The Twilight Saga

Bellas POV 
I ran away from the only home I’ve known for the past two-hundred years. They were horrible creatures and I just couldn’t stand to be around such monsters anymore. They kill for fun and I couldn’t look the other way, not anymore. So I ran, knowing full well that it put my life in danger by doing so. Suddenly I stopped running. There was something very odd about this beautiful place... and the creature standing in the center.

Okay, so this is a fanfic that me and Isabella Marie Cullen will be writing, what do you think?


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what happened to Amanda?
Amandas computer broke and she cant get it fixed until June of next year so im taking over the story
EPPP! NEW CHAPTER! COMMENT READ AND ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 7: Hello again
“Hello Isabella, so nice to see you again.” I know that voice, I hate that voice.
“What are you doing here Felix? You’re supposed to be in Volterra with the rest of the Voltori, not here chasing me.” I gasped when I saw who was behind him, my own family. They must have been the ones who told him where I would be. I growled loudly and dropped my shield.
“Edward I need your help, come to the meadow.”
“Felix why are you here?”
“I couldn’t leave my mate alone in an unknown place now could I?”
I laughed at him; I was not his mate and never would be.
“Now Felix, since when am I your mate? I believe I turned you down a lot over the past 100 years. I found someone else, and you can even stand up to him.” Right on cue Edward ran into the meadow and I felt his arm wrap around my waist. I had been filling him in threw my mind as he was running towards us.
“Now love, who is this? I don’t believe you told me about your friend…?”
“Its Felix and I am her mate, not you pretty boy.” Felix was cracking himself up but not me or Edward.
“Jane, Alec, how could you have brought him here? I was running to get away from the Voltori and I didn’t want to be followed, especially by Felix.” Alec had a look of pain on his face but Jane’s face stayed without emotion in it.
“If you two are really mates, then you wouldn’t mind showing us a little kiss. And not one of those little kisses on the cheeks, I mean a real kiss.” Felix thought he had caught us but Edward and I were one step ahead. We were expecting this.
I turned toward Edward and looked him straight in the eyes, he nodded his head slightly and started leaning in towards me. Our lips were inches apart and I couldn’t stop myself, I quickly closed the distance between us and our lips finally touched. It started off slow but slowly started to escalade. My hands found their own way to his hair and his hands circled around my waist and pulled me closer to him, he couldn’t seem to get me close enough.
I heard Felix clearing his throat; he gave one last look at me and ran off. Jane gave me a disgusted look and followed him. Alec was the only one left, he wanted to say something but I stopped him.
“Just go, you picked your side when you decided to bring him here, and killed all those innocent kids, who just wanted a nice normal field trip. I love you Alec but you have your side, and I have mine. Please go brother.” He shot me a hurt look and then ran off to find Jane and Felix.
I fell to the floor and started to cry. Or as close to crying as I could get, being a vampire and all. I felt a pair of arms wrap around me and being pulled into Edwards lap. He was truly a God, what did I do to deserve him? Edward took in a sharp intake of breath. I noticed that my shield was down and didn’t want it to go back up, I just left it down.
I sat there for about 20 minutes content in Edwards’s arms and just thinking about how I just hurt my only blood relatives. I sobered up enough to look at Edward and he had a pained look in his eyes.
“Bella I barely know you, yet seeing you like this… it hurts me. I don’t know why but it does and I felt useless, that I couldn’t do anything about it.” He was on the verge of breaking down himself and I couldn’t let him.
“Edward, it would’ve been a lot worse if you haven’t been here. You truly are amazing and I feel like I’ve known you forever. We should head back to the house, if we don’t hurry Alice will come looking for us.” He nodded and stood up with me still in his arms, so he was carrying me in a bridal hold. I laughed as he set me down and pulled my shield back in place.
Edward had a hurt look on his face but covered it quickly as we ran back to the house. I ran towards our room and found an outfit lying on the bed waiting for me. ( ) Alice. Was the only thing I thought as I slipped on the skin tight jeans and the awesome graphic tee, and walked down the stairs to greet my new family. Edward was filling them in on what happened in the meadow minus my breakdown and our kiss. Thank god, I didn’t need the family making fun of me for that. Everyone turned as they heard my descent down the stairs. Edward gasped when we locked eyes but quickly covered it with a throat clearing.
Alice ran up to me, clearly approving of my outfit, and grabbed my hand to pull me over toward the family. Rosalie was staring at me, trying to decipher something. I didn’t understand what she was trying to see in me but I didn’t care. I walked over to Edwards’s side and stood beside him. He looked up at me startled but continued talking.
“Bella! I want to fight you!” Crap! I’ve been avoiding Emmett for fear that he would say that. The whole family chuckled. I looked at Edward trying to find some way out of it but Edward just shook his head and continued laughing.
“Fine Emmett, but you’ll regret this.” I walked outside towards an open field and got ready to fight Emmett.
“Rose, I’m sorry if I hurt him! Don’t hate me!” Rose just looked at me and laughed and Emmett looked startled, like someone would beat him. I just braced myself for Emmett’s attacks as he started coming after me. I deflected punch after punch, kick after kick but he never landed a hit on me. I was starting to get bored with this but knew that all it would take is one hit from me and he’d be down but I wanted to think he was winning.
I let my shield down to tell Edward what I was doing so he wouldn’t be worried when I let Emmett actually hit me. I didn’t know why I did this but I just felt that Edward needed to know. I felt the hit connect with my shoulder, but I barely hurt. Emmett had a huge grin on his face but I didn’t last long.
I punched him in the stomach, the vampire’s weakest point from my experience, and pinned him to the ground. He couldn’t get up and looked at me startled.
“Emmett, I was in the Voltori for 200 years, I’ve learned the fastest way to kill a vampire, human, and shape shifters. The fastest ways to start a fire, and the best materials to use. Plus I taught all the guard how to fight. Don’t test me; I can kill you in an instant.” With that I jumped off of him, with a huge smile on my face, walked back toward the house with everyone staring after me.

