The Twilight Saga

You can be a char from the book or you can make your own. I hope you enjoy.






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daamn (sorry hehe) thats torture :s i have final exams next week :(
I've got it off easy, I guess. I don't have any homework or anything over the holidays, but I am starting a new school this year.
Man, this is dead. That is really dissappointing, but I guess it's been stretched out as far as it can go.
Sad face :(
Same, this was the only RP I stuck with through my time on the site, but now that everyones gone it just wont work.
Hey guys!
Thisis Shyanne!
Sorry I dissapeared! My account got deleted on accident and I haven't had the time to remake one.
I don't know if any of you will see this but I'm planning on making a rp like this if you wantto join!


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