The Twilight Saga

You can be a char from the book or you can make your own. I hope you enjoy.






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Name: flames burning in the sky /short name:sky

Planet: fire planet but now she's living on the earth

ocupation: artist

Appearance: long curly brown/reddish hair, white pale sking with freckles, light blue eyes, athletic body, tall

Personality:sky is a strong, brave woman and always tries to help everybody. when she wants something, she does everything she can to get it, has a huge imagination and she's very sociable, she loves being with her friends and have fun with them.
she enjoys listening to good music, reading books and spending days on the beach walking with her bare feet in the sand, meditating and watching the sunset.

History: sky was inserted in micaela sommers body, when her host was 6 years old. she came from the fire planet so she wasn't used to human emotions specially when the host is a kid so she had a really hard time on her first year as she was getting used to her new body and her new life. she lived with her host's family (mom, dad, 1 brother, 2 sisters) and she was the youngest... at the begining she hated her siblings because they were older than her and she wasn't used to human bondings and sharing a house with 5 other people but now she's 19 and she loves her family and they're really close
well let's start now...
sky was looking for some food and a soul saw her running out of the house so she ran away for 2 hours and now she's hidden in the woods
sky saw a light like 80ft away and the panic invaded her body so she couldn't move to escape.... the light is coming closer and it's too late for her to run and get away... she thinks "this is the end for me"
are you rushing ?
sky finally got to move her legs and ran away from the light.... it was a motorcycle, she was running away but something hit her back and fell to the floor hitting her head to a rock
"ouch" that's the only thing i was able to think when i woke up.... i was on the floor and all i could see was a weird form above me.... i tried to scream but there was something in my mouth... a piece of fabric..."where am i, what's gonna happen to me" i thought.
"stay away from me!!!" i yelled at the woman who was talking to me.. it has been a long time since i left the comunity of the souls when i realized i wansn't like them... they weren't what i thought they were, so i didn't want any soul near me. "what do you want from me??" i yelled when she came closer..
"then leave me alone!!!!" i tried to stand up but my head was spinning around so i fell again, the woman offered me her hand and i didn't take her... i was too proud to recieve her help
(it's dark she can't see)
"if you're not a seeker, what the hell do you want??" i said... i was confused she just left and she didn't hurt me??? what the hell is wrong with her
i walked behind her and grabbed her arm, she turned around and looked at me and i could read the words in her expression "what the hell is happening to you crazy girl" so i asked "who are you??"


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