The Twilight Saga

You can be a char from the book or you can make your own. I hope you enjoy.






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isn't everyone? lol ^.^
im in a hospital i a few minutes i will be driving home and luckily i might meet someone on the way... >.> <./body>
((Okay cool but we're RPing a totally different story, we're making it up as we go...))

I noticed Nix leaving but tried not to show it. She obviously had somewhere to go since she was constantly checking her phone.
Sara: *I looked at Alexis.* Where do you think Nix is going? *I asked*
I shrugged."I was going to ask you the same question." I told Sara.
Sara: Maybe we should follow her... Just to be sure she's safe. *I said.*
Name:Jared Howe

Planets: im human


Appearance:tan skin,sienna coloured eyes,tawny hair,tall.

Personality:Strong,was bitter before mel came back,used to hate sapphire now has a deep(friends!) relationship,never gives up and is always determind to complete his goal,loves melanie and jamie very much...and sapphire to of course.funny,kind of violent,brave.

history:He fell in love with melanie stryder but she had to leave and didnt come back for a long time...but when she comes back she isnt her self shes been used as a host for a soul.
Rose: We shouldnt follow her. Obiviously she wants to be alone.

Sara: *I glared at Rose*
I glanced at Rose."Well, we humans are stubborn and we're gonna follow her."
Sara: When you say 'We're,' does that mean I get to go too? *smiles*
(Welcome back :D how's Australia?)

I smiled back at Sara."If you feel well enough to go then you can go." I said. Then I looked at everyone else in the room."We're going to follow Nix and help her if we can, only a few of us can go. Agreed?"
Sara: Agreed. *I said, standing up.*


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