Gifs: HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE |

Magazines (interviews/pictures/scans): Le Figaro (France) | Gala (Germany) | InStyle (uk) | Elle (Brazil) | Wienerin (Austria) | Elle France | GQ (Spain) | Mens Health (Ukraine) | Interview (Germany) | Glamour (Spain) | El Pais (Spain) | Instyle (Germany) | GQ (Germany) |

A guide to the Official Dior website; which contains information on the available colognes, pictures, videos and more. HERE

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New Robert Pattinson picture from Dior Tumblr  


source: Dior Tumblr

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