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You can be a char from the book or you can make your own. I hope you enjoy.






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"i'm sky" i said "where am i??" i was wondering... i hadn't seen this place before, i was nervous for what could i find here...
"what??" i freaked out when i heard phoenix say those words. if she wasn't a seeker, if she was a rebel soul like me, how could she bring me to this place, a place she's not sure is safe.
"what do you mean you're not sure??" i was hysterical... i needed some answers, an i needed them now.
hey wow! This is cool! Let me join too! Pleaase! ^^

Name: Petals Dancing Against Breeze "Petal"

Planet: Former ones - Spider, Bat, Dolphin, Flower and recently Earth

Appearance: Chocolate brown shoulder length hair, with pinkish fair skin, navy blue eyes, about 5'4", likes to wear anything sleeveless on top with jeans as her bottom.

Personality: Calm and composed, can be sociable when she wants to, has high intellect due to being a spider once, hates fights but is willing to protect the ones she love, sometimes sweet sometimes cold - she's got a mystery in her eyes that one couldn't predict so easily, loves to collect flowers and press them in her books, loves her only human little sister, Lolita

History: Recently been inserted to a human female novelist named Rouina Salazar, everyone expects her calling to be a novelist. The host's sister Lolita, was still an intact pure human when her sister Rouina's been captured. Rouina's parents were killed by a car accident leaving them as orphans. After insertion, Petal is tasked to erase Rouina and manipulate her memories only to be defeated by Rouina's thinking that Petal is just her character from one of her novels. Playing along Rouina's imagination, Petal found herself dragged to Rouina's extraterrestrial story and loving her little sister which after several months made Petal decide not to insert little Lolita with another soul.
"runaway caves???" i asked surprised... i hadn't heard of this places before "how did you find this place if you haven't been here before??" my head was still spinning around, i was really dizzy and everything was so confusing "is there more people like us??"
"Lolita? Where are you?"
Petal stepped out from one of the insides of the caves. She felt her heart beat a little faster each moment. Her little sister Lolita was very adventurous. In fact, it was this 7 year old kid who discovered this cave. There were having a dry picnic in one of the caves. Lolita said that she had friends here. Though, Petal didn't trust this cave enough, she couldn't resist but to give in to Lolita's desire. She was technically spoiling the kid. That's when she heard two people. My little sister!!! Could it be that they kidnapped her?! Look they're souls like you, too! Yes! They kidnapped my sister! Get her please! Get her! Rouina cried. "Could you just calm down? I'll just talk to them casually. Don't want to surprise them with guns in my hand, that would be irrationally aggressive. Relax, ok?" Petal mentally replied.
So she stepped in right in front of them.
"Hi! I'm Petal. Visiting the cave?"
i was really scared whe this girl i haven't seen before walked into the room, who was her, i wanted to know everything, i hated being ignorant when there was danger ahead but nix was really calmed so i tried to do the same with no succes: "what's your name??, do you live here???, are there more people here??" i noticed the silver reflex on her eyes, that calmed me a little; maybe she was like us "are you running away too?? are you like us?? the girl came closer and told me "you need to calm down first, then i'll answer everything you want to know and show you the place"
"she won't calm dow in a while, she has been hysterical since she woke up" nix said
"no no no i'm okay, really, i'm sky, what's your name?? i asked....
"yes i remeber your name... i was hysterical but i have a great memory, i was asking to the other name because i didn't hear it" i noticed i was a bit rude so i said
"i'm sorry if i'm being rude but i'm still a little annoyed, this is all really confusing so how long have you both been running?"
"really??? why?? i mean i have a reason to run away but i got my reason 2 years ago"
"family trouble at six??? wooow about what candies and teddy bears??" i was being rude again so i said
"i'm sorry i get a little agressive when i'm in stange situations; so you're on your own, you're not running away from the seekers, you're not a rebel or anything like that??"
i guess we have that in common...why are they looking for you???
Name: Wings upon an Angel; nickname: Angel

Planets: Earth

Appearance: Waist lenth, curly blonde hair. Bright Green eyes. Slender, 4ft 11, age 23.

Occupation: writter.

Personality: Rebel of a soul, looking to help the humans.

History: The Host was an orphan from the age of 3, so she has no family, and no one to leave behind if she helps the humans.

Petal looked at the two women.
"Hmmm....seems like we're not here by coincidence"
"Running away...same as me. I'm here to protect my little sister."


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