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Romance Movie Lovers Challenge! Other than “Twilight” which of these 100 were your favorite Romance Films ?

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Romance Movie Lovers Challenge! Other than “Twilight” which of these 100 were your favorite Romance Films ?
Introduction: The American Film Institute, Selected these 100 movies as the best Romance movies of all time.
Question Of these Movies: Which were your favorite Five? (feel free to list more if you like) And what was it about your favorite two “That you loved the most?

1. "Casablanca" - 1942
2. "Gone with the Wind" - 1939
3. "West Side Story" - 1961
4. "Roman Holiday" - 1953
5. "An Affair to Remember" - 1957
6. "The Way We Were" - 1973
7. "Doctor Zhivago" - 1965
8. "It's a Wonderful Life" - 1946
9. "Love Story" - 1970
10. "City Lights" - 1931
11. "Annie Hall" - 1977
12. "My Fair Lady" - 1964
13. "Out of Africa" - 1985
14. "The African Queen" - 1951
15. "Wuthering Heights" - 1939
16. "Singing' in the Rain" - 1952
17. "Moonstruck" - 1987
18. "Vertigo" - 1958
19. "Ghost" - 1990
20. "From Here to Eternity" - 1953
21. "Pretty Woman" - 1990
22. "On Golden Pone" - 1981
23. "Now, Voyager" - 1942
24. "King Kong" - 1933
25. "When Harry Met Sally" - 1989

26. "The Lady Eve" - 1941 27. "The Sound of Music" - 1965
28. "The Shop Around the Corner" - 1940
29. "An Officer and a Gentleman" - 1982
30. "Swing Time" - 1936
31. "The King and I" - 1956
32. "Dark Victory" - 1939
33. "Camille" - 1937
34. "Beauty and the Beast" - 1991
35. "Gigi" - 1958
36. "Random Harvest" - 1942
37. "Titanic" - 1997
38. "It Happened One Night" - 1934
39. "An American in Paris" - 1951
40. "Ninotchka" - 1939
41. "Funny Girl" - 1968
42. "Anna Karenina" - 1935
43. "A Star is Born" - 1954
44. "The Philadelphia Story" - 1940
45. "Sleepless in Seattle" - 1993
46. "To Catch a Thief" - 1955
47. "Splendor in the Grass" - 1961
48. "Last Tango in Paris" - 1972
49. "The Postman Always Rings Twice" - 1946
50. "Shakespeare in Love" - 1998

51. "Bringing Up Baby" - 1938 52. "The Graduate" - 1967
53. "A Place in the Sun" - 1951
54. "Sabrina" - 1954
55. "Reds" - 1981
56. "The English Patient" - 1996
57. "Two for the Road" - 1967
58. "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" - 1967
59. "Picnic" - 1955
60. "To Have and Have Not" - 1944
61. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" - 1961
62. "The Apartment" - 1960
63. "Sunrise" - 1927
64. "Marty" - 1955
65. "Bonnie and Clyde" - 1967
66. "Manhattan" - 1979
67. "A Streetcar Named Desire" - 1951
68. "What's Up, Doc?" - 1972
69. "Harold and Maude" - 1971
70. "Sense and Sensibility" - 1995
71. "Way Down East" - 1920
72. "Roxanne" - 1987
73. "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" - 1947
74. "Woman of the Year" - 1942

75. "The American President" - 1995 76. "The Quiet Man" - 1952
77. "The Awful Truth" - 1937
78. "Coming Home" - 1978
79. "Jezebel" - 1939
80. "The Sheik" - 1921
81. "The Goodbye Girl" - 1977
82. "Witness" - 1985
83. "Morocco" - 1930
84. "Double Indemnity" - 1944
85. "Love is a Many-Splendored Thing" - 1955
86. "Notorious" - 1946
87. "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" - 1988
88. "The Princess Bride" - 1987
89. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" - 1966
90. "The Bridges of Madison County" - 1995
91. "Working Girl" - 1988
92. "Porgy and Bess" - 1959
93. "Dirty Dancing" - 1987
94. "Body Heat" - 1981
95. "Lady and the Tramp" - 1955
96. "Barefoot in the Park" - 1967
97. "Grease" - 1978
98. "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" - 1939
99. "Pillow Talk" - 1959
100. "Jerry Maguire" - 1996

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and to enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."
Most sincerely,
Doc B

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I dont know all those movies... But here are my favorites romance movies...
Titanic= a classic... so amazing and powerful... I think its the second greatest love story after twilight... :) Leo is amazing!!! Soo sad at the end!!!! OMG!!!
a walk to remember= magic!!! She changes him... He becomes a better man for her... He makes the rest of her life perfect!!!
, the notebook= soo cute!!! A love so passionate that nothing can tear them apart...
Ps I love you= so sad, but so beautiful!!! He loved her so much that he planned everything for her to be okay after he dies... :)
The princess bride= Westley is just so charming and smart!!!haha, love him!!!

