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add some robsten pictures here!!

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She is out of her dress and he still has his maroon suit on. soooo is this after the premiere and she changed into something more comfortable. I like them were you there or did you get them from a site?

I love the two above the last one and the big one where she is grabbing his shirt is my all time favorite of them so far. Well besides them kissing at the mtv awards. They look so beautiful together.
I like the pic of Kris and Rob where he has short hair and she is holding his shirt slightly? last third from bottom up..... I decided to save it... :)
I totally agree with you about the interview thing. I once read an interview where he was defending her because ppl wrote about her not handling interviews well and he defended her. It was so sweet and I couldn't agree with you more they complete each other. It is strange how they are so much alike.
i cnt agree w u guys mor
very nicely said Chloe!!!!! lol... I do think they are together. :)
No problem Chloe. I am a die hard until proven otherwise. I root for them to make it because they are so good together.
oh so lovely pictures. what i love best about rob and kris is when he whispers in her ear and she actually listens with such a secret smile. they are so very cute!
This one is probably my all time favorite of them together. They look so in tune with eachother. :)

I agree they are so good together. It is adorable how they lean there heads together and she is grabbing at his shirt. Super sexy and sweet
oh yeah. they look so in tune with eachother and they fit perfect too. ;)


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