The Twilight Saga

You can be a char from the book or you can make your own. I hope you enjoy.






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"Yeah that. And I also meant the souls taking away our planet, do we deserve that in your opinion?"
I nodded, looking away too. We reached the kitchen and I filled the plate with food.
I looked around for my parents and found Mom sitting with Dean. She was crying. I put my plate on the table and ran to her side.
Mom looked at me with tear filled eyes."Your father hasn't woken up." She said. I just stared at her in total denial.
I hugged my mother."Where's Dad now?" I asked her quietly.
"We buried him while you were...away. I'm sorry." she sobbed.
"Its gonna be alright Mom." I soothed her. I looked at Nix."There's nothing you can do." I answered her.
(I said goodbye to all the hot guys mentally xD now heading home!)
I stared at Nix."What?" I asked with disbelief.
Name:Sun leaf (preferes to be called shia)

Planets:i'm human..ish

Occupation:Get's food for other humans

Appearence:Pale,Black long hair curly at the ends goes down to waist,Wears shiny contacts to blend in(real eye colour deep blue)tall and skinny.

Personality:Strong,violent,doesn't trust people,If she wants to she can love people,Sarcastic,funny,Has killed before,She never lets anyone get in her way,is great at lying,flirty,serious rebel can run really fast,she'll never let you down and she can always get the job done,she's kinda shy but confident.

history:Her mum was killed when she had a soul put in her she over took the soul and tried to take it out but some one shot her...she has know clue who her dad is.She was nearly killed when she was 12,she went on a raid and a seeker was out on patrol he was strangling her,but her friend-bestfriend-saved her...his names Ian.She's on her way to find him again but has know clue where he is so she's hangin around for a while.
i mean that i over took the soul inside me but my eyes are still shiny for some reason...
(Hey, guys. anyone on?)
((I am. 'm just waiting for you guys to bring the food back to Sara.))
After spending a long time with my mom, she finally went to sleep. I covered her with a blanket then headed back to the infirmary. My eyes stung from holding back tears.


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