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"where is she??? is she a soul like us??"
Petal took off the digital camera out from her bag and expose Lolita's picture to Sky. The little girl has dark blonde straight hair with vivid brown eyes. On a bending position on her right was a woman that looked like in her early twenties. They were both holding a newborn cow. They were smiling together posed inside a farm.
"The reason why we came you didn't you see this girl around here?"
Petal looked around. "I'd really like a good talk with new people but i must find her first."
"no i haven't seen her before... but is there more people here??? i don't want to get all freked out again or them trying to kill me because of the silver sparkle in my eyes"
"Lolita's friends i guess." Petal bit her lip for a moment. Rouina's inner voice took over. So this woman is going to be your friend. The other one too. The truth is, they both can be trusted but in the end, one of them will die...Petal shook her off. Stop it ok? I'm trying to find her. No one's going to die... While Petal put back the camera inside the bag, Rouina retorted. Don't you mess my story. You're just a character there. I'm the one in charge. Petal sighs. And then added her last sentence to Sky. "But i haven't see them yet. Lolita was going to show me to them but she got lost or..." Petal took a breath "i got lost."
"we can help you if you want.... we can look for her too, this could be a good place to hide so i want to check it out.. " i told petal, i wanted to help her but i wanted to see this place, it was huge and it would be an awesome place to hide instead of the woods"
"Ok...but where do we start? I've been like walking forever in this dark cave...i've been to every possible curve and tunnel...i guess there's still other ways we have yet to discover..." Petal said. "I guess Lolita wouldn't dare play hide and seek with me right now. I'm worried."
"well how about if you show us this place firs and then we'll know where to look for her..." i told petal, this was the chance to see this place better, what a great place to hide this would be...
So sorry about ur grandma. I'll be praying for her recovery. Hope that's a little help from me....

Petal: "Ok...let me see now..."
She looked at the dark tunnels and tried to remember the last tunnel she came by. She turned to Sky and said, "This tunnel leads to another twist of 3 tunnels or so. It's like a maze here...this is my third time to look around, but i feel i'll still get lost.." Rouina spoke again, Just think of little sister! Aren't you smart, the way you claim to? Oh well, i guess this character is doubting her ability, that's right. Hmm, ok. That'll be a good little problem in the story...Petal gets irritated and retorted in a way Sky and Phoenix could hear "Just shut up and don't talk like you know everything!" She blushed as her two companions stare at her. It was only Rouina who can irritate her. "Sorry, it was my host...i was arguing at her..."
She takes a turn to the left path, and said "If you want some bath, this way will lead you into a pool of cool me i stumbled on it once, and it's way cool." She then continues and takes the lead, holding Sky's hand and Sky holding Phoenix ---the holding thing because the tunnels were too dark to see now.
"omg it's too dark here, isn't there a flashlight or something we can use??? i get a little nervious here i feel there's somebody behind me" i told petal ans i sqeezed her hand so hard that i'm sure i hurt her
Petal felt the intensity of Sky's grip but instead used her other hand to grasp Sky's hand gently and said, "I know it's uneasy to be in this dark place, but we have each other." Petal hoping to give a little reassurance.
In her thoughts, If someone is behind us i hope it's that little kid...oh darn...where are you, Lolita?
Then she talked to Sky again. Petal smiled but of course it was invisible in the darkness. "I'm sorry i don't have a flashlight coz Lolita was holding our only flashlight. She wants to play follow the leader, that is." As they went further and further, the tunnels became wider. Petal exhaled for relief. And talked again to Sky. "So...are you and Nix out for some cave picnic? Or something?" Petal stopped. She didn't know what term to use. She was trying to lighten things up a bit coz Sky was really nervous. "Well, all i can say is that having this cave as a runaway venue isn't so bad, don't you think?"
"yes, is so great, i haven't been in a place like this before; i've been on my own for the past two years and i haven't had anyone to trust or even to talk... i've been so alone, roaming around the world" i tear came out of my eyes, it was so good that it was dark in that moment...
I'll ask a question for Nix ^_^

Petal: *felt some drop of water on her hands*
*she looked above, of course, it's dark and sealed*
*to herself: It must be...*
"Sky? Are you crying?"
Then she turned her attention to Nix.
"Nix, you've been quite, are you okay?


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