The Twilight Saga

You can be a char from the book or you can make your own. I hope you enjoy.






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Sara: *I glanced up as Alexis entered the room. Something was clearly wrong.* What happend? *I asked.*

Rose: *I kept my eyes down, not looking at Alexis. I was still scared of her.*
wait!!!! please can u forget my previous entry i wanna make a new one!!! please!
(Yeah. Sure. If its okay with Isis.)

"My father...didn't make it." I answered Sara. I closed my eyes, trying not to cry.
Name:Sapphire stones

Appearance:Appearence:Pale,Black long hair curly at the ends goes down to waist.Has scar on neck,deep blue eyes:

Occupation:Gets food for other humans

Personality:Strong,violent,doesn't trust people,If she wants to she can love people,Sarcastic,funny,Has killed before,She never lets anyone get in her way,is great at lying,flirty,serious rebel can run really fast,she'll never let you down and she can always get the job done,she's kinda shy but confident.

history:Her mum was killed when she had a soul put in her she over took the soul and tried to take it out but some one shot her...she has know clue who her dad is.She was nearly killed when she was 12,she went on a raid and a seeker was out on patrol he was strangling her,but her friend-bestfriend-saved her...his names Ian.Shes hanging out in a cave under the ground in the desert with her family melanie,jared,ian and jamie
i jumped up the tree.Apples.I gathered the apples and jumped to my motorbike and started driving towards kyle and jared.
"This is all the fruit i found."i said handing jared the fruit
"good job"he answered.I told him i was goin to get more and he said ok.
I wasn't really going to get more though.I was going to the hospital to see my friend from ages ago.
Shes called Amber.She was nearly killed by her host thats right shes a soul but shes nice like wanda.

I got to the hostpital and went to the office.

"hello"i said
"how can i help you" asked the woman at the office
"i'm here to see my friend,shes called Amber warm leaf."i told her
"oh yes that room over there" she pointed out the room.
"Thanks"i answered.Suddenly i walked into someone.we both fell back.everyone was staring but then returned to what they were doing polietly.
"oh my gosh i'm so sorry! I gave my hand to the girl i ran into.i wonder whos fault it was...
"im not a girl!" i whispered
"it's my discise"
"wha..."i asked
"jared!!"what are you doing here!"i whispered"and how did u get here so fast?"
"umm i kinda followed you"i answered back
"i can't trust you just i yet"i said smirking
"great.your a perve & a stalker"i said sarcasticly
"anyway get out of here you'll be spotted!"i said looking around
"They are mean words and fine i will leave...when you tell me why your here".i pulled her into a supply cuboard
" one will spot us"I said
I gave him a evil stare.
"Fine.You wanna know why i'm here?Your not goin' to like it...i'm here to see a friend,she's a soul."i told him
"there you know why i'm here sooo bye."i said pushing him out the door.
"Woah woah woah!" i turned around running back in pulling her along
"shes a soul?"i asked


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