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Hiya,Im Sara Renee Ackles~Winchester. But you can just call me Sara. :) 

I started design graphics about a year or two ago. I was terrible it was just not pretty to look at. But I improved over time and learned from my mistakes. I entered competitions that helped alot too. Its frustrating and fun at the sometime. I use GIMP. I LOVE IT! I honestly don't want Photoshop, cause I am to comfortable with Gimp.

I am a Junior at an High School. I am 17. I have siblings. Im a middle child. I have three bestfriend that without I'd be a very lost teenager.

P.S My Obsessions Are Down There.






His Sarcasm :D

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Okay, Let the Asgard Gods Come Eat me Whole,For neglecting my beloved group. But I have excuses. ;) School and Moving have taken my whole life mainly cause I trying so hard to find some joy in this new city and school but I am finding nothing. I haven't laughed with friends in so long. I honestly HATE that part of my life. But anyhow, I am gonna try to come and re-prohappy self back in the banner making MoJo. Also difficult. Again I am so so so sorry. 
Please Enjoy these Pysch Gifs.

(one Lenard and Sheldon)

Hello Guys, I know I've been almost un-active for almost 2 months It kills me to be away from my friends here and my love of banner making. I am very sorry it was I lost a close friend on News Years Night. And honestly im still trying to get over it. I am going to put myself back into the group and the group y'all created.

New DA Profile,Thingy.

SO I havent EVER tried to do hair-coloring,Mainly cause I knew I would suck. But OMG I am in love with these. 
Sophia Bush 


I've got a special order, I hope you can do it. What I'm really wanting is a movie poster for a script I'm working on, but if you can't/don't know how to do one, then a regular story banner will be okay. :)

Title: Evil Rising

By: Brandi Alyssa Young

Quotes: When darkness falls....evil rises.

Summary is as follows: "When four friends, Skylar, Abe, Spencer, and Jessica, go to the old Connelly house, no one thinks that the paranormal activity will actually live up to the legend. But...some things just go bad. As the evil entities in the house start to pick off the terrified friends one by one, it becomes glaringly obvious that all the terror is centering around the youngest of the group, Skylar. How do you make it out alive when the forces that are out to get you are closer than you think?"

It's a horror/psychological horror/psychological thriller/thriller/suspense/extremely disturbing/really dark/VERY slight romance.

Characters/Character Descriptions:

In order of screen time.

Skylar Rosario (Face Claim: Brandi Alyssa Young). 18, the youngest of the group. Doesn't come from money/is poor. Very strong-willed, a leader, very emotional but doesn't like to show it, best friends with Abe. Has a huge temper/goes quickly to anger. The target of all the activity. Has a crush on Abe.

Abe (Face Claim: Tom Mison). 26, the oldest of the group. Mysterious, laid back, very caring of Skylar, also a leader, can be a little pompous/arrogant sometimes. May or may not have a hidden agenda. Best friends and has a crush on Skylar.  Usually calm, cool, and collected....but he has an angry streak that comes out and is very surprising.

Phillip Rosario (Face Claim: Mads Mikkelsen). 45-47, Skylar's father. A widower. A seemingly very loving and protective father....but he has a hidden darkness that seeps out at times. Very VERY mysterious. Can be intimidating if he wants to be.

Spencer Worthington (Face Claim: Max Irons). 19, a jock/class clown. Richer than God. Rather stupid most of the time. Jessica's boyfriend, loves her deeply. Likes to play pranks. Skeptical. Doesn't seem like he really cares, but then he bursts.

Jessica Fairchild (Face Claim: Kacey Rohl). 19, a cheerleader/aspiring teacher. Extremely rich as well. Can be oblivious sometimes, very obviously emotional. She's the squealer of the group. Extremely caring/sweet. Can come off as a little whiny.

NOTE: You don't have to use ALL the pictures.  You can just choose the one that you feel best represents the character based on what I've told you.  :)

NOTE NOTE: You know all the names at the bottom of movie posters?  Here's how these names should go.  :)


So here goes!







I am sorry,But i am not taking any orders or working on orders at the moment. Also this is my gallery not my workshop.

For My Brand New obsession
My Mad Fat Diary 
Liam and Rae


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