Edwards POV
She was amazing. No one can beat Emmett, and make him look like a fool. I was in love with her, already. I knew I shouldn’t have been falling this fast but I couldn’t help it. She was beautiful and I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I started to head back towards the house when a hand on my arm stopped me.
“Alice, what?”
“Don’t mess this up Edward. I like her and I don’t want to see her hurt. Just be careful. I know what really happened in that meadow and not your edited version so just be careful. She’s powerful and one wrong move can bring the whole Voltori down on us. I can’t lose any of you. Just be gentle and don’t go to fast.”
I was shocked by that little speech from Alice. Didn’t she know that I wouldn’t do anything to hurt Bella? I had a plan forming in my head but I’d need Bella's consent and Alice’s help. “Yes Edward of course I'll help!” Well that took care of Alice now what about Bella…

Bella’s POV
I was back in the house and reeling. I hated fighting with a burning passion, even play fighting with Emmett. I was curled up in a ball on Edwards couch when Edward walked in. His beautiful face was suddenly taken over with worry.
“Bella what’s wrong?!” His voice rose in panic. I just lifted my shield and told him the whole story. He sat next to me and for the second time in one day I was pulled into his lap and soothed by Edward. I slowly began to relax and turned around to look into Edwards eyes. What I saw in there was complete and total love and adoration.
I felt myself lean towards him and Edward do the same. Our faces were mere inches apart when desperation took over and I crushed my lips to his. He was startled at first but then melted into the kiss just like I was. My hands slowly traced his body and wound their way into his hair. Pulling his face as close as possible to mine. His hands wrapped tightly around my waist and wrapped my legs around his waist.
There was a loud banging on the door. Startled Edward and I pulled apart. I walked over to look inconspicuously at his CDs as Edward opened the bedroom door. Alice stood there with a knowing look on her face and pulled Edward out into the hallway.
“Alice stop yelling at me! I get it!” Then he said something that I couldn’t quite make out and walked back into the room.
“Sorry 'bout that, Alice was being Alice. I have a question for you Bella. Would you like to go out with me tonight? Away from my family to just talk, and get to know each other a little better.” I was startled, why would this perfect guy want to go on a date with me? Edward had a sad look on his face that he thought I was going to say no. O, he wanted an answer.
“Of course Edward! Around what time would we go?”
“I’ll come get you when it’s time to go. Be ready.” With that he left the room and Alice took his spot.
“Time to get you ready. Sit.” She busied herself with my clothing and makeup, making sure everything was perfect for my first date with Edward. I had butterflies in my stomach just thinking about what we would do tonight.
“TADA!” ( ) I looked at myself in the mirror and was amazed at what I saw. She was breathtakingly beautiful and not the awkward vampire that she used to be. Instead she was confident and sexy. I liked what I saw, and apparently so did Alice.
There was a light tap on the door and the door opened. Edwards’s tousled golden brown hair peaked through the door and Alice walked out. Edward took her spot in the room and pulled out a blind fold.
“Is that really necessary?” I asked skeptically. I didn’t like being under someone else’s control, even for a few minutes.
“Don’t worry it will all be over soon. Just close your eyes and relax. You’ll be in very capable hands.” He walked behind me and tied the blindfold over my eyes. He picked me up and jumped out the window. Or that’s what it seemed like.
He took off running and I had no idea where he was going. All I knew was that I was letting an almost complete stranger, that I just might be in love with, carry me around with a blind fold covering my eyes.
All too soon I was being set down and the blindfold was being pulled off my eyes. What I saw took my breath away. It was gorgeous, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.
“It's simply breathtaking…”
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I'm speechless...
I love it
It's awesome
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Darn........ I'm the second comment. ~*sigh*~ Anyway, it is awesome, and I'm glad that you updated.
Thank ya! and im gonna start working on the next chap. pretty soon!
omg i love it!!! post more soon!!!!!
read it all..i absoulutly love it all, kepp writing plz
love it can't wait for more


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