The Twilight Saga

bella swan is a vampire who is able to read minds and see the future,she goes to an all girl grammer school in forks,her life is the usual boring vampire's exsistance,until she meets the mysterious new teacher edward cullen who is also a vampire....will she know his secrets?, will they fall in love?....


read on to find out....


Chapter 1


Hi,i am is issabella marie swan ,'bella' for short,well thats what i was named 300 years ago anyway,im a vampire,but not like the rest,i am able to see the future and read minds,im very talented i guess,and i only hunt animals ,i think im the only vampire that does , sigh if only there was more like me. i have long brown wavy curly hair it hangs just above my waist i have golden eyes, and im 5,9 in height, obviousley just another beautiful vampire i guess. i live in a small town named forks i live alone in the forest, in the house my parents had owned before they passed a few years after i was changed.




febuary 22nd 1710 in a large city named pheonix i had just turned 20 a few week ago, i was walking home from college i had stayed late to study, i was walking through a small narrow alley when i heard footsteps from behind me the last thing i felt was sharp daggers cutting through my neck, i was dropped on the cold damp floor left to devour 3 days of agony and pain.

*end of flashback*



hmmm, i wonder who it actually was who changed me ? ... well i guess i'll never know.


*beeeeeeeeeeep !......beeeeeeeeeeep!*


ughhhh i groaned i hate that stupid alarm, i picked it up and squashed it in my palms, i threw the remains to the oppisite wall ,it dropped to my wooden floor making a sound like raindrops. ohhh yeah did i mention i was able to sleep ? , yep im one of a kind i guess,i don't really need to sleep i do it out of boredem, but im never tired i can go forever without sleeping but i just prefer to. time for school i guess,i know im twenty but i like to pretend im a senior,something to do during the day.i go to an all girls grammer school in the center of forks i guess im too brainy for the rest , well this was my 159th time in a different school after all.... i literally knew everything from the top of my head i was like a dictionary,plus i had the advantage of being sychic. i jumped up out of bed running vampire speed to my huge walk in closet i picked out a really cute purple dress with diamonds making the shape of a butterfly, i chose purple flats and a silver long sleeved cardigan (A/N shocker !!! ,this bella actually has fashion sence haha) i put my hair up into a messy ponytale, it hanged in curls just past my shoulders, i wore my silver 'over the shoulder' bag to store all my props in (books) , i was just about to put the last book in my bag.... i had a vision.....i must of dropped the book because it startled me and made me jump i sighed and picked the book up and stuck it in my bag, hmmmm guess were getting a new teacher today i thought. i walked out to my garage to get in my black ferrari , i revved the engine and turned onto the road heading towards the centre of forks, i had my roof down and my music blairing and i was singing along to we the kings-she's takes me high,


Last nights dream
We rode our bikes
To our tree house by the sea
And there we laid and said we'd never leave.

Last nights dream
I promised you would have
The whole world at your feet
And that we'd lay On a bed we made of leaves.

And we both know
You're everything I need
And now I know
What she does to me

She takes me High
She takes me High
She takes me High
She takes me High
She wakes me up
She breaks me down
Shes got me 10 feet off the ground
She takes me High, high
She takes me high tonight


the song was just half way through when i arrived at school , i shut off the engine of my ferrari and locked it up just before turning to walk towards my first lesson english, i saw angela webber waving from a distance YAYY ! bella's here , wow she looks amazing ,she thought i laughed ohhh great stupid bella's here look at her wearing that dress thinking she looks gorgeus ughhhh i hate her why does she always have to look pretty jessica stanley thought scowling at me, i gave her a smug grin that she didn't like one bit, i laughed and ran over to were angela was standing. "hey Ang" i grinned , "hey Bells" she grinned back, then her face dropped, i was about to ask her whats wrong but she was thinking omg jessica is soo annoying look at her pulling evils ughh , i 'll wipe that look of her face for her in a minute ... i sware i will ....i laughed "Ang calm down" , "huh .. what.. oh yeah sorry about that bella.." i cut her off "don't worry about it" i laughed , angela was my best friend we had been friends for years now since i moved back to forks ,she was the only one who knew my secret , she laughed with me , the bell rang just then so we both headed off to english laughing and talking about jessica, i know i know i can be a bit horrible sometimes but she really gets on my nerves ughhhh ,how much i hate that girl.



