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I thought that it would be nice to have a place to post anything relating to Robert Pattinson without worry of crossing the boundaries of the discussion.  Feel free to add anything that you think might be of interest to other fans.

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The film is about racial and social tensions in Los Angeles and is based loosely on a real life incident.  The opening scene is a car accident involving a police detective.  Right from the get go racial insults are traded and it goes on from there.  In my estimation it was a very ugly picture.  However, immediately upon viewing I knew that it would be an award winner.  Nothing detracts from the quality of the film it's just that it is so dark.  There is a scene where two cops stop a black couple driving a large SUV (it looked similar to one carjacked earlier that day) and the one cop sexually molests the wife right in the presence of the husband who does nothing to stop the assault.  I was cringing during the entire movie.

thanks for your input.  i had heard about the topic.  i wonder if i'll be able to sit through it.

It was hard for me.

That was a hard scene to watch, Caramella, I agree, but the stories and how they intertwined, and the characters they played all had two sides to them and we got to see both sides of the main characters and the "why's" behind the ways they acted in certain situations, their weaknesses and their strengths. Matt Dillon's character, as horrid as he was, when it really counted in life or death, he stepped up. It doesn't entirely redeem him but he was less monsterous after that.

Sandra Bullock's character was classic nasty plastic witch. but you got to see how artificial her life was and you felt sorry for her as time went on.

The young cop....the 2 black guys.... It just went on and on....each storyline had 2 sides to them.

It is a very serious drama, with very real situations that occur daily anywhere, and was well put together. It had some elements that were not for tender eyes, but it left you thinking for days afterward. Shindlers List and Erin Brokovich are other movies that did the same thing to me. They left me going "wow" afterwards.

I agree with everything that you said Leanne.  None the less that movie was difficult for me to watch.  As I said previously the film had a brilliance to it in both performance and execution.  However, if I'm seeking out entertainment I'm not always in the mood for the movies that haunt me in a bad way.  This one spoke of so much that is wrong with mankind. 
"cool blue!"
that is beautiful, Rosa!!!  his eyes are so gorgeous, so bright and engaging.
when you go to the site, you'll see a very early pix of rob, a pix that has been posted multiple times on edward's pix thread.  i think it is interesting how they chose that particular representation of him, so young.  i tried to post it here but it wouldn't accept.

Sam Bradley talks about Rob

he talks a whole lot about himself and only mentions rob in passing. 

perhaps if i liked listening to his music, i might have enjoyed it more.  there are probably tons of folks on this site who will enjoy it though.  thanks for posting, caramella.  :)
Same here. Thanks, Caramella. :)
I know Pat.  I think that the main reason I posted it was because Rob likes him so much.


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