But there are others amazing love story, I just dont remember them all at the moment... great job!!! what are your faves?? and do you think the ones I named are great???

Out of Africa, Titanic, Gone with the Wind, Dirty Dancing, the Notebook
wuthering heights, I knoww I know how can that be romantic when they're such horrible people, well I love it because it's love in its rawest form, it's a violent love because catherine and heathcliff have such intense and fierce emotions, it's not a lovey dovey love, it's a consuming love and I just love it lol :) The Notebook!!!!! awwww so cute :) PS I love you......even though I cry for two hours when I watch it, titanic of course who doesn't love that, annnnnnd romeo and juliet :)

Dear Tara, I logged on and saw that you had just posted your list, so I thought that I would add mine.

Thank you for this question incidentally, since it was your answer in the "what were the best vampire books discussion" which not only inspired me to order two books from Amazon today but also inspired me to draft this question.

This is a tough one because there are lots of wonderful movies. But which ones do you feel romantically move you.
The 1933 love story "King Kong" was ruined because the hero, the who loved Tina Fey the very most (the gorilla) was machine gunned, and the poor girl was left with just a human.
And then the wonderful "Pride and Prejudice" was left off the list of America's best movies because the judges refuse to accept England as part of the United States.
"And a walk to remember" wasn't even considered just because I was the only one to have seen it. Old Yeller was left off just because Yeller was a dog. Which Professor Buttons is still mad about

So my list is: 1. Dirty Dancing
2. Pride And Prejudice (Colin Firth)
3. Casablanca
4. A Walk To Remember
5.Its a wonderful life

Honorable mention
An Affair to remember
Love Story
Old Yeller, And Where the red ferns grow. (for Buttons)

Now I get to see what you choose. It will be interesting to see what a moderd woman chooses.
Your friend,
Doc B
Dear Tara,
You are such a wealth of knowledge. Had I known (that in "Titanic" she went back to him in the end. I would have placed it much higher. I never knew that. Just knowing that makes the movie much more enjoyable for me.

As you might remember in our debate on unconditional love I choose him as an example of someone exibiting unconditional love, for seeing that his girl was safety on the wooden board protected from the freezing water, while he pretended that he would prefer to be in the ocean, until he just froze to death and sank away.

I choose Dirty Dancing, because it was so real and alive. Pride and Prejudice of course was wonderful and after studing Stephanie for a year I know that Darcy and Elizabeth are Edward and Bella. I know that it wasn't fair of me to choose a movie that wasn't eligable. But I read an interesting quote in a book today, and the heroine just happened to say "Who said life is fair !"
Love both your choices!

I knew Rose died at the end I think it was a brilliant way to end it, the necklace were it belonged in the sea with Jack because that's where her heart belonged.

I do like Gone with the Wind but I have to be in the mood for it, both my mum and my nan love it.

Pride and Prejudice doc, with Colin Firth is the best one, he portrayed Mr Darcy so well as that stern awkward man, but totally softening up *swoon*

g x
I didn't know that at the end of Titanic, they were together. Have you noticed that it doesnt seem Titanic is ever shown on HBO etc. At least I have never seen it.

Colin Firth is a wonderful actor. Hollywood is crawling with Britts and Ausies (Thank God) They are realy gifted. Sookies brother on true blood has a perfecy Louisians accent. But when he is interviewed he sounds like he just arrived from Sydney.

There was an English movie called Sense and Sensability. And the brother law had a minor role in it ,and now plays House MD in the states. Once again he has no accent. But when poor Keven Cosner tried to play Robyn Hood his accent was terrible..

Yes pnp with Firth was wonderful. I so wish the English put out more films they are just great. So much of what the US puts out is for the under 13 age group. Or 30 year olds who think like tweens.

Twilight has a huge tween following but as Stephie says , she wrote it for 30 year olds. She said it doesn't matter how old you are. High School is remembered so well that everyone can relate to it.

Hello everyone I'm not very crazy about movies with sad endings and TITANIC I saw only once,,,the scene were Rose pushed him into the water was haunting me so after that I only saw one movie with a sad ending and that movie was THE PAINTED VEIL it was a beautiful love story ,in the begining Walter loves Kitty and she was should I say bored with him but when her love awake her heart it was to late ,,,not too late for his love ( he didn't know if the child is his but he forgave her loved and protected her) The song in the end was in french ,,I cried and I have watched movie a second time but i stoped it before the scene where he died it was such a sad scene


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