Hey guys,this is my second fanfiction,tell me what you think,plz comment.

nd sorry if i have any spelling mistakes ,, im not a very good speller :/


^^ banners made by me :)


banner made by sarah ,thanksss i love it !!

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It's great :)
Sooo can't wait till more =)
thankyou!!! :) u made my day :D !!
I LIKE IT WRITE MORE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks !! will do

Chapter 2 part 1
first coversations...

the day is passing by at a normal speed its now third lessonhmmm... music ,yesss !! my best lesson i grinned as we walked in the room angela saw my expression,she raised her eyebrows at me "what you so happy about" she laughed , "what ? .. ohh nothing this is just my fave lesson ever " , she laughed "yeah only because your the most talented musician in this room" , "haha" i said and stuck my tongue out at her , she giggled and shook her head "bells you seriousley don't see yourself clearly" , i just laughed and shook my head. she was right i was the most talented musician in this room ,only because ive had centuries of practice ,i could play the guitar,piano and i can sing pretty well too.

we sat down in our usual seats at the front waiting for the lesson to begin,what's that smelli thought ohhh CRAP !! theres another vampire in the school,then i heard a gasp wait she knows what i am? ... ohh she's a vampire too the man said shocked ,omg did he just read my thoughts ,i gasped staring at the door were he was just about to walk through , he chuckled yes i did read your thoughts hmmm.. this is interesting ive never met another vampire that could read minds, i was dazed as he walked in the room i felt almost light headed as i took in his beautiful inhuman features he was drop dead gorgous he had bronze colored messy hair and was around the same height as me , we stared at each other amazed luckily everyone was talking amogst themselves to notice our secret encounter in our heads, im edward cullen nice to meet you ,he smiled at me, hey , im bella swan nice to meet you too , i was completely mesmerized by him , well bella id better start the lesson before all the humans start to notice us staring at each other with dumb struck eyes i giggled and angela elbowed me in the ribs "what ? .." i muttered "why you laughing" she smiled "ohhh .... nothing someone just has a very funny mind is all" i giggled again and edward chuckled at me, then he introduced himself and started the lesson.

all through the lesson we stared every now and then at each other, this is weird ive never had this feeling before , he did a silent chuckle to low for human ears to pick up , either , i smiled ,maybe we could talk sometime he thought, maybe we should ,i agreed ,then the bell whent for lunch making me jump in my chair edward laughed, i stuck my tongue out at him on the way out the door and he winked back at me , angela must have seen our little encounter and she stared wide eyed at me "what the hell was that all about" she demanded pulling me by the elbow out the room ,oops sorry ,edward thought,don't worry about it, its easy to explan to Ang ,i shook my head ,huh ? ... how ? he wondered ,she knows that im a vampire and knows my talents i rolled my eyes ,ohh ok .... and talents ? what other talents have you got ? he thought shocked , well i can read minds... and i can see the future ,i thought shrugging my shoulders ,wow ! ,he gasped i laughed a little too loud and people started staring and muttering stuff ,omg what a freak , that swan girl is seriousley weird,i give them all a cold look witch made them all stop on there tracks and quickly scurry off, i heard edward laughing, he was 4 classrooms down from us ,idiot !i shouted in my mind , hey c'mon , you gotta admit it was kinda funny he pulled a crooked smile that took my breath away , well not literally because i don't breath but still ,he looked stunning ,he chuckled reading my mind, i got a little embarressed and started walking towards the cafateria "hey.. are you gonna tell me then" angela started running after me "huh?....ohhh yeah sorry Ang i got a little..sidetracked i guess", "don't worry about it... so whats with you and mr.cullen?" , by this time we were sat down at our usual table in the back of the cafateria "urmmm...well he's kind of a vampire" i said squinting a little to take in her reaction " REALLY ? !" i laughed at her responce "so what was so funny?" she asked , "well edward can read minds aswell" i grinned , "omg thats awesome bella....hey wait! ...does that mean you can have a private conversation in your minds?" i laughed louder "yup" i smiled , "no fairrr !!!" she whined pouting i laughed and hugged her at her shoulders "don't worry i tell you everything remember" she cheered up "thanks bells" , "no problem" i smiled.

hey guys sorry for any spelling mistakes :/ just try to ignore them lol ,, nd chapter 2 part 2 up tmoz plz comment and tell me wat you think :)
This is really awesome !!! keep writing and please keep me updated
thankyou !! will do :)
thanks !! i will
This is good. I really like it =D
thankyou !!
really cool.Keep meee updated when you write more


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