The Twilight Saga

You can be a char from the book or you can make your own. I hope you enjoy.






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can we start RPing please? start from my last comment plz
(We're in a cave by the way x) you know, in hiding)
Sara: I'm so sorry. *I said to Alexis.*
can we start rping please?? can u start from my last comment when i hit someone x
((We cant RP with your character if she's no where near ours.))
((We're in a cave, hiding from the seekers.))
Rose: *I glanced up and saw Nix sneeking away. I looked at her confused, but didnt say anything, in case she didnt want to be seen.*
well i'm going to tell you my story:

lets cut it short okay: in the story im in love with ian not wanda,wanda is the same age as jamie and is in love with jamie.We are one big family.kyle tried to kill me too,ian shot him in the leg after i saved him.I'm like wanda just im called sapphire...i have the same story as wanda but im sapphire okay?makes sense huh.well what ever im going to start rping soon okay please respond ;)
((Um, is Ian, Wanda, Kyle, and Jared even in this RP lol? And again, we can't respond to your character if she is no where near ours))
were are you????? im bored and jared is in this RPing
((For the millionth time, we are in a cave hiding from the Seekers!!!!))


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