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Hello everyone.


I am curious as to how everyone feels as to how they did their job.  Rosenburg on her screenwriting and Catherine Hardwicke on her directing in the first Twilight?


Rosenburg on screenwriting on all the Twilight movies....


I am curious if you guys feel they did terrific job or if they could have done a better job?  Personally, I think Catherine "rushed" the movie ....... and I feel that Rosenburg should have stuck closer to the books and that she could have done so much better than those first 3 movies.  I like the movies, but its different from what I had imagined the movies to be.  I am wondering if I am the only one who feels that way?


Do you think Rosenburg is going to stick close to Breaking Dawn?  or is she going to "botch" it up????



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In my opinion, twilight could have been better. I liked twilight but, I think rosenberg, they added way to many scenes in that movie that was NOT in the book, it was a short book.

I imaged the movies to be a little different then they turned out to be. I have to say eclipse they paid to much attention to everyone being angry and tensed up, grant ya the book had it's tension and angriness due to the newborn arriving I see that but, I still felt they could have eased up a little bit on the tension and angriness. Edward and Bella had there moments in the book of being tensed up but not through the whole book.

To me in the movie it looked like edward was always in pain and angry and bella was too like she did not even want to be with edward. She really showed too much independence in that movie. when i read the book she came off as still shy intimidated still the one to look out for but in the movie rosenberg wrote her very independent, I am not saying there is anything wrong with that but that is not the way I pictured bella in the book.

As far as BD in my opinion, the way it looks it will top the three but I also know they will be adding a few scenes that are not in the book.

What a can of worms you've opened!! Where oh where do I begin?

OK, first of all, let me tell you that as far as I'm concerned, the biggest mistake Summit made in the Twilight Saga was to let Hardwicke go. They were total fools. The continuity of the films was instantly doomed. Look for instance, at what Peter Jackson was able to accomplish in LOR with the right cast and studio support... IMHO, one of the great cinematic products of our time. I'll be the first one to admit Hardwicke is eccentric. I've read her notebook...but that's also what makes her so creative and fearless. Personally, I think the tree sequence was the absolute BEST scene of the first movie and Meyer had little if nothing to do with it. Maybe we should all be less hyper about 'sticking to the book' and let cinematic genius have a little bit more free reign. After all, Weiss stuck to the book, and look where that got us. :( How many of us still feel the first movie was the best? Most of us, I would venture...I know it is hands down with me, anyway.

Secondly, Summit failed to keep the author involved. Another asset that the studio totally botched up. Rosenberg and Meyers had a wonderful working relationship for the first film, one that Rosenberg was really happy with and proud to talk about... but I can only imagine the demands the studio has been making on Rosenberg that must make that relationship more and more difficult. Not that either one of them would admit it publicly.

Lastly, I think Rosenberg has been under a great deal of stress - I know this isn't her first film, but she's trying to write a PG13 movie script for an R or X rated movie. Plus, she's been under the gun since this thing started, expected to provide the continuity that really only a director can. Also, she's trying to live up to that first major success, without the support of the creative genius team they had going with Hardwicke/Meyers/Rosenberg on the first film - that was the magic and it's missing now.

I think Rosenberg caught a break when the studio decided to get greedy and make two movies instead of one- but she's still faced with a huge challenge even for the most gifted movie writer. I'm interested to see if we get Jacob's humorous POV at all or if she skips it entirely and where or where do you decide to cut the thing in half? Do we get the HEA or are we supposed to just be satisfied that she lives?

Yeah, it's going to be really easy to botch this one, but I don't think we can hang it on Melissa. I say, if it fails us, put the blame where it belongs with the studio that couldn't see the forest for the trees- SUMMIT!

Sorry for opening a can of worms ;)


I was just curious because well I was not sure if anyone felt the same or different.... It is so nice to see how they feel!  :)


I love the tree scene too!~ especially where Edward says spider monkey and i liked the piano scene.... but its just that alot of important scenes were missing... that is why I was curious :)


I have always loved your passion!!!!!  :)

I saw Twilight just after I finished reading the book. They need to re-make Twilight it was too far off the mark. 1) Edward needed a four door volvo seeing as you had to fit 5 people in it. 2) Where was the blood typing lab? Edward gained alot of info on Bella and it roused his couriosity about her even more. 3) The meadow scene. They didn't just lay there and it was after they hiked back to the truck that they had the first kiss. 4) The Chemistry between Bella & Edward was too tense through the whole movie. They declared themselves to each other in the meadow. I know Edward was in pain 'cause Bella's blood called to him but c'mon.

That's as nice as I can be.

I know they have to move somethings and cut somethings in the movie because they can't get it all in. They added too much into the movie that didn't need to be there and they left out too much of the book that needed to be there.

They rushed the movie. Another 20 minutes, which any Twilight fan would have gladely sat through, and they could have put even more of the book and story line in place setting up for New Moon.


It's hard for me to watch Twilight knowing so many small yet important details were let out and so many insugnificant story lines were added. Like the field trip and the murders. They aren't even in the book.

This is my oppinion and no on had to agree with me.

But i agree with you on twilight they left too much out it was a small book they did not need to add so much added scenes but that is my opinion
I understand we disagree about the first movie, but I just have to say it was lack of funding that rushed the movie, not any fault of Rosenberg or Hardwicke. I still say Summit was at fault there...
Lack of funding sucks...but did they really need the "green is good" field trip instead of the blood typing lab? Just wondering.
exactly what I was thinking!  lol.... Green is good?  hmmm we all know that but I wanted to see the part where Bella faints and Edward picks her up and starts the whole new relationship between them two.  :)
Not to mention the look on Mike's face when Edward swoops in from no where! :)

hehehe yeah that is true.

yeah I felt like the book had many important things in them.


If you read the book and then put the movie in right after you notice a lot of stuff out of place or that just makes you scratch your head. There are still some fun spots, like Edward waiting in the kithchen to get Bell afor Prom. Not in the book but VERY funny. I also liked the gun cleaning scene when Edward comes to take Bella on their "first" date! Laughed my butt off!

yeah I know!  I mean, there are certain spots I think was good, but the vital things that was important that was what was needed in the movie...


I hope to have the scene where Bella attacks Jacob for calling Renesmee Nessie and .... scene where Bella is laughing as a vampire and Nessie laughs and Jacob says freak and Edward says gorgeous..... i can not wait to see true love shining through!!!!  it better!!!!  :